No New Jobs, No Change, No Hope

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The US Labor Department’s jobs report just came out.

U.S. employers added no net jobs in August, while unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.1%.

Read the AP article here.

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0 responses to “No New Jobs, No Change, No Hope

  1. Funny thing is that people still blame the GOP for everything that is going wrong in this country. Case in point; last night my aunt called my mom last night talking about how her insurance would not cover certain damage after the storm (Irene) and she said the GOP is basically conspiring with the insurance companies to deny them their full claim. WTH?

  2. Every day a new piece of evidence surfaces that underscores that we have to admit that it’s time to change the guard in the White House. Right now.
    There is no more iffing and butting, the party’s over and it’s time to call it a day. Making a mockery of the US Constitution by ignoring it is the fast track to being ousted from his seat. We cannot put up with the speeches that never go anywhere and swallow his rude remarks about our behavior.
    He is responsible for the disastrous situation that is unfolding in the US and has spread worldwide. It’s his signature on the paper, and yet his Cabinet members are tiptoeing around the place like they don’t want to disturb him.
    If we can send our young men and women to war with a high chance of coming back in a body bag, or physically and mentally handicapped as a result of the war conditions, then we can send one of the Obama Admin.
    Cabinet members into the Oval Office or upstairs to the second floor where Obama apparently spends hours watching TV and reading articles about himself, and give him the heave ho! Someone has to risk their life and live up to the oath they took when they got the job to serve the US for the people.
    It’s always the little people, the old, the inform, the poor and the afflicted who are asked to sacrifice, now it’s the turn of one of the Cabinet Members of the Obama Administration to tell him that he has to go.. There are many many instances during which Obama has violated his oath to the citizens and he can’t keep on getting away with this unless of course the Cabinet is all rotten to the core. In which case we have to turn to God Himself and say, Lord, we need you to intervene in this situation. We believe you are able to deliver us. We might as well be Libya, we are being crushed as the Libyans are being crushed. We need to be like Gaddafi and never stop fighting for our freedom.


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