NJ Threatens to take away son after pencil-twirling incident

Truth Revolt: The government is threatening to put 13-year-old Ethan Chaplin up for adoption. Chaplin was forced to undergo a battery of physical and psychological tests after a bully yelled out “he’s making gun motions, send him to juvie” because Chaplin was twirling a pencil.

Although the school backed off and allowed Ethan back into school, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families disagreed.

The thelibertarianrepublic.com reports, “Ethan’s father, Michael Chaplin, got on the Department’s bad side when he initially refused to take his son to be physically and psychologically tested. Michael relented after the Department sent the family an ominous letter labeling Michael’s noncompliance ‘an incident of abuse or neglect.'”

After the tests concluded with a clean bill of health for Ethan, the DCF sent another letter threatening that if Ethan were not taken in for more tests, his parents would forfeit their parental rights and the state would put Ethan up for adoption.

“All I can do is keep fighting, keep telling the truth and (keep) presenting the evidence. That is all I can do and hopefully the state does the right thing,” Michael said.

From my9nj:

“13 year-old Ethan Chaplin of Vernon was suspended from school and ordered to undergo psychological testing for twirling his pencil in what some thought looked like a gun motion. His father initially balked at the idea if subjecting his son to a psych exam, but conceded when threats were made to take his child away.

Well first they stripped him, they put him in a bed, took everything away from him including his phone, about an hour later they took urine and then 45 minutes later they took blood in which he passed out and they released him,” Chaplin said.

within 48 hours DCPP had filed a motion in court of care and supervision of Ethan and my other child. Outlining steps or process by which I have to follow or then they will seize Ethan and place him up for adoption.

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0 responses to “NJ Threatens to take away son after pencil-twirling incident

  1. That is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard of. What they did to that child, in my mind, was a form of psychological, and physical torture. Now that this family is in the cross-hairs–they might be better off to move out of their present state (not always an easy fete.) My prayers are with these parents.

  2. traildustfotm

    Wow! The tyranny of the local governments is reaching crazy levels.

  3. This is insanity. The boy’s father, Michael Chaplin, should sue the school. That is the only way to stop these leftwing bullies.

  4. How about the child who made the claim? Anything happen to him? Sounds more like he has the issues to me.

    • No, that’s “free speech” for leftists…

    • With our “see something say something” mind control propaganda, doesn’t it make more sense that the kid who reported this boy for “twirling his pencil like a gun” is already a good little Hitler Youth. Hes figured out how to use this control-through-fear tactic in order to get this boy in trouble. Was there an earlier spat about some supposed slight? Did he just decide he didn’t like this boy and found the perfect way to “show” him? This dichotomy of “reporting” is successfully making all of us very frightened, on edge and isolated. They’ve done everything to kill the family. They are now successfully destroying any “community”.

    • This article says that the school “appeared to be doing a bullying investigation”.


      So, Ethan and his family got publicly shamed and had their rights violated, and the bully gets the privilege of having a private anti-bullying investigation done on him, and not having his name released to the media.

      Welcome to the new America.

  5. Dr. Eowyn is right, but find a lawyer who specializes in such cases and has a winning record. That may be a good specialty if child “protective” services attorneys are difficult to find. Most parents in such cases would not be able to pay reasonable fees, so a non-profit support organization should be established. I doubt that United Way would help. What does Chris Christie have to say about this case and others like it?

  6. Parents of New Jersey and elsewhere, these statists/Marxists/Fascists/Communists want your children to become “wards of the state”. That was what Hitler promoted, Germany’s raising children to be obedient, “useful” Aryans for National Socialism.

  7. In this day and age, the way the world is, the fact that parents aren’t able to discipline their children, that schools IMHO subvert the parent child relationship, The fact that education teaches not “The American Dream” but more to the point, an American Nightmare, I say, home school!

  8. Also, it’s not because there’s anything wrong with the kid, it’s because the father had angry words with the DCF/DCPP people for forcing him to do this… in other words, they’re getting back at him for his impertence and trying to make him a good obedient peon.

