NO. Just NO: Chelsea Clinton mulling a run for political office?

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Exactly what are her “talents?”

From USA Today: Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of a former president and a former presidential candidate, said ahead of an appearance to promote her children’s book that she wouldn’t rule out a run for office.

She also said that mother, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has not spoken with her about a repeat presidential run in 2020.

“I think if someone were to step down or retire and I thought I could do a good job and it matched my talents, I’d have to think if it’s the right choice for me,” Chelsea Clinton told The (Westchester County, N.Y.) Journal News.

The daughter of former President Bill Clinton, now 38 years old, talked about the circumstances under which she might consider a political run; her mother’s rumored presidential bid; and her work at the Clinton Foundation, where she serves as vice chair.

Her latest book, Start Now! You Can Make a Difference, (Penguin Random House) is aimed at children ages 7 to 10. Chelsea Clinton tackles issues of health, hunger, climate change, endangered species, bullying and talks about what children can do to make a difference.

Read the whole interview here.


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27 responses to “NO. Just NO: Chelsea Clinton mulling a run for political office?

  1. Let the miserable creature run just so we can watch her fail, then listen as she explains it away, as her mother did. She’s So Vain she actually thinks there are people Out There who pay attention to her and care enough to vote for her. What a pathetic creature she is, the same as the rest of her miserable family.

  2. Chelsea looks just like her father…. Janet Reno!!

  3. Chelsea’s “talents” reflect those of her mom and dad: lying and spreading the bull crap. She also is “blessed” with her mother’s foul temper, according to Ed Klein in “Unlikeable.”
    What an idiot she is. Who gives a damn what she thinks or does. She’s really not important.

  4. (Sarc.) Don’t forget, every child saved from being born is saved from being bullied!

    • In her case bullying might have done some good, as she would have had to develop backbone to stand up to them, that’s what I had to do when I was raised in Chicago. That toughness does one a lot of good later on in the real world, when we encounter all manner of bullies and BS.

  5. Attempts are being made to make most of humanity believing or actually being helpless, defenceless and in need of the government they manage to feed and shelter their herd of fools.

  6. “Bucktooth” Chelsea, like mother like daughter. Cold, dry, calculating. Ain’t gonna work Bucky, pack it up, go home, save the stolen money, and take care of your family, THEY NEED YOU, “we the people” DONT NEED YOU.

  7. Read the mirror of her soul.

  8. Be sure not to miss this event if you are in the area. That is if you are a fool.

    Fools lined up for her mother’s book signings and the same fools will be found here. The Klingonistas pay others to their dirty work including writing silly books that no thinking person has use for.

    The only talents this broad has were inherited from her mother (high crimes) and her father (looks).

    Chelsea Clinton book signing
    • Where: Barnes & Noble, Eastchester, 680 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, New York
    • When: 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27. Wristbands for the event will be given out beforehand. Up to three wristbands will be handed out at the time of purchase of the book.

    • I’d like to go there and ask if “Web” likes one lump or two. She looks like a cross between a Pit Bull and a Hyena. I wonder if she’ll be wearing her Satanic necklace this time out?

  9. Are you sure she didn’t say, “I would consider running for a political ORIFICE”?

  10. Well, she could run for dog catcher.

    Then she could catch herself. 😉

  11. The Zero Hedge comments on this story pretty much says it all – and then some:

    • I see she’s wearing her “Ouroboros” necklace. What are her “skills” exactly? She’s been freeloading on the Clinton Foundation since college. She married money and steals what she needs.

      And everyone will want her in politics because……………? I suppose she could run with Avenatti.


    • If she wins election to anything, I’ll probably wind up a permanent resident at my local hospital.

      LOL – I practically am as it is.

  13. Those mouth breathing dullard deplorable scum in Flyoverstan will never vote for her, they want inevitable candidates who unify the country.

  14. Why she’s “entitled” don’t you know? It’s part of her “inheritance’. She needs to carry the torch for Mom and Dad (well sort of). Once they’ve cleaned out all the furniture and furnishings from the Whitehouse she can move on to Camp David.

    We’ve come a long way from The Cleavers to a pair of Satanic perverts.

  15. The hive of the Red Queen can always find a way. Don’t ever discounted the crookedness of either money or media noses.

    “GROWING SCANDAL: Undercover FBI Agent Paid Thousands Supporting Gillum Fundraiser, Report Says”

    “The corruption scandal surrounding Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum continued to grow on Friday as newly-released documents show that an undercover FBI agent, who posed as a developer seeking to do business with Gillum’s Tallahassee government, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to support a fundraiser for Gillum’s political action committee, Forward Florida.”


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