No Halloween costumes due to…

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PC madness ruins it for kids

PC madness – “equity”.

Portland school bans Halloween costumes over inequality

From King5: Many schools elect not to celebrate Halloween each year for various reasons, but some parents at a Portland school want their holiday traditions back.
The principal at Buckman Arts Elementary released a letter stating “the celebration of Halloween at school can lead to student exclusion.” Not wanting any students to feel left out over costumes, he said most Portland Public Schools would downplay Halloween because of “social, financial and cultural differences among our families that we must respect.”  The letter went on to say the decision was made in “the spirit of equity.”
Buckman parent Shannon Brazil opposed the policy on her blog Wednesday. The complaint ignited a controversy and led parents to start a petition to bring Halloween back.  “We live in America,” parent Rebekah Clark said. “We have the right and freedom to celebrate whatever we want.”
“It’s safe to say that the school is not hosting any Halloween parties and that the principal has asked students not to wear costumes,” said Matt Shelby with Portland Public Schools. “That said, they are hosting a harvest celebration.”
Buckman Principal Brian Anderson said the same policy was in place last year and he did not receive any complaints.  “I’m absolutely torn,” said parent Matt Callanan. “I’m a traditionalist at heart; I love the idea of my kids wearing a Halloween costume to school. But I really trust my principal’s judgment.”
Shelby said the principal has asked students not to wear costumes, but there is no district directive that bans costumes. He referred parents to the dress code always in place for Portland schools.  A child who shows up for school in costume runs the risk of being sent home.
How much does it take to put a Halloween costume together?  A white sheet with eye cutouts and you’re a ghost.  And kids are very creative – give them some old clothes, toys, etc. and they can come up with plenty of ideas.
This notion of “equity” is something all good socialists love.  Truth be told, we aren’t all equal in our capabilities and talents.  And teaching our children this notion only deters them from trying to be the best they can be, fearing they are better or have more than anyone else.  Not exactly an idea to instill in them if we want them to have a successful life.

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0 responses to “No Halloween costumes due to…

  1. This Harvest Day is like doublespeak from George Orwell. Just shifts it
    to a new date. Why can’t Haarvest Day be shifted and just let the kids
    decide if they are celebrating Harvest Day or Halloween?

  2. My kids public elementary schools supply milk, cheese and fruit to every child every morning. Frankly my children don’t need it as we live well, but this way every child starts the school day with food in their bellies and no one is isolated. Let the learning process begin. this is all paid for through public finances. I support thr program. Most schools here are also requiring uniforms in the public sytem to put everyone on a level playing field. I understand my republican conservatives will not like this. “why should we pay for them?” “let them eat cake”, I can hear it now. Remember everyone is a part of society and the human race, building better people, educated people leads to a better and stable affluent society. It is cost effective and in everyone’s interest to do it, ensuring a better future for everyone. Feeding that 1 kid may allow him to learn, get a good job, pay taxes, have a family and further anchor society through affluent educated stable families

    • I have no problem with my public finances, er taxes, paying for breakfast, lunches, and day care for lower income students. I also have no problem contributing to the many school fundraising projects my nieces ask of me.
      That was not the intent of this post. We all want kids to succeed, to the BEST of THEIR OWN ability. And some kids are just smarter than others and will be more successful. What I dislike is the notion of equity being taught that may discourage a child from living to their full potential.
      And I despise the education system hijacking all holidays under the guise of equity. No Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. These are accepted and traditional holidays in our society that the progressives are so desperately trying to change to fit their own view of utopia.

    • Actually, yes, they’d like to do that too… having smart people work up to their ability is “elitist” and gives them too much… unless they do all the “cooperative learning” work others get group grades and better GPAs for getting to college for.

  3. no, people are different, some smarter than others, so what. Dumb people have a right to as affluent a life as possible. Are we going to let the dumb people starve or be uneducated? That will come back to bite you in the ass through increased crime, increased drop out rates, increased poverty, increased tax dollar expense to support them. Teach them to fish and they can feed themselves, it is absolutely in our interest. How well you gonna live when society breaks down due to our neglect, you can forget your BMW, vacations and restaurants, it will be a matter of survival, then we’ll all be on a level playing field for sure.

