No Conscience: Blacks kill white college student for $10

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Four blacks in Wilmington, NC, were on the prowl to hunt down some white person “in a good neighborhood,” convinced that “a good neighborhood” means “there’s money lying around.”
They found that “prosperous” white person, a college student who gave them what he had — $10 and his cell phone.
The black punks took the money, then shot the “prosperous” college student in the head.
Who will sound the alarm when evil like this goes unreported or cleaned up?
Do our black citizens benefit by covering up the truth? I think Bill Cosby would disagree.
Hollywood and the music industry continually spew out a stream of sociopathic monsters, and tell us to call them stars of popular culture. The latest is actor Jamie Foxx who proclaimed on SNL how great it was to star in Quentin Tarantino’s movie, Django, because “I get to kill all the white people in this movie! How great is that?”
And then when some black guys pick out a white kid, thinking surely he’ll have money, and murder him in cold blood, we are not supposed to draw a connection to Foxx or Tarantino?
~ Trail Dust

$10, cell phone and a bullet to head

By Colin Flaherty for WND, Dec. 20, 2012
Colin Flaherty is an award-winning reporter and author of the best-selling book, White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it. I’ve read the book and highly recommend it! ~Eowyn)
People who say racial violence is “random” either do not know what the word means, or they are not telling the truth.
The latest “random” attack – that wasn’t random – happened earlier this month in downtown Wilmington, N.C.
Four black people decided they needed some money for marijuana and travel, so they decided to look for a “white person in a good neighborhood (because) they’re bound to have money lying around,” said one of the suspected killers to the Wilmington Star News.
They tried to break into a home but ran away after they discovered someone was there. So they moved to the downtown area, where three of the group followed a woman for several blocks while the fourth trailed in their getaway car.
Such attacks are part of an epidemic of hundreds of cases of black mob violence in more than 80 cities over the last three years, as documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore it.”
The woman escaped. And almost, but not quite, dialed 911.
Joshua Proutey was next, sitting nearby in his truck eating a sandwich when this mob found the 20-year-old white college student. They demanded money. He gave them all he had, $10. They took his cell phone.
Then they shot him in the head.
One of the accused, Chris Cromartie, said he wanted money to visit his 3-year old son in New York. Police arrested Cromartie at the Wilmington Coastal Boxing gym.
Cromartie was a “member of the Portia M. Hines Park Project, part of the New Hanover County Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence, and he claimed to be the manager of the gym, a nonprofit club for at-risk youth,” said the Star News.
Another suspect, 17-year old Daniel Henry, admitted to a local TV station that he was part of the crime. But he did not pull the trigger, so he did not deserve a life sentence, he said, dabbing away tears behind the protective glass. “I’m not the tough guy I look like,” he said. “I get stereotyped so much. I don’t want sympathy. I just want justice.”
The local police chief said the attack was random and could have happened to anybody.
That misstates the nature of the attackers and the victims.
See the Big List of black mob violence.
“As a black person it’s always racial,”” said actor Jamie Foxx in a recent interview with the London Daily Mail. “Every single thing in my life is built around race.”
If race had no role in this crime, the chances of four black people randomly gathering and randomly selecting a white person are estimated at 1.7 out of 10,000.
Umar Lee, a St. Louis writer, activist and boxing coach, says police often ignore the racial element of a crime, because it makes their city look bad. But the criminals pay close attention: They seek the defenseless.
“Most of the people who get beat up are vegans, gays, artists, non-violent types,”Lee said. “Many are kids from the suburbs or recent immigrants. People who are not prepared to defend themselves. There are white neighborhoods – blue collar, middle class neighborhoods – where these folks will not go because they know that people there are willing to defend themselves.”
And then there are places like downtown Wilmington.


