No Mercy

By Tom in NC
For almost three years, Conservatives have been trying to warn this country about Obama. We knew how dangerous he was. His radicalism was no secret to those who made the effort to investigate his past, but still people chose to ignore the warnings, ignore the lack of experience, ignore his own words and actions. They chose to elect a man to the highest office in the land for the most ignorant and racist of reasons — the color of his skin, as if this is the main qualification for POTUS.
What have we learned from the past two years with Obama at the helm of this country?
Obama is either the most economic illiterate president in this country’s history or he is purposely wrecking our economy and drowning us in debt as part of his grand plan to socialize this country. His foreign policy is either the result of total ignorance in the ways of the world, or his repeated apologies for this country, his constant bowing before tin pot dictators is meant to show weakness and cowardice before the world. His takeover of the healthcare industry either displays a complete indifference to the needs of the American people or it is his idea of population control — killing off the sick and elderly through rationing and death panels.
What we have in this so-called “president” is really a traitor and a criminal conspirator who has taken a bad situation (the housing market bust and financial crisis) and made it a thousand times worse. For the nineteenth straight month, unemployment has been at or above 9.6%. But if you count the number of Americans who have taken part-time work or have simply given up looking for work, then that number is almost double at over 17%.
The “jackass gang”(also known as the Democrat Party) continues to lie, cheat  and spit in the face of Americans. Their lameduck policies are an affront to logic at every turn: Unemployment will continue to rise, our economy will continue to sour, our standing in the world will continue its downward spiral and soon the dollar will be practically worthless.
Obama is determined to treat the American people as criminals at the nation’s airports while at the same time giving potential terrorists (Muslims) a free pass based on their bogus homicidal religion. By directing the TSA to grope and expose innocent Americans to unnecessary X-ray radiation as opposed to profiling based on intelligence and the fact that Muslims have been responsible for all of the attacks and potential attacks on this country since and including 9/11, this government has shown and continues to show a complete disregard for our constitutional rights.
I heard a quote on the radio today and I can’t remember who said it, but it went something like this: “We are seeing the fall of the West and the rise of the East.” The once struggling communist countries such as China and Russia are buying up our debt and prospering at our expense and dictating to us about our economy. Our once great and prosperous country is becoming only a shell of what it was a few short years ago.
In the next few years, we must reverse the damage that has been done. That means cutting Obama and the Democrats out of the equation. No bipartisanship, no compromising, and no deals. Not just “no,” but “HELL NO” must be the new rallying cry for Conservatives and Republicans (no RINOs!) when confronting Obama and the Democrats from now on. They have brought us to the brink, right up to the edge of socioeconomic and foreign policy collapse and we should not care one damn iota about their feelings, opinions or input.
Their defeat and destruction should be our Number Two goal, right after saving our country from ruin at the hands of these ruthless, careless and homicidal anti-American radicals.
~Tom in NC

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9 years ago

Please do not lump all Democrats in the same pile with Obama……….they are not all the same.

9 years ago

Good job as usual Tom. NO COMPRIMISING whatsoever. The Repubs need to stand strong and get us back on track!!

9 years ago

Ok Tom, I have always declared myself since I was able to vote, a Democrat. I will openly admit that I did not vote for Obama. I will list some of the issues that I disagree with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, then you can tell me what I should be………..fair enough? 1. I support the death penalty….Democrats oppose 2. I am pro poor and in favor of minimum wage increases….Republicans oppose 3. I am in favor of Military spending……….Democrats oppose 4. Gun control..on this issue I am torn…..I believe we need some gun control laws, but I… Read more »

Tom in NC
Tom in NC
9 years ago
Reply to  Debra

Debra, first of all I am a Conservative 1st and a Republican 2nd and like you I don’t just follow my party blindly. RINO’s sicken me and I have no use for them. 1. I’m glad you support the death penalty, men and women who commit capital crimes and are found guilty beyond a doubt deserve death, simple as that. 2. Now Conservative/Republicans are not anti poor, we just believe that government should just get out of the way and let capitalism and the free market do it’s thing and with that we would soon see that a federal minimum… Read more »

9 years ago

What happened?? we fell asleep at the wheel,”The New Democratic Socialist Party” took over,100 yrs in the planning,AKA THE COMMUNIST PARTY, we need “McCarthyism” back. They need to find all of them and deal with them. They thought they had us this time around,{damn near did} they have openly told us who they are,the rest is up to “We The People” and we have only just begun. We need to unseat “The Fraud” in the whitehouse and nullify everything he has touched ink to,for starters,{this is only a short start.}

9 years ago

I am sorry, but we do not need “McCarthyism” back in this country. We need truth and not bias…………Do you even know what happened to innocent people during McCarthyism? We just need someone to lead……….and make us the great nation we used to be. We could start by getting rid of all the leeches in Prison who are bleeding the American dollars out of us. Those that took lives, and we know without a doubt did so……………..should not be able to spend one dime on anything. That would give us back a few million yearly, in every state. Yes, I… Read more »