    • Micro,
      You may drive a BMW and take vacations (as I know you’ve taken at least two that you’ve said in previous comments on FOTM: one to Florida, one on a cruise). Like Sagebrush, the cars my husband and I drive are both modest Toyota Corollas, both bought on the cheap because we paid cash (from our savings) instead of in installments. Our “new” car is 2009; the other one is 1991. The last time my husband and I took a self-paid vacation was 10 years ago, to Athens. We eat out in a restaurant, once a week on Sunday, after Mass.
      So please spare me the pseudo-working-class outrage against us “rich” people. Try looking in the mirror the next time you want to come onto FOTM to demonize us.
      By the way, I’m STILL waiting for the source URL for that claim you made 2 months ago about the Vatican declaring that there are — not that there’s a possibility of — ETs. I recall you were on one of your vacations and you explicitly promised me you’d give me the source(s) once you return home. I’m still waiting….

      • Dr. eowyn,
        I am not demonizing anyone, all points made here are valid. Yes I live an affluent life, I worked hard to have what I have and support my family. Yes I take vacations with my family, drive nice cars etc…. yet I am the one saying we need to support the others. Everyone can achieve ‘the american dream” given the chance. What is wrong with feeding the less fortunate? We give to my daughter’s school supplies, money and food to share with those that don’t have. My children go to public school even though we could afford private. I am not elitist and believe in supporting society, like I said it is in our interest. i won’t be vacationing or driving a BMW if there is no society. Geez, Eowyn, your tone with me always seems agressive, not sure why. Yes, I will send you the archived video of that vatican interview eventually. I am busy recently offering free medical care to those who can’t afford it. What is wrong with helping out, we’re all human.

        • micro,
          I’m completely baffled just why and how on earth you concluded that we regulars on Fellowship of the Minds are against helping the poor (not necessarily or synonymous with “the less fortunate”). Since my husband and I are in the 53% of Americans who still pay the federal income tax, don’t my tax dollars go to that? — for food stamps, poor single mothers, welfare, Social Security Disability, public schools, etc. etc. On top of the taxes we pay, I also give generously to my church and to animal charities.
          So please spare me your demonization.
          As for my “aggressive tone,” this is why:
          I leave this blog for three hours on a Sunday, to attend Mass, grocery shopping, and brunch. I come back, and all hell as broken loose, with you and Iman jumping on our collective heads, hijacking posts and threads (my post “Susan Sarandon, OWC Hypocrite” is NOT about unions, child labor, or rich people not wanting to help the poor, or rich people driving BMWs and taking vacations), inserting material fallacies (otherwise called red herrings) to distort FOTM’s posts and the comments forum onto the topics YOU want and define. And you take issue with my “aggressive tone”? Too funny.

          • who’s iman? I am not hijacking anything… simply getting involved and offering my views and opinions. i see that you don’t necessarily agree with everything i say but that is no reason to take that tone. I thought open discussion with differing views leads to understanding and results, if that’s what you call all hell breaking loose…i don’t get it. Would you rather have a blog where noone dissents and everyone just smiles politely at each other. i demonize no one, you are interpreting or twisting things that don’t fit your cookie cutter views. I am only commenting on posts that are up here Eowyn, not making anything up. As for helping the poor/less fortunate, I think we all agree it’s a good thing. our tax dollars are not always used for what they are intended unfortunately. i enjoy this blog and check in once and a while. i enjoy the debate, sometimes heated, or I wouldn’t waste my time coming here. I see for the most part caring concerned citizens, I like that. I’m not here for any other reason than to understand differing views, offer mine and get the job done of fixing what’s wrong. Never any disrespect intended. Not sure what material fallacies you are referring to, again, I am defining nothing, responding to posts as is meant to by a blog, is all. I believe we are on the same team Eowyn…….

            • “i see that you don’t necessarily agree with everything i say but that is no reason to take that tone. I thought open discussion with differing views…”
              Isn’t that what I was doing? – “open discussion with differing views” from yours? Frankly, micro, I’m baffled why you call my doing so “aggressive”.
              When you disagree, however, that’s not being “aggressive.” Okay. If you say so!