Here’s a picture of the victim, 19-year-old college student Joshua Proutey:
Josh Proutey
When black Trayvon Martin was killed by half-white George Zimmerman, before details of the killing even became known, Barack Hussein Obama fanned the flames of accusations of racism against Zimmerman by saying “If I had a son, he’d look just like Trayvon.”
Since Obama is half-white, will he say “If I had a son, he’d look just like Joshua Proutey”?
I don’t think so! Why is that?
Oh silly me. It’s only “RAAAACISM” when whites (or half-whites like Zimmerman, or one-quarter whites, or….) kill blacks. But it’s not racism when a gang of blacks specifically targets whites “in a good neighborhood,” robs a white person of $10 and then shoots him in the head FOR NO REASON.
Obama, Jamie Foxx, and all you black racists, you have the blood of Joshua Proutey on your hands.

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0 responses to “No Conscience: Blacks kill white college student for $10

  1. “But it’s not racism when a gang of blacks specifically targets whites ‘in a good neighborhood,’ robs a white person of $10 and then shoots him in the head FOR NO REASON.”
    Yup, this is what left/libtards mean by “social justice”… hoodlums, too.

  2. What a tragic and senseless death this was. I will pray for Joshua’s family.

  3. put this everywhere…this is the racism supported by the media….


  5. When I was growing up, the trouble makers in my world were all Irish thugs. I am Irish on both sides, but do not condone thug behavior. When I read recently about Whitey Bulger’s Irish mob, I wanted to change my name to Smith or Finkelstein, anything NOT Irish.
    I hope the people of African descent among us see this crime, and want to distinguish themselves from it. It does no good to hide the truth about this kind of offense.

    • When are they going to be insulted by how left/liberals think of them and encourage them to be? You know, “liberal racism” I’ve heard it’s called.

    • TD, gotta tell you I’m sick of the “African- American” thing.
      First off I had trouble even finding stat’s on it on google which is really surprising, or is it? But a History show said at best 1 out of 5 blacks can claim African ancestry. So how about they are Americans who happen to be black.
      Would be a start with race relation repairs. Oh right, they don’t care.
      Me neither I guess. Since I’m a racist what ever I do.

      • Honest answers just don’t count to people who are dishonest. We have a new senator in Taxachusetts who has had a free ride in the Ivy League pretending native American heritage.

  6. I am sick and disgusted with this sorry state of affairs in our country. We are not much further behind Europe as far as mindless cultural suicide goes. Honesty is dead to so many elements of our society. The media is a major, major part of the problem, All news and events are filtered thru their lens or not reported at all. What happens after the school shooting in Conn? The same thing after every mass shooting, namely the gun haters get extremely vocal with their untried, unworkable suggestions. Ultimately, they want to ban all guns, they just move one increment at a time. Now how on earth do they think banning guns from the law abiding is going to also remove guns from the criminal element? They’re idiots who do not wish to consider better, more workable solutions such as better mental health care and intervention. Another idiotic idea from the gun-hating left is those “gun free zones.” What the hell? thats an open invitation for mayhem!

  7. justice one of the perps said he didn’t deserve a life sentence but wanted justice okay so be it give him the death penalty that would be justice hang him by the neck until he is unconscious then take him down and eviscerate him and cut off his legs and stick his head on a pike. this is what henry the viii used to do to treasonous subjects of his realm

  8. Yeah, some “uniter” the Kenyan comrade Dear Destroyer has turned out to be.
    And just where is the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the lily-white liberal media over all those black teens being quite literally slaughtered in Chicago?
    I think we all know the answer.

  9. I knew someday black people would leave their own neighborhoods to prey on white people. Riots will be moving to the suburbs so they can steal more. It’s why my gun will not be taken away. It’s my only line of defense.

  10. I have this problem as well, ( I live in Philadelphia) w\ people picking on my kids . Dealing w\ the adults I just go w\ the mantra act like animals, treated like animals. My kids learned firearm saftey, (all over the age of 11) and they study Krav Maga ..

  11. greg who lives in philadelphia 100 percent of the vote in the recent election went to the clown from the democratic party why in the sane world would you knowingly vote for the most incompetent, bungling, moron ever to sit in the white house?

    • Unfortunately, Igor, we will never know for certain if 100% of the voters “actually” voted for him or not!

