No muslims involved. Oops! Muslims were involved.

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Boston Media gets it wrong again

Boston Strong?

Boston Strong?

In a typical brain fart, Boston’s Channel 5 declares no muslim involvement in viscous terror attack. The screen grab below was on this morning. Four hours later, after the obvious truth was made known, they no longer have any such story.

Now, with a quick search for the story, there is no hiding it: 

Museum attack in Tunisian capital kills 19; 2 gunmen slain

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — Foreign tourists scrambled in panic Wednesday after militants stormed a museum in Tunisia’s capital and killed 19 people, “shooting at anything that moved,” a witness said…
Twitter accounts associated with the extremist Islamic State group based in Syria and Iraq were described as overjoyed at the attack…–tunisia-attack-7e9c5d0828.html

So what have we learned here?

We have relearned that media cannot be trusted; that progressives will tell any lie they think will win an argument. We have affirmed again that most of our news people are suicidally ignorant, especially in the face of real evil. 

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  1. Right on traildust. You are soooo very right! Every time I hear or read the “Boston Strong” slogan, I am reminded of Isaiah 9:10 where the people thumb their nose at God and say that the THEY will rebuild with better materials thus leaving God out. Not only do they leave God out, they do not acknowlege him in any way shape or form. Does this sound like we do things today?

    In one piece, they are reporting how minority students at UC Bezerkly want to rename buildings after terrorists; the report is ambivalent even sympathetic in timbre.(they feel estranged & isolated on campus)
    In another story, a woman is ranting at a Santorum townhall about the communist takeover of America. They say that woman is insane.
    There you go again. I think they got it backwards..

  3. Smooth move WCVB, ISIS only claimed the attack!


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