No joke: Muslim men really do rape goats

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We joke about Muslim men having sex with goats.
It turns out it’s not a joke.
The video below was uploaded to Daily Motion on Nov. 28, 2013, with a description in French — that a U.S. military surveillance helicopter surveying a village in Afghanistan captured infrared camera footage of Afghan men sodomizing a poor goat.
WARNING: Graphic!
Here’s a screenshot at the 2:41 mark in the video, of a man sodomizing a goat while two other men stand nearby:
Afghan men sodomize goat
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0 responses to “No joke: Muslim men really do rape goats

  1. And they do the same to young boys.

    • and girl children too.

      • They must do to the little girls what they do to the boys; “purity” is so valued among some Muslim sects that they engage in FGM (female genital mutilation; sometimes clitorectomies, other times more than that). I don’t know who disgusts me more, the men who want mutilated girls or the women who do the mutilations. In any case, “normal” (and incredibly painful) sex is reserved for the marriage bed. (I think.)
        This is all so gross, whether it’s sex with goats, boys, or mutilated girls…and western countries have just opened their doors to these traumatized barbarians. I’m sure many of them are “nice”, and I don’t wish them ill, but no…just no.

        • Yeah, it IS gross. That’s why most don’t discuss it but, I’m afraid its true. ‘Special” relationships between little boys are common as well. Touching a girl is a no, no. Buggering a boy is quite alright.
          I’m afraid these are not just baseless accusations. I have known people who spent time in Arab areas and vouch for this. I can’t even imagine what the women think of their situation.
          This provides some insight into why Europe is experiencing “culture shock”. Actually, most of the rapes involving women are Somalis. They don’t seem to hate women as much as the Arabs.
          All of this is very sick. At a minimum a society can’t allow this behavior.

        • This whole thing deserves more study. I can’t imagine a worse situation for a woman than this. They hate and resent women because they represent temptation.
          They don’t think of little boys that way. They think that’s funny. I’ve heard that sex with girls before puberty is allowable. Don’t ask me for the rationale here.
          Homosexuality is VERY common, although not usually talked about. The point of all this is that none of this is a good fit for Western society. It’s not a good fit for theirs.
          I suppose this is sort of a public service message. If you live in the country, and you have a Muslim neighbor, better not raise goats.

  2. Hopefully,the goat got even by eating the guy’s passport and other important papers.

  3. I am really broadening my horizons by reading FOTM.
    Now if I can get drunk enough to stop the nightmares I’ll be all set.
    But I wanted to ask: Is it rape because you assume it is not consensual with the goat? Maybe Islams can talk and commune with animals like Imam Dolittle and got a ‘situation’.
    Maybe they tell the goat it’s either that or you’re the evening meal. That’s not exactly consensual by our shallow Western values, but in an ancient and grand theocracy such as sharia it’s considered generous.
    Like the great deals the Iranian moolas & imams make with BHO and Kerry.
    Maybe they put date rape drugs in the goat’s feed. That’s sort of con-sensual, right?
    So the army is running rape kits on all the released hostages? Did they run rape kits on the 10 sailors?
    Hey some woman who’s last name is King is on the radio squawking about how I’ve exploited her and her race. WTF?

  4. I am very good w/a firearm, so if I were in the same copter I’d be the sniper markman, and NOT for the goat! See my other earlier comment at ‘Muslim man molests blonde store mannequin’.

  5. Ths is so gross, it’s no wonder the Bible makes references to man lying as with a woman. Evidently, we got those folks who have been doing that c**p for eons of time. I pity the poor women–to have some jive turkey come home and want to play pinchegiggle after he’s been raping a goat. I feel profound sorry for the goat, that is just not natural.

  6. Imam tells them if no female is around to relieve them of there stress, then a goat or sheep is fine. How sick is that?!!!!!!!!!

  7. If there was ever proof for the results of Original Sin, Islam is it.

  8. disgusting. I really feel for that poor goat getting gang raped by those nasty persons.
    What is wrong with these people?!
    Is there some sort of genetic inbreeding problem where the males become super aggressive and lead by their penises to the nearest warm orifice and have no degree of empathy or sympathy for ANYTHING except their own wants?
    And this is what our paid politicians are bringing into the eu and the us…..
    Seems like whatever these animals want to rape they rape.
    I am the furthest thing from a feminist, but I long to read a story about one of these males attempting to rape and instead gets his a** kicked by a woman wearing a cross.
    Not every woman (or goat) has to be a victim of these savages.

