No health insurance in 2015? Get ready to pay up to the IRS

Thanks to the LIVs, those who want free stuff, and the RINOs, we’ve all been Gruberized.
We’ve covered the many horror stories with Obamacare here.
In August, I reported how Obamacare rates are expected to rise in Oklahoma for next year. Ditto for those in Oregon. Last December I reported how Obamacare has increased non-group premiums in nearly all states. In February, I reported on a woman who was shocked when she was forced to pay back her Obamacare subsidy on her taxes.
Well, get ready to bend over even more for the IRS next year if you don’t have a qualified Obamacare health plan.
CBS reports that because of Obamacare everyone is required to be covered under a health insurance plan or pay a penalty. And the IRS is excited: that penalty is set to rise steeply this year.
If you were covered by an employer’s plan for most of 2015, you are in luck and can avoid the penalty. If you enrolled in an Obamacare-compliant plan no later than February 2015, you are lucky, too. Enrolling now won’t help you avoid the penalty one bit – too little too late. To avoid the penalty for 2016, if you won’t be covered under an employer’s plan, you’ll need to enroll in a health plan on an exchange in the first two months of 2016.
If you don’t meet the above criteria: get ready for a shocker when you do your taxes for 2015.  You will have to pay a fine (also known as your “shared responsibility) when you file your 2015 tax return. The government has two ways of calculating what you’ll owe in 2015. That’s the greater of $325 for each adult and $162.50 for each child, not to exceed $975, or 2 percent of your family’s adjusted gross income. The most you can be fined is capped at the national average cost of a bronze-level health plan available on the exchanges. For 2015, that’s $2,570 for singles and $5,140 for families.
According to this calculator, the penalty in 2015 for a single individual whose adjusted gross income is $75,000 would be $1,294. The penalty for a married couple (no kids) with 2015 income of $100,000 would be $1,588.
Note that some people are exempt. This includes those who’ve been uninsured for three months or less in 2015 or lived abroad for more than a year. Here’s a complete list of these exemptions.
Also, some people can qualify for a hardship exemption. This includes those who are homeless, filed for bankruptcy, experienced a natural disaster that damaged your home or who’ve experienced the death of a family member.

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The Porcelain Doll

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Just reading this crap makes me froth at the mouth and want to strangle someone…
I can’t wait for these “criminal entities” to be disbanded and their executives prosecuted; just like the Mafioso they emulate.


Tactic for those who need one: the way the “law” is written the irs can NOT go after you should you choose not to pay the fine. All they may legally do is withhold refunds. No liens, no levies allowed. So be sure not to have a refubd coming. Calculate ahead to owe some small amount instead.


I am a member of the health industry. I have seen multiple patients without ANY insurance. Even though they realize that the government wants them to have insurance. They steadfastly “forget” to buy some. Or they can’t be bothered with the paperwork. Or they just don’t think they will need any. The folks that I work with, will gladly show these scofflaws the “way” to get signed up for insurance. They will also show them the “way” to get subsidies to help pay for the insurance. (subsidies to the point where it will only cost the miscreant a pack of… Read more »


When all this fool had to do was copy Canada’s fifty+ years successful national medical plan, it is clear that your well-being was NOT the subject of this travesty. The real object was –along w/the bail-out of the mega-banks which created the Greatest Depession in 2008– his pay-back to Goldman Sachs and other entities which put him in place. Follow the money, and it isn’t going to you!


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terrible….I wonder if the next requirements the government will put on the citizenry will be a type of birth tax for being born and a death tax on the deceased…so they can take their assets.

Steven Broiles

The Affordable Health Care Act is the biggest SCREW JOB of all time. And it’s blatantly unconstitutional, also: How can anyone be required, by law, to purchase anything? But that’s the world we live in now. The Law is also unconstitutional because it is discriminatory: Muslims, to my understanding, are not required to buy the insurance or pay the penalty. But pro-life Catholics are. And the Obama Administration has gone after nuns to pay for the abortion and contraception coverage. I believe Chief Justice John Roberts was blackmailed or threatened into approving this unconstitutional law, and it will probably take… Read more »