    • Why are you turning this blog post about teaching equity in school into a class warfare issue? Where or where in this blog post did I indicate that us conservatives don’t want to help those in need?
      Please try to stick to the topic at hand.

      • Not trying to do that DCG, I believe maybe it got sidetracked a little. What I was commenting on was the idea that we should do what we want(wear costumes) even though we know it will marginalize and upset, possibly scar other less fortunate children. Which, as I statedd would have long term and long lasting effects on society as we turn out a generation of scarred children. Instead of doing whatever we want regardless and without thought of others, all I am trying to say is, instead of demanding our rights and (in this case) wearing costumes provocatively in front of others…lets help, instead couldn’t we include the others by making ghost costumes or giving some masks etc…. basically including them… they will be happpier, the other kids will be happier, society will be happier and we will all be better off.

        • Good grief, I never knew any child that was scared and harmed for life by not having a costume. Nor did I know any kid that wasn’t creative enough to come up with their own costume. Wearing costumes provocatively in front of others? Jeesh, Halloween is all about the costumes (and candy) which kids love!
          I’ve been to plenty of Halloween school functions w/my nieces and never once did I see a kid that wasn’t dressed up. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to find a costume to score the candy.
          This kind of hyperbole is what the proggies want – scare tactics into conformity and “equality”.

          • DCG, it’s not about the costumes, it’s not the costumes that are provocative, it’s the attitude. I’d say the same thing if we’d eat a 4 course meal in front of others who are starving. It’s not halloween, it’s this culture of doing whatever we want no matter who suffers or what they are feeling. This attitude and culture of entitelment is disturbing to me. Does noone care about others feelings….. Am I that way off base here? All I am saying is lets be inclusive and considerate. I could turn by back easily, we have money, I don’t need to care about others or how they feel, but i don’t nor will I. Maybe you guys are all correct then….f**k ’em all, let them eat cake.

            • So now we are changing topics again…first giving money to feed the kids, then the costume, now the attitude. You still don’t address my statement that kids are very creative and can come up with a costume at the drop of a hat. Nor that I have never known a kid to be traumatized for life if they can’t come up with a costume. What people “suffer” from Halloween? Dramatics…
              Now we are moving onto “feelings”. If I had to respect everyone’s feelings, I’d have to be silent forever on every subject. You don’t like someone’s point of view? Get over it. Everyone’s got one.
              Culture of entitlement? How about the minority that demand their feelings take preference over the majority? Why should I have to be inclusive of the minorty and hide my preferences for the sake of their feelings? What about my feeeeelings????
              Again, this hyperbole doesn’t fly. It’s HALLOWEEN for Pete’s sake. The kids want to dress up and get candy. Has nothing to do with taxes supporting poor kids, attitude or feelings. This is about proggies instilling the notion of equality in the name of liberalism.

              • Bbbbbut, even though he keeps changing his tune, micro ain’t hi-jacking your post, DCG!
                Hey, micro! Do you have the same tender considerations for the feeeeelings of those who really are not interested in Big Brother telling us what to wear, what not to wear, what holidays to celebrate, what holidays not to celebrate — all in the name of “equity” and not hurting others’ oh-so-delicate self-esteem? How about the feeeelings of us taxpayers who see our dollars go to food stamps used to buy lobsters; able-bodied people who get welfare and Social Sec disability checks (just watch “Judge Judy” and you’ll see many examples); welfare “poor” who are given free cellphones; welfare ATM cards spent on cruises and casinos? (You can find the posts on all these in our “Leftwing Pathology” page.) Don’t our feeeelings count?

