No big smile for you!

FOTM has been chronicling the increasing encroachments on our freedom, big and small, by legislation like NDAA and Obamacare, as well as the petty tyranny by local and state governments, such as:

Now add smiling for your driver’s license photo to the ever-growing list of petty tyrannies by little nazis.

David Madden and Robin Rieger report for CBS Philly, Sept. 20, 2012, that if you’re getting a driver’s license in New Jersey, you are now forbidden from smiling too much.

This is because of the facial recognition software used in most states these days. If you smile or frown too broadly, the software might raise a red flag, suggesting you’re not who you claim to be.

In New Jersey, staffers at the Motor Vehicle Commission are trained to take a picture that works within the system, according to spokeswoman Elyse Coffey. “If you’d like to smile, that’s great. What we’re asking people is to not smile as if they just won the $5 million dollars in the lottery smile.”

Coffey says the facial recognition software checks to make sure you are you: “The distance between someone’s mouth and their chin. The distance between their mouth and their nose. The distance between their eyes. And when you make a bizarre or obscure facial expression, it prohibits the computer from conducting the measurements it needs to do.”

The good news is if you don’t like your picture, you can have it re-taken. Also, New Jersey has started allowing some drivers to skip having their pictures taken as long as the photo on file meets security requirements — provided, of course, you don’t have a big smile.


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You can screw up the recognition pattern by just raising or lowering your jaw without opening your mouth or smiling. Computers are far from being the ultimate tool as some seem to think.


OMG! I have a lemon tree!

Let me get this straight. My right to own a weapon is protected by the Constitution, but my right to own my lemon tree or a goldfish is not.


Oh my God, we also have two lemon trees that are thriving in big pots! What are we to do? Dear God, I’ve heard everything with this one! No smiling! This is actually worse than the Nazis! Thanks Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post! I will now be afraid because I have lemon trees and because I smile a lot! Oh, I should also be afraid because I have salt shakers!


Yes, Joandarc, be afraid, be very afraid!

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

In Washington state, you can kill and eat a bullfrog; but, you cannot own one as a pet. There is a $5,000 fine.


Big government sucks…