No, just no! "Mantyhose" on the rise…

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‘Mantyhose’: Not your mom’s pantyhose

Time: Women have recognized the benefits of legwear, such as tights or pantyhose, for decades. They provide extra warmth, they smooth over any unsightly bumps or bulges, and they give you another opportunity to accessorize your look. Well, now men are joining the party as well.

Mantyhose – stockings that are specifically designed and marketed to men, as well as unisex versions – are growing in popularity. Often they are worn by men who work outside, such as landscapers, to guard against the cold.  They also serve as a compression tool for those with circulatory problems, and are said to help revitalize muscles if you are standing on your feet all day.
Mantyhose have been popular in Europe – that bastion of progressive, gender-neutral fashion – for years, but have only recently gained traction in the U.S. Francesco Cavallini, vice-president of luxe hosiery company Emilio Cavallini, tells Women’s Wear Daily that men are a growing niche market: “When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men…so I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.”

Indeed, there is an online community of mantyhose enthusiasts, and many congregate at the site Its founder, Chan Kraemer, writes in a post, “We believe that pantyhose for men can be an everyday clothing item, and that it can be fashionable as well.”

Most men buying into the trend wear their tights much as you would wear long johns – beneath the pants, as an extra layer. However, those with sartorial boldness might try pairing them with shorts.
For those concerned about fit issues that might be inherent to this unisex garment, Cavallini says, “The mantyhose are extremely elastic and stretchable and can fit men comfortably at the top.  If it’s fine for Italian guys, it’s fine for the world.”
Mantyhose are part of a larger trend of shapewear for men, which has gained steam as men have come to learn that a control top can provide benefits for them, too. Spanx now offers options for male customers in the form of Manx, and numerous other companies have sprouted up to market smoothing undershirts and man girdles.
I absolutely DESPISE pantyhose, in fact, I haven’t worn any for over 10 years.  They are the most uncomfortable thing I have ever worn.  I can’t imagine how a man would possible find these “mantyhose” anything but oppressive and restraining.
And if any of you guys want to fess up and tell me just how great they feel, have at it 🙂
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0 responses to “No, just no! "Mantyhose" on the rise…

  1. Large chunks at a time Male masculinity is stripped away like a sandblaster to automotive paint!

  2. ROFL

  3. Sorry, but Im laughing!!! Mantyhose is such a funny word!!! And I guess it will receive very weird looks from many men!!!

  4. I thought Joe Namath settled this :

    but I draw the line at garter belts

  5. I guess Kramer was ahead of his time when he invented the “bro” (“man-ziere”) on Seinfeld. Well, I would like to strangle the person who invented pantyhose with his own creation, so guys, go for it. I have a whole drawerful of unused ones. They’re only good for robbing banks and staking up tomato plants in my opinion.

  6. I always so, to each his own. But this is just weird.

  7. Steve, Terry…I am concerned may I prescribe a healthy dose of “The good, the bad and the ugly”, “For a few dollars more”,” A Fist full of Dollars” and round it out with extra strength Firefox and the “Dirty Dozen”. Call me in one week! 😉

  8. Aw, Dude my “mind’s eye” now I have to go scrub my brain…AGAIN!
    In need of therapy!

  9. Terry,
    The really important question is: “Are you legs shapely enough to wear mini-skirts, ahem, kilts?”
    P.S. To convince us, you must send us a pic of your naked legs. Then I’ll put up a poll to get everyone’s opinion! 😀

  10. I dislike hose except in winter or for interviews when the job is more important than comfort. My mother is obsessed with wearing hose. In the summer for church when many women including myself wear sundresses with NO hose, she will wear hose. She seems to really hate her skin because she is so cheap about everything but will buy higher end foundation makeup (while buying cheap drugstore for eyes, lips, and cheeks.) She also buys suntan hose even though she has white skin. She bought us tan hose when we were kids, but since I reached adulthood I started buying nude hose that matched my light skin. Also my mother bought dirt cheap hose with a dull texture. When I started buying my own I invested in hose that cost JUST a little more and was nice and soft and smooth. One thing that looks funny is my mother has this midcalf white dress with colored flowers and she wears the tan hose with these clear “jelly” shoes. I think it would look better and more summery to have bare legs and.let people see her pink toenail polish.

  11. The wussification of America continues.


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