No cell phones in church!

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Every church should have this public service announcement. LOL

H/t our beloved Wendy

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  1. The people at this church are dressed SO casually. I mean, I’ve been to several churches where people wore dark jeans which isn’t dressy but at least is fairly decent, but these people are wearing sports jerseys and such which is SO sloppy in my opinion.

  2. “a little respect please”

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    This is a good one…

  4. LOL — hey you know what happened to the guy in that pew?? Just a joke there, of course. But, when the fires of Revelation 18 happen on American soil — hoo yah!! The 666 beast followers are going to spontaneously combust — kinda like that!! Praise Jesus. 🙂 (Well, they will have “signed on” to the will of the beast to enslave and commit the genocide of all saints. Like Pharoah and his army being drowned in the sea — but the sea in Revelation 12 and 18 — will be fire.) Ah! I so look forward to the day. Coming soon. Part of our transfiguration on the soil of this Christian nation. Like the Psalm says, the wicked will soon be destroyed. Fret not because of them.

  5. Dennis H. Bennett

    Among other things, I serve as Elder in our congregation, which regularly involves reading the lessons and helping serve communion in Sunday worship. I wholeheartedly consent to “No cell phones in church” as it is disruptive and completely unnecessary. One Sunday, as I sat with a fellow Elder, a cell phone started “ringing'” in the middle of the sermon, just when the Pastor was really “getting into it”! (As we sit behind him in the Choir pews, you can always tell he’s “getting into it” by how fast his feet are moving). And it wasn’t any kind of ringtone, it was a rooster-call ring tone! And, as I fumbled to get into my right pants pocket to turn the d#@ thing off, the Pastor stopped his sermon, turned around and wondered what all the fuss was.about. With ALL eyes on me, I finally reached through that narrow slit in the robe and silenced my phone. There was no keeping a straight face during the rest of the sermon. Later, the President of our congregation told me i looked like Barney trying to fish that one bullet out of his shirt pocket when trying to silence my phone. We still laugh about that today.


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