No-info Californians endorse Karl Marx for president 2016

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Mark Dice strikes again.
He’s in San Diego asking people to sign a petition to get Karl Marx on the ballot for President in 2016 because Obama has endorsed Marx and it’s important to continue Obama’s communist agenda.

Lest you think this video is a misrepresentation of the average intelligence of Obama supporters and other no-information Americans, here are some of Dice’s other man-in-the-street interviews and petitions:

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0 responses to “No-info Californians endorse Karl Marx for president 2016

  1. Good grief, we are doomed! And not one understood his t-shirt, apparently. Idiots…
    Loved the couple at the end that knew what was going on!

  2. The really sad thought that strikes me every time I see something like this is that just about every one of these people will be completely confident that they are well informed, intelligent, and generally superior in every way to any conservative alive.

  3. Communist SCUM of the earth.

  4. I hate to say this,but there are people all over the Country who are just as bad. HOWEVER,just looking at California’s political history tells us that California corners the market on absolute idiocy,with NYC running a VERY close second.

  5. A decade or so ago, it was hard to get people to sign petitions. Somebody tried to get people to sign on to the Bill of Rights (not ID’d as such). Most wouldn’t.
    Today, it seems, they’ll sign anything.
    And these people vote. More often than not, they’ll bring the voter booklet into the voting booth, and that will have been the first time they looked at it,

  6. Such idiocy is unconscionable. It is sickening.

  7. What is also bad about this is that mr. “dice” is also popular in “conspiracy theorist” circles as being an informer on the evils. Guess this demonstrates he works *for* them, like new ager david icke does. No legitimate researcher would ever consider giving props to karl marx because he was a satanist shill, and part of the destruction of Russia as a whole, anyone who looks into the actual history of things would learn this.
    One less person to be considered trustworthy in the research circles.

    • Mark Dice works for “them”? Who’s “them”? Please explain. How do you know this?

      • If the article in question here is serious writing, then asking people to put marx on the ballot seriously is telling of his loyalties, if however his actions were meant as sarcasm (which is not detectable online) as an attempt to point out the californian epidemic of stupid, then I misread the whole thing as a serious statement, If that is the case, apologies.
        Relatedly though, this was found, with regard to “debunking” bill cooper:
        Now I know mr. cooper got popular with behold a pale horse etc.and some might take mr. dice’s criticisms as speaking of his own character, on the other hand, any talk of UFOs as anything but man made, or demonic manifestations, is a mark of a disinfo agent. As for Myself, I don’t trust either of them.
        Did he bother afterwards to inform the people who signed of the mistake they had made, and educate them as to why the choice was bad? What do his actions say of himself?

        • Given Dice’s repeated asides to the video camera, expressing his incredulity that so many passersby actually signed the “Karl Marx for Prez 2016” petition, as well as his mocking laughter, the “petition” — like all his “petitions” — was clearly faux. It’s Dice’s way of entrapping sheeple and showing us the sleepwalking Americans who live among us.
          I’m not familiar with his other activities (“talk of UFOs”), but assuming what you say is true, just because Dice doesn’t conform to ALL of your standards doesn’t devalue what he’s doing with his faux petitions.

          • Just to clarify, the talk of UFOs in this case was apparently Bill Cooper’s, as far as Dice’s (Apparently real name Mark Shouldice) opinion goes, don’t know that either. However this does explain a lot, I didn’t see any video, so there went that much context. (Likely because the browser I use has that disabled as a default, and I tend to rely on a downloader to get youtube videos, etc.) Misunderstanding on my part then.
            Do we know Dice’s religious affiliation, by any chance? (this is one factor by which I separate disinfo types (ala david icke) from legitimate researchers) I know he showed on one of “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” on history (read: disinfo) channel, “Decoded” being well known for shilling and watering down the secret society aspects of things, especially “image management” for freemasonry. That would be a big mistake on his part given that being on such a show allows them to openly discredit what he says, if he is speaking truthfully, and further the goals of the puppets of evil.

            • I don’t know what Dice’s religion is, if any. Here’s the 1st paragraph of Wiki’s entry on him:
              “Mark Dice is an American author, political activist and conspiracy theorist based in San Diego, California, who argues that the New World Order and secret societies, such as the Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, direct human affairs and global politics, particularly those of the United States.”

              • You may be reading more into this than is really there. Dice’s “man-in-the-street” interviews are mainly there to expose the illiteracy (mostly political) of the “average man”. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than a few people he approached who knew who this guy Marx was and what he stood for. Naturally, those wouldn’t make it into the final cut.. I see him more as entertainment than anything else.
                I doubt that his religious affiliation – if any – has any bearing on his projects.

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