  9. Well … I know a lot of you are grossed out at the goat rape and would love to shoot a few of the miserable jerks. Hey… if you click on some of the other links, after the video, you can watch some of our boys in action in Iraq or Afghanistan, shooting up a few of the enemy there. A few videos brought back some memories of my own, from Vietnam. Only, today’s soldiers have much better weapons and sighting systems than we had.

  10. Yes, it’s common knowledge in the West that they rape goats. They’ve been honing that “skill” for millennia. What they might need to work a bit harder on, however, are their hoverboard skills:

    • WOW, THAT’S TRULY GRAND!!! I LOVE it to bits & will pass it around as soon as I send you my best “thumbs up!!” on this.
      Today in Canada we had a home-grown, self-convinced, anglo-idiot [] who convinced himself he was one of ‘them’ and prepared a bomb he was going to plant as a demonstration to the rest of ‘us’ that ‘they’ are amongst us & waiting to have at us.
      Uh huh… So this idiot savant managed to get his sorry ass & his bomb into his car and head off to wherever he planned to detonate it, BUT! The fool had made a FB video announcing his ‘plan’ to the world, which police intercepted & acted upon, so they surrounded his car with weapons drawn and ready.
      He saved us all the trouble, as he detonated it –maybe an accident?– and put an end to the problem. Ya gotta LOVE self-liquidating problems… I do.

  11. This is no laughing matter – these demented, sick people must be kept out of the USA. For this reason alone, I would vote for Trump. I haven’t made up my mind yet but if Obama gets away with forcing this upon us, it will make up my mind immediately. And, I don’t care if the UK wants to ban Trump from their country – their population is just about 50% Muslim anyway, so they can take them all. Trump makes more common sense and has a strong will for self-protection than any of them. I’ve had enough of this sick sympathy for these people as they completely ravage and destroy the land and people they’ve invaded. This is a planned and Gyorgy Schwartz/George Soros funded effort to take down all borders, destroy the economy and bring in their one world, which includes destroying normal people. We must rise up against this evilness now and take no more from any global elitist.

    • Stacie Ttachtenberg

      Very well stated & a completely accurate statement. Trump is the only sensible one running not just for president but FOR THE U.S. I so wish there were not so many ignorant constituents that only selfishly care for their unimportant cause because without a sell out in office continuous on this destructive path NO ONE WILL HAVE ANY CHOICES!! No more actual freedom.

  12. Very common and wide spread muslim behavior. When you consider their inbred penchant for incest, beastiality, pederasty, infanticide, senseless mass murder, torture, rape, genital mutilation, beheading, crucifixion, burning people alive, honor killings and suicide bombings (sorry if I left out anything), there is just no way that anyone with a damn brain can even begin to suspect that the muslim can assimilate anywhere. What is even more difficult to understand is why anyone would want them around when they make such great targets.

  13. …coming soon, to a town near you…tie up your goats and hide the wimmenfolk the muzzies are here!

  14. There are two ways of looking at this ………….1) They are showing how perverted they are ,that’s a good thing ……2) And even better , if they stick to the goats instead of women , they won’t raise up another generation of a..holes

    • If only that were true! Actually, what tends to happen is that they rape white women (and say its OK because they are not Muslim), then beat them up or kill them because they are ashamed for succumbing to temptation.
      When a girl gets raped they often kill HER. There’s nothing good about this. I wish people realized how serious this is.

  15. mexicans also rape goats & horses , this is a well known fact of anyone in the horse business, mexican grooms are caught regularly raping mares and goats . they are from a third world country where 10 year old girls are used as prostitutes . if you dont want your animals raped dont hire someone from a third world country to care for them. this is ‘normal’ behaviour for males in these countries .

    • Yeah we had one of those around here a few years ago. He was caught with some woman’s horses and went to jail. When he got out he was caught again! That time she shot him. He didn’t die, she just winged him. They say he used a ladder.

    • Actually, not even limited to Mexico, or even Islamic countries. Several years ago, there was a ‘retreat’ in France for homosexuals as well as any guys into beastiality. Seems one guy wanted a horse to nail him in the keester. The horse complied but the guy died (I’m so poetic). But in reality, it actually happened. I heard about it on the Rush Limbaugh show, so you know it had to be true.

  16. Perhaps one of the observers was the imam of the peace and the other was the best man. At least the goat is protected from being devoured according to the proclamation of the late Ayotollah Khomeni not to consume animals with whom you have engaged in sexual relations.

