Bah humbug! New York town hosts toy gun exchange for a “safe alternative” toy

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Teach your kids properly at a young age.

Training kids at a young age to give up Constitutional rights under the guise of “safety.”

From Fox News: A town in New York held a buyback-style event for children in the area, asking for their toy guns in exchange for a different Christmas gift.

According to WABC, officials in the Long Island town of Hempstead invited children to exchange their imitation firearms for a “safe alternative.”

Former Tucson, Arizona, police officer Brandon Tatum called the event an “overreaction” on “Fox & Friends” and stressed that he vehemently disagrees with it. “I think that we need to teach our children about gun safety. We need to give them access to information on these topics,” he said.

Some children were reportedly given toy guns at the Dec. 13 event in order to trade them in for different toys.
Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright said that he disagrees with Tatum’s opinion “2,000 percent.”

“I’m all about trying to prevent these things from happening going forward, from senseless people dying or being injured, and I think this is one way to do that,” he said.

Lt. Derek Warner, of the Hempstead Village Police Department, told WABC that children’s lives could be put at risk if they’re given toy guns because kids could potentially mistake them for real firearms.

Tatum also said that to “demonize” the ownership of guns is counterproductive for children. “I think we need to do the right thing by teaching our children about safety with guns just like we do when children go to the swimming pool,” he said. “You teach them about safety, and that’s gonna curb the violence of curb the deaths that are associated to our children.”

Seawright argued that events similar to the one in Hempstead teach kids responsible and proper gun use at an early age.

According to WABC the Hempstead Village Mayor, Don Ryan, said this: “Saying no to guns is important – even toy guns.”

Isn’t that special? The good mayor believes his opinion is the only viable option.


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16 responses to “Bah humbug! New York town hosts toy gun exchange for a “safe alternative” toy

  1. Bet the mayor has an armed guard within a few feet of him at all times. hypocrite.

  2. Hey, Ant………….Ant-juan…………….how is that teaching kids responsible and proper gun use at an early age when you confiscate them??? Fucking fascist left.

  3. Do these people ever pause for just a split second and ask themselves if they sound as retarded as they look? Sure, we have a problem with nutcases going off their rockers and shooting up innocent people. The solution would be, not to buy up guns, but to teach these kids moral and civil responsibility. To train them up in the way they should go as Proverbs instructs. A gun buy up of any sort is not remotely a solution. These shooters are not balanced people, they do not come from stable, wholesome environments and, if anything, they are all a product of our disasterious public education system with its focus on social rather than educational values.

  4. Saying “YES” to guns is a life saver against the basket cases running around lose in this town. I’m going to protect my life in every which way I can because before I go, I’ll make sure I won’t leave alone. Bang! Bang!

  5. Proggies’ “safe alternative” is probably a sex toy or hash brownie.

  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Quite a dilemma and quandary the true U.S. citizens live in these days. We are guaranteed by our Constitution which is the absolute rule of this land, our right to be armed in defense of family, home, and nation, against crime and tyranny, yet we suffer a law enforcement purposely trained to fire on citizens at the mere sight of a firearm, or any thing resembling such, to the point they can be justified shooting down a child with a toy firearm, excusing them selves with the claim of “fearing for their life”.

    Perhaps if today’s law enforcement had been raised with the principles, morals, and simple common sense, stressed in the era of the “baby boomers”, they would see their badges as the symbol of courage it is meant to represent.

    It can not be ignored that it is all by design. But then, all so, it is fact that law enforcement has all ways been as corruptible as any other organized agency.

  7. I went to Hempstead. It was closed!

    I see the real goal of the anti-gun movement here. It is not the search for a safer society and less gun deaths. It is the Quest for the emasculation of men. And now the real monster has been unmasked, and it is the monster of PACIFISM. Yes, we hate war and violence. But prepared to defend ourselves we must be: We are morally obligated before God to defend ourselves and innocent human life, and we are so obligated to put up a fight if need be, if attacked, and this calls for real weapons, real resolve, real manhood. Pacifism, the refusal to fight, IS A SIN. Pacifism is the refusal to obey Christ’s command to “go out and buy a sword.” It is the refusal to fight in order to avoid violence—as if we were responsible for the aggressor’s violence.

    And for a police officer or elected official to call for this pacifism belies the True Intention of the State, which is this: The State itself is God and shall have the right to decide who has life and liberty, and when. I CALL B.S.: WE THE PEOPLE RUN THE SHOW HERE.

    Guns, like cars and cash, are freedom! Go out and buy one or more! Post photos of guns! Join a rifle range. Join the NRA or Gun Owners of America. Real men who love real freedom kneel before one Person, Jesus Christ. We DO NOT KNEEL before the State!
    America has its faults, but pacifism is not one of them! We need REAL MEN, not girly men!

  8. If toy guns are a problem they better ban electronic games that glorify killing. Kids get hooked on that. They have no concept of the consequences.

  9. So, my wife insisted that our sons not be given toy guns. The result? They ran around with others playing games, pointing fingers, and going “Pow! Pow!”

  10. I never let my kids play with toy guns. I did teach them firearms safety and how to shoot. My oldest daughter competes in sporting clays.

  11. These people willfully ignore the truth that banning guns doesn’t stop needless deaths or “senseless people” from being killed (did he really say that?). In England, where emasculated men live, we see a nonstop barrage of propaganda about the “scourge of edged weapons” and all sorts of knife bans are proposed by hand rubbing do-gooders. I say club these people back into their caves.

  12. Cowboys and Indians, toy guns, GI Joe, there were no Indians killed, no cowboys killed, GI Joe didn’t go to war in a foreign land, and they came home and rode their bikes, black and white boys went to school and sat side by side in class. Then came segregation, the poor, the blacks, the privileged, all because the government needed to “divide and conquer”. What a different story today, the government created a storm and a monster within, the privileged grew up and conquered, the poor, struggling, and the blacks killing each other. We remain divided.

  13. When we elect boobs to office, we can’t be surprised when they blow the budget on bras…

  14. Sounds like they are members of the Richard Cranium Society. Dickheads…
    Most liberals would never give their child a toy gun anyhow but I can see them using this as a teaching moment in the pussification of America.


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