                • Eowyn, you seem so bitter and angry at …everything, you can’t see the forest for the trees. Everyone seems to be getting hysterical over a point of being inclusive and considerate, you keep changing the topic as DCG is screaming about. From inclusion to republicans, liberals, tax dollars and whatever else you are currently angry about. Get over it, you are being blinded by your anger. What is so wrong with wanting respect, inclusion and consideration for our most vulnerable children? Are you all that heartless… back to giving flu shots to the elderly and children on my day off. My children understand why daddy isn’t home today….”Daddy is helping people today” . That’s it for me today. I’ve faught with you guys over feelings, taxes, poor, children and everything else and now the anaestitist over these patients, he doesn’t want to do any more cases, he’s hungry and wants to watch the hockey game……..The whole world is right, i’m wrong. I hope no one here or their children ever need help from one of the fellow members of society you forgot and neglected……..or if you go hungry, they eat in front of you and tell you they paid their taxes. Reminds of the old eddie murphy sketch way back when……….”I got the ice cream, i got the ice cream and you don’t got none because your dady’s on the welfare………” If that’s not scarring for a child I don’t know what is….all m children want is to be loved and fit in with the others. I’m sorry I’m so wrong and caring, have a good night and a good life, you all deserve it more than the others.

                  • Dear micro,
                    Good grief. If I’m, as you insist, “bitter and angry,” why is it that I am the calm and composed one, whereas you’re positively sputtering with rage?
                    Please be so good as to point out where exactly in my thousands of posts and comments on FOTM that I don’t believe in helping those who need help. It’s wonderful that you’re giving flu shots to the elderly and children on your day off. But please don’t make yourself out to be so special. Did you know that Conservatives actually give more — in both dollars and service — than liberals? See Dr. Arthur Brooks, Who Really Cares (2006). You can read a synopsis of the book here:
                    Since we seem to be advertising our public service resume here today, I have 5 birds, 3 of whom are fledglings I rescued. I’ve adopted 4 abandoned Persian cats. One was old, toothless, reduced to literal skin and bones, found by Animal Rescue on the streets in sub-freezing January weather. Another was also found in the streets, although she’d been declawed, which meant she couldn’t defend herself. Rose lived for only 6 months, on whom I spent a total of $3,000 on vet care. I’m the sole cantor at the 8:30am Mass every Sunday, at no pay. I served on my parish church’s Maintenance Team, doing janitorial manual labor every Tuesday morning, sweeping and mopping the huge floor of the church hall. I’ve taught countless classes and seminars, pro bono.

                    • i’m not boasting, nor do I consider myself “special” eowyn. i take exception to your comment about me boiling with rage. I never claimed to be special, just doing what i can. you just don’t seem to get it, you don’t address the issue, you want to fight about personal attributes and resumes etc… i give up eowyn, good luck in your endeavours and your one sided views, you don’t seem to “get” what this whole discussion was about, doesn’t surprise me. Good luck with your animals. I too have several but prefer people. I’m astonished and astounded that a seemingly intelligent person like yourself doesn’t see the bigger picture, you’d rather argue about details. It will get you nowhere eowyn. Give my regards to Steve and the others, I don’t think I’ll be checking in here anymore so you will no longer have dissenting views, you can all look at each other and smile thinking all is well. I however, will continue to fight the fight and try to improve my little piece of the world. Noone special eowyn, and that’s how change happens by ordinary people who are fed up with the status quo, just ask the wall street protesters…………you on the other hand will continue your blog about conservatives versus liberals, christianity versus muslim versus whomever. i see it bigger Eowyn, it is bigger, stop focusing on the insignificant details like halloween costumes……good bye and good luck

                    • Oh, micro, please spare me the superior condescension that you care about the Big Picture, but I just don’t get it and instead focus only on “the details.”
                      Is the ECONOMY of America — its unemployment, outsourcing, deindustrialization, failing education system — big enough of a Big Picture for you? Is the integrity of the U.S. CONSTITUTION — that we have as President a man who hasn’t proven his constitutional eligibility — big enough of a Big Picture for you? Is WAR (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Uganda and Pakistan) big enough of a Big Picture for you? Is the fact that in just the last couple of weeks, 2 politicians (NC Gov. Beverly Perdue and Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.) have proposed we should just suspend elections and the Constitution big enough of a Big Picture for you? All these we’ve posted on — and more.
                      We post on many issues, big and small, but do remember that it was you who selected a Halloween costume post to make a big issue of. Then you used that to make a blanket generalization about Fellowship of the Minds.
                      You came on this site this morning, argued with us, put us down. I argued back, pointing out your material fallacies. DCG pointed out your shifting positions, a typical spurious debate tactic. When cornered, you start calling us names — that DCG just “doesn’t get it”; that Eowyn is “aggressive” “bitter and angry”, that we just “don’t care about helping the needy.” I asked you for specifics — exactly where, in which post and which comment, had I/we ever said we shouldn’t help the needy. Instead of answering my question, you then hurl the ultimate insult — that we pathetic denizens of FOTM just don’t “get” the Big Picture. So like a lib.
                      Thank God FOTM is not a commercial blog. We don’t have ads and our writers don’t get paid a penny. Instead, we do this EVERY DAY, not just on our day off. Good bye and good luck. You won’t be missed.

