No Chocolate Milk for You!

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 LAUSD to remove chocolate, strawberry milk from schools, superintendent says

I’m in my 40s and I drink chocolate milk (2%).  I grew up drinking whole milk and despised it.  Now my dairy comes from the choice I make.  Yet again, a government agency determines they know what is best for you and how to be a good parent.
Los Angeles schools will remove high-sugar chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk from their lunch and breakfast menus after food activists campaigned for the change, L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy announced this week.
Deasy revealed his intent, which will require approval by the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education, during an appearance with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on Jimmy Kimmel Live  Tuesday night.
The policy change is part of a carefully negotiated happy ending between the Los Angeles Unified School District and Oliver. The chef’s confrontations with the school system became a main theme in the current season of the TV reality show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”
Food activist Matthew Sharp called the impending ban, which would take effect in the next school year, “an important teaching tool for students to wean off the sweet tooth” that again puts L.A. Unified among national leaders in nutrition.
Healthier offerings could cost more, however, and prove less popular, jeopardizing federal funding if student consumption drops. That same concern holds with eliminating flavored milk, although the menu change itself will have no added cost. Sharp said he anticipated a slight, temporary drop in milk consumption. But, he added, “it’s a little tough to know how the real audience of students will react.”
An important teaching tool? I suggest the school district focus on reading, writing, and math.  How’s that for teaching?

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0 responses to “No Chocolate Milk for You!

  1. It’s the Educrats dutifully marching to the orders of Moochele our queen, who knows better than all of us what to eat and what not to eat.
    When was the last time anyone has seen her working in that precious White House vegetable garden of hers? 2012 is just round the corner. Time for another photo op!

  2. This is messed up. I love my dairy if milk was alcohol I would need AA. I still drink whole milk (I’ll go through a gallon in about a day) and I love my chocolate milk. Now these clowns have gone too far, it’s like prohibition dairy style. Next thing you know you will see little Timmy getting his chocolate fix from little Joey who is selling it in the back of a 76 Buick.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    Here’s the link for the cafeteria menu for an elementary school in the LAUSD. In both English and Spanish!
    It looks pretty high carb to me. If they kids are too hyper, there’s always Ritalin to calm them down.

  4. I love strawberry and chocolate milk! Clearly, there are people who have way too much time on their hands and not enough common sense to fill a thimble. Instead of worrying so much about the food they’re eating, they should be worrying about the fact that they are cutting PE and recess from the school day. (Adding to DCG’s 3Rs)

    • lowtechgrannie

      You’re right about the exercise component, Judy. I saw something on TV about high schoolers struggling with particular classes; mostly reading and math, exercised on treadmills for 20 minutes before class and were better able to concentrate and greatly improved their skill and comprehension of difficult subject material.

  5. hmmmm,more communism. Defund Dept.of Education-States take it back. wish the sheeple would wake up,quit taking marching orders,and think for themselves. Is this possible in L.A.?

  6. Candance Moore

    Let me predict what is going to happen:
    Most of the kids who rely on chocolate/strawberry milk do so because they hate the taste of white milk. Offering them white milk only will not persuade them to get used to it. They’ll turn to juice or water, and then they won’t get any calcium at all.


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