    • I didn’t vote for him . or anyone for prez. I vote local and only local. It was a shame that Obama got so much of the vote( or so they say). sorry it was un-readable.
      To paraphrase:
      ; I arm myself
      Taught my kids ,wife to shoot and gun respect
      My family practice self defense.
      just moved here(ohio) for a job , the suburbs are way more consistent to my beliefs. And will be moving soon.
      It really is a ticking time bomb…

      • Hi greg,
        Thank you for clarifying your statement. This kind of subject makes emotions run hot, so it always helps when we listen harder. Now I can “hear” what you are saying.
        Philadelphia has a bad reputation after its blatant voter intimidation in the last 2 presidential elections, and the many (often covered up) acts of racial violence. I wish you success in getting your family to the suburbs and safety. I didn’t ask your race because it doesn’t matter. These are NOT issues of race, but are all about basic morality and character.
        Wishing you a joyful Christmas,

      • Yeah, Greg “…so they say…” How do “WE, the People…” know for sure the what the “REAL” vote is/was??? “WE DON”T!”
        One thing is for sure…we “KNOW” this past Presidential election is a “COMPLETE SHAM!” How else can you have more votes “counted” than there are “REGISTERED VOTERS???”

  12. Thank you, Trail Dust and Dr. Eowyn, for this remarkable post and for setting forth the truth about the terrible and rampant violent crimes of racism in our country committed by Black people which are completely ignored in the media. This deliberate act of ignoring such crimes only motivates more racial crimes. Joshua looks like such a nice young man. I will pray for him and his family, friends and loved ones.

  13. looked like such a nice young man. past tense. some ass whipes decided to end his life over $10 and a cell phone and the media has peeped nary a sound

  14. latino warrior

    i read this and i feel outraged! and im not white. but im latino. that poor kid. must have been so afraid when those monkeys walked up to him. i feel so sad after i seen his picture he looked like a good kid. such a great loss. they need to be put to death !!!!! all of them!!!!! why would they do that!!!!!

  15. NAAWP MEMBERS are required to WRITE U.S. about HATE CRIMES! ASAP!
    Here is a GOOD LOOK at what’s DESTROYIN G U.S. from within our own BORDERS!
    Failure to WRITE U.S about RACIAL HATE CRIMES in your area can result in the TERMINATION of your MEMBERSHIP!
    NAAWP: “YOUNG BLACK THUGS” Kill White Couple in Portland and No U.S. Media Coverage!
    Shot her in the head, grabbed the keys, and led police on a high speed chase on their way back to K.C.
    From Eric Dondero:
    You would think this would be all over Good Morning America, would be a headliner at the New York Times, Chicago Trib,, WaPo, and the Philly Inquirer, blasted hourly over at CNN, a top headliner at Headline News. And you’d be wrong. You see, the optics just don’t quite fit the template. Two young black thugs staying the weekend at a nice home in the suburbs, brutally murder a white elderly lady, steal her expensive Lexus, and lead Oregon State Troopers on a high speed chase.
    The UKDailyMail has the full story (though even the DM sanitizes the coverage refusing to identify the suspects as black, and the victim as white), “Pictured posing with guns the night before he ‘killed his great-grandmother’: Teenager ‘beat 71-year-old to death’ after she took him in to help him escape life in a troubled home”:
    A 17-year-old boy sent to live with his great-grandmother is accused of killing her Friday with help from his cousin.
    Joda Cain was sent to live with Jacqueline Bell in an effort to escape problems he’d been having at home, instead he killed her with help from his cousin Micus Ward, 19, and stole her Lexus, officials charged.
    The two murder suspects took cops on a high speed chase at speeds as high as 135MPH before they were apprehended. Cops pulling them over were initially unaware of the murder, only finding out after calling in the stolen car.
    Typical liberal white lady, bending over backwards to help troubled black youth
    And for all her generosity, Ms. Bell, notably from the heavily Democrat-controlled ultra-liberal State of Oregon, got a bullet through her skull.
    Ms Bell spoiled the troubled teen, his mother told the station. Her generosity knew no limits, she even bought Mr Ward a plane ticket to come visit.
    However, a series of pictures posted to Micus Ward’s Facebook page the night he arrived showed a completely different Jona Cain than the one described by his mother.
    Clouds of smoke, alcohol, and a chilling picture of him pointing a gun with a wad of money in his mouth appear on the social media site.
    Editor’s note – Who’s more at fault here? These two young punks, or the liberal media with all their insane political correctness, covering up the rash of recent black on white murders and rapes around the country? That pretty little reporter-ette with the bangs, sexy legs, and bubbly voice, and that multi-cultural demo-tested anchor on the nightly news, have just as much blood on their hands.
    mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/economist/civil rights activist/504-231-3056

