Obama Suspends Freedom of the Press On Gulf Oil Disaster

Martial Law is the imposition of military law and the concomitant suspension of civil law and civil rights, such as freedom of the press. Well, our so-called government is now dispensing with the formalities of having Congress enact martial law. Why abide by the rule of law that the Founding Fathers so carefully put in place 234 years ago? That’s for wussies who actually believe in the Constitution’s original intent. Obama subscribes to the politically expedient notion that the Constitution is “a living, breathing document” that must change be manipulated in accordance with the times by the power-holders.  
CNN reports that the federal government has issued a new rule that would make it a felony crime for any journalist, reporter, blogger or photographer to approach any oil cleanup operation, equipment or vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Anyone caught is subject to arrest, a $40,000 fine, and prosecution for a federal felony crime.
Referring to BP’s media blackout, CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports,

“Now the government is getting in on the act. Despite what Admiral Thad Allen promised about transparency just nearly a month ago: ‘The media will have uninhibited access anywhere we’re doing operations….’
The Coast Guard today announced new rules keeping photographers, reporters and anyone else from coming within 65 feet of any response vessel or booms out on the water or on beaches. What this means is that oil-soaked birds on an island surrounded by a boom, you can’t get close enough to take that picture. Shot of oil on beaches with booms? Stay 65 feet away. Pictures of oil-soaked booms uselessly laying in the water because they haven’t been collected like they should? You can’t get close enough to see that. Believe me, that is out there. But you only know that if you get close to it, and now you can’t without permission. Violators could face a fine of $40,000 and Class D felony charges.”

The new rule, of course, is designed to restrict the media’s access to cleanup operations in order to keep images of oil-covered seabirds, dolphins, and turtles off our televisions. All the better for BP and the government to censor, shape, and controll the news from the Gulf oil disaster, and to prevent We the People from learning the truth.
So much for the “most transparent” administration, evah.
Evil is always secretive. The good have no fear of the light. I urge reporters, bloggers, photogs to band together and converge en masse onto the Gulf coast and defy this outrageous suspension of our First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of the press. If any time is right for civil disobedience, it is now.
H/t beloved Fellow May and NaturalNews.com.

UPDATE (7/5/10):

According to Yobie Benjamin of the San Francisco Chronicle, an officer from the US Coast Guard is denying this 65-ft-media-access restriction rule. 
Official response from Unified Area Command – Deepwater Horizon Response

I am serving at the Unified Command as part of the Deepwater Horizon Response effort.
A few weeks ago, we announced that boom vandalism was becoming a significant issue in our on-water effectiveness https://www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com/go/doc/2931/671091/.
The response we received from the general public was positive, with many sharing our PSA on social networks.
Unfortunately, vandalism of boom has not stopped. Action was required to ensure our operations achieve maximum effectiveness. As a result, the Coast Guard introduced a safety zone around boom to prevent vandalism and to protect the members and equipment of the response effort by limiting access to, and through, deployed protective boom. Here is the URL to the release that announced the safety zone: https://www.deepwaterhorizonresponse.com/go/doc/2931/726955/.
I want to be clear – media has NEVER been denied access.
Petty Officer Rachel Polish Unified Area Command – Deepwater


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Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

This is not all–I just read that the government now is taking total control of the spill website. Is this still America???


You say you are restricted to a distance of 65 feet ? Im not much of a photographer, but surely a zoom in a compact camera could easily handle that distance…. let alone a professional camera……are you trying to create something that simply is not there .? I am by no means making light of the disaster, i think the idiots within BP should and have to be held responsible, and of course be made to pay…. i am just against idiots and their opinions which i s’pose is why im leaving this comment.


Anderson Cooper, America’s modern Cronkite… if the current administration’s lost him, they’ve lost CNN’s audience.

Christine Jubic

Just wondering why no media org has challanged these “new rules” in any court of law?