              • DCG, my last word on this: you don’t get it!! I stated quite clearly it is not about halloween……….nothing to do with halloween, I thought I made my point, you obviously don’t see it or get it, next topic and discussion maybe…..have a good night.

                • I don’t get it? You hurt my feelings 🙂

                • Dear micro,
                  Since you conceded “it is not about halloween,” does that mean you now admit you indeed did hijack DCG’s post, which is on Halloween? Are you not acquainted with the Internet etiquette of not going “off topic”?
                  So, because DCG catches you shifting topics when she out-debated you, you now deliver the ultimate insult: “You obviously don’t see it or get it” and so you take your marbles and won’t play with us any more. Boohoo.
                  Oookay! Have a good night! Until our next round!
                  P.S. I’m still waiting for the URL for your source on the Vatican declaring there are ETs (vs. the Vatican not excluding the possibility there are ETs on other planets).

    • Try to short or hold back the smart folk out of “social justice” and you get increased pathology and trouble out of them too.
      “People with intelligence must use their intelligence, people with eyes must use their eyes, people with the capacity to love have the impulse to love and the need to love in order to feel healthy. Capacities clamor to be used, and cease in their clamor only when they are used sufficiently. That is to say, capacities are needs, and therefore are intrinsic values as well. Not only is it fun to use our capacities, but it is necessary for growth. The unused skill or capacity or organ can become a disease center or else atrophy or disappear, thus diminishing the person.” –Abraham Mazlow (conveniently ignored by left/liberal “educationists” when he can’t be cited for their agenda).

  4. spiritual? not sure about that…..there are serious societal problems for sure. You kinda pointed out my argument however. you are actively involved in helping the misfortunate, the forgotten. GREAT!! but what if we had prevented them from getting into that position in the first place through education, nutrition etc… we and they would all be better off. You’ve heard “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure”

  5. listen, spirtuality certainly is a factor in all this, or is it morality…I understand your position and your beliefs but they are short sighted. Not everything can be blamed on the lack of God. I have no problem with the separation of church and state, it is in fact a necessity. When you have presidents engaging in oral sex in the oval office and then declaring it wasn’t cheating because oral sex doesn’t count….well……..if it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for the masses. This is part of what’s going wrtong, there is no strong leadership with strong morals. A lot can be blamed on pop culture, sex is everywhere, all the recent movies were about casual sex without commitment………..blame hollywood. I infer from some of your comments, you believe there is some sort of global conspiracy called the NWO. You then know that their supposed agenda is abolition of religion, population control, etc……hollywood is but a toll of the NWO to change the perceptions of the masses and influence a paradigm change. I respect your beliefs but the problem is deep and serious and encompasses many spheres of our society and beliefs not just spirituality. We both agree I think, that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed. Our goals are the same, our methodology is different is all.

  6. Do they have to keep removing all the ‘fun’ for children and replace it with the kinds of things that children have no business being privy to yet? Let kids be kids…sheesh

  7. If the PC crowd starts screwing with Halloween candy, it will be time to rebel.
    I was one of those kids that would traverse several neighborhoods, change costumes, and go through them all again. 🙂
    LOL – I would still have Halloween candy when Christmas rolled around.

  8. they have to ruin it for the kids! schmucks.

  9. God closes doors no man can close.

  10. Yeah. How the heck is “social inequality” thwarted by not allowing kids to celebrate Halloween in some manner?… no one’s making them celebrate Halloween, making them buy costumes, etc., or making them be embarrassed by lack of participation/wealth there-to anyway.


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