    • Mark, I’m not Jewish. But when guys like you come along, spilling out your hate for Jews, I convert for the day, and throw on my yamaka.
      Like every other group out there, we have some good people and some bad people. I have friends who are Jewish and friends who are black, and we all see examples of bad people from those 2 groups. What’s the surprise? I’m Irish, but I want nothing to do with the Kennedy family, much less the Boston Irish like Whitey Bulger.

    • Mark, although I agree with you about the severity of the racially motivated attacks by blacks on members of other races, I do not agree with your method. We avoid the F word and the N word here because they are inflammatory. Once you start this kind of talk you leave behind the ability to persuade. This is why your most recent comment was blocked.

  16. Another Zionist conspiracy nutter I see.
    Kiss my half-Kike ass! (Ahem….That would be my right butt cheek, thank you.)

  17. PS: The F-word and the N-word are things we avoid on this blog.

  18. The new hate crime — speaking the truth.

  19. SPLC–HATEWATCH- LIST FOR 03-27-2014 – still no MENTION of BLACK on WHITE CRIME!
    … just like it NEVER HAPPEN – How PHONY is that?
    NAAWP reports BLACK on WHITE HATE-CRIMES in MARCH 27, of 2014:
    We don’t want the TRUTH about RACISM in AMERICA to get MIXED UP with the SPLC’s BULL$HYT!
    Here are the top five posts for the week of March 27, 2014
    1. Hate-Filled Rant Leaves Longtime Catholic ‘Traditionalist’ Isolated
    2. Chicago Man Charged in Hate Murder of Black Father
    3. Long-Running Conspiracist Fears Still Fuel Anti-Wolf Sentiments in Mountain States
    4. ‘Patriot’ Leader Among Apparent Victims of Washington Mudslide
    5. Racist FLDS Sect Hit With Multimillion Award in Arizona
    Hatewatch tracks hate and extremism for the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    Visit us on the web, Facebook and Twitter or send us your tips and feedback at

    ARM yourselves my WHITE BROTHERS and SISTERS!
    Soon PRESIDENT OBAMA and U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER will be releasing thousands of CRACKHEADS & CRACKHORES and things are going to get much WORST in 2014!
    … but don’t tell ANYBODY, just let this be our DIRTY little SECRET!
    “AMERICA is at WAR in 2014 whether we LIKE it or NOT, to PRETEND to otherwise is a LILY WHITE LIBERAL LIE!” (TRAINAISM)

  21. Random act of violence? They targeted whites its a hate crime. The victim was not in wrong place at wrong time, he just was racially targeted by animals. Stay armed and kill these types when they attempt to make you the next victim.


  23. Watch: Fox Reporter CORRECTLY Suggests Color Helps Identify Bad Guys!
    BLACK MEN RAPED over 37,000 white women IN 2014
    BLACK THUGS committed over 90% of the VIOLENT CRIMES committed in NORTH AMERICA in 2014!
    naawp, al., et. all rights unreserved – 2015

  24. Joshua Proutey committed suicide.

    Police hunt YOUNG BLACK GUNMAN after WHITE COLLEGE STUDENT killed in apparent road rage shooting!
    Authorities in north Texas are asking the public for help investigating the murder of a WHITE University of North Texas student who was shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident early Friday.
    Please call the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER and ask their RACE-HATE-CRIME EXPERTS whether or not this VIOLENT INCIDENT would qualify as a BLACK on WHITE HATE CRIME?
    Follow U.S. on FACEBOOK: NAAWP


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