  17. And the helicopter didn’t take the shot? Too bad. Whatever happened to self gratification?

  18. indian-goat-funny-600x330
    So what you’re saying is that the burqa is for the goat’s safety?

  19. Absolutely sickening and demonic. They are violating pure creatures of God, indeed, creatures without sin.

  20. It’s a known fact that mid eastern countries are over 50% inbreeds. It’s common for a family to have their child marry a 1st cousin. Pakistan leads with 74% of family having fixed marriages. Now these inbreds are being brought into the U.S. by Obastard in the white house. These are sick ass people that need to be wiped off the face of the earth like Trump said he’s going to do.

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  22. I read an account by some of our guys in afghanistan. Some were I’m bedded with afghanistan and shared a building with them. Through Americans said they could hear little boys screaming in the night, that the afghanistan were rating night after night. When our guys complained to our higher ups, that they were told not I therfore I the cultural doings of these people. Our guys were really upset and disgusted.

  23. Zsorry about all mistakes above. I’m typing on a tablet for the first time. Oye.

  24. I’m trying to overstand this no where in the Koran does it say that so again theses demons have mankind believing that the creator says it’s okay it’s not and for the record no were in the Koran does it state that!

  25. My Hades…… where are the animal rights people? This is animal abuse. I rescue animals.
    The fascist left libtards protect these monsters. They need to be nuked.

    • Good point …….Where’s P.E.T.A. opinion in all this ? Noticeably silent in all this , why ?

      • Just thought of this one …………..Does P.E.T.A. really stand for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ” or ” People Eating Tasty Animals ” ???

  26. Bob_of_Bonsall

    But what do you expect? Take away any chance of sex with a woman and they are bound to use an alternative.

  27. Save the goats from the goat fucking Muslims.


  28. That’s not the only animal they rape. There’s also a military video out there showing a Muslim male raping a donkey.
    Islam is the most demonic ideology ever to darken the earth.

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  30. Wow, they just keep coming out of their holes to line up for goat. These guys look like they’re ready to get on the Soros train for Europe. I guess if you drop your keys in Europe you’d better kick them until you can find a safe place to pick them up. They should have waited until the goat was safe and called in an air strike.

  31. As more and more Muslims flow into Western countries, the Governments are starting to allow paedophilia as well as beastiality to be legalized so these barbarians don’t face time in prison.

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  33. A sad blight on humanity! Need to cut off those pee pees and feed them to the sows and boars (PIGS) if there are any around or just stuff them into the owners mouth before executing him!

  34. You think that’s bad? I have rather have them to stay home and fuck their pets, instead of raping our children and women in addition to all sorts of crime.

  35. 4th Century…
    Goat Fuh-King RAG HEADS !

  36. Its hardly rape when the goat is getting around all uncovered, exposing all that sexy hair with that come hither look in their eye. Damn those sex goats

    • & its no joke that mexicans rape HORSES & goats too & probably dogs , they are caught doing it regularly at the horse shows in California , where THOUSANDS of ILLEGAL border jumpers work at the San Diego horse park in san diego Ca. & Oaks Blenheim in Los Angeles & the hundreds of horse farms in those areas that employ these ILLEGAL savages. they are caught standing on buckets having sex ( RAPING) the female horses & no one does a dam thing about this HUGE ILLEGAL ALIEN problem , they ( horse show managment KNOWS what goes on, they all know that almost EVERY mexican on the grounds of these horse shows is ILLEGAL & no one does a dam thing about it . Sic world we live in.

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  38. Irish and proud

    Sick deluded people ,,,

  39. Oh sick bastard poor goat.

  40. That poor animal it must be so traumatised. pity it did not turn around and bite their “bits” off

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  42. I often wondered how the world could become so evil like Sodom where men aren’t even safe walking the streets. Now I know…..Islam. Men are now molested in Europe on a daily basis and forced. It is true. Things are moving fast towards what the Bible predicts and Islam is the great evil that shadows the world in these times,

  43. Don’t get conned by the notion of people trying to make you believe something that are not true or just hearsay. To be clear, Indian are the real culprit of Rape Culture and now the India is the World Rape Capital. In recent days a Female Pregnant Goat being Rape by 8 Indian Men until the Goat Die. (Story available in Yahoo)….India have the highest rape case in the world but many still blame Islam is the Rapist where the real Indian Rapist pretended to be Muslim just to tarnish Islam as they hate Islam to the core compare to the Jew or Christian … I can agree Islam have their crazy bunch of lunatic that love to kill, to rape anything that move, i’ll give it to the Indian which we in Europe Cherish them as IT champion ….


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