  9. Story: In class 5 yr/ago, I had to approach bigger 13-yr-old male fr behind—I’m 5’1″–(BTW, he’d a “504”–so, he pretty much HAD to kill kids b/f sys. could expell him fr public school) as he “aimed” a CA-ILLEGAL look-a-like” gun; I had to grab “gun” out of his hand. Heart in mouth, I thought my life/ lives of students depended upon me getting the “gun.” Then, called for help fr office (STILL couldn’t tell it wasn’t real gun…weight, size, coloring …”toy” made in MEXICO) & sent “gun”/kid/w/admin : they “called home.” Period.

    NEXT day, kid was back, LITERALLY laughing in my FACE, a “hero” b/c zip happened to him…NOT EVEN A LUNCH DETENTION. No one fr admin or the district explained to my kids that it had been a “look-alike” & that it was illegal, too, just the same as had it been a “real” weapon…NOT a word was said by ANYONE to my class that experienced this w/me. I almost had PTSD: for wks, I thought he’d REALLY bring a gun/shoot me/his classmates just b/c he KNEW he could..NO consequences fr previous “fake” gun. I didn’t know if I could DO the “rescue” again…& for sure…he was “on to me” now. Who would suspect the second time? And, parents, this will make your hair curl: I later found out fr my other students, who were finally “relieved” that I’d “caught him,” he’d been carrying it in his waist-band (like a “gangster?) for up to 3 wks, showing it off at lunch & breaks…leading everyone to believe it was REAL.& NOT ONE KID confided in an adult!!!!

    (Middle-sch parents: Post-9/11, It’s a different world! PLEASE teach kids their lives do NOT depend upon peer group “acceptance”, esp if someone brings a weapon to school! Conversely—their LIVES MIGHT depend upon NOT following “peer group” & WILL depend upon “ratting” on the kid w/a weapon of ANY kind. It could keep them ALIVE..Believe me, I’ve even had kids bring weapons fashioned fr those sharp, shish-kebob skewers! If I have to teach them THIS…it’s TOO LATE for ALL OF US. If YOU don’t…..all you can hope for is I can somehow “catch” this during a day in which I have to simultaneously wrangle behavior/teach required subject matter to 240 kids.) Hit or miss! This includes MY OWN life! Are these good odds for you? Teachers NEED HELP fr home w/this! You MUST teach basics of self- responsibility & citizenship! No HOPE and CHANGE w/o this!(snark! Get my drift? Like–b/c you elected the Black Progressive Guy…doesn’t mean you give up all responsibility for your fate or that you are FREE to disregard the outcome for your neighbors if you neglect reporting……).

    Does anyone want my job?

    Moral of the story? First, “next time” anything REMOTELY similar happens, I WILL NOT call my admin. front office. I’LL CALL 911 & let them—AND my embarassed admin– sort it out. 🙂 Secondly: How can a kid twirling a pencil (& his parents) suffer what they did over this incident…while else-where in the country (i.e., MY teacher experience in CA) we’re STILL “open game” to apparent threats fr REAL guns or “look-alike” guns…even IF they turn out to be “bogus” later–& NO ONE turns a hair on their heads over it? It’s a PURE/CLEAR “set up” for a future disaster/massacre.

    You see….b/c of what I experienced…I believe one day a REAL gun will end up on my campus. God help us here. But….it is b/c of this schzophrenic handling of the campus violence issues on a NATION-WIDE level that we are all at risk. Isn’t there some way that, perhaps at the yearly governor’s convention, we can come to a nation-wide policy on how to handle commonly-encountered threats in schools????? If they do all this national-level testing crap ….why can’t we—WITHOUT Federal laws/FEDERAL fundings…. FEDERAL interventions…..agree to keeping our kids/teachers alive when they go to school everyday? Is that too much to ask?? My MOTTO is (esp when kids “challenge me” abt stupid infractions, like throwing a pencil or crayon across the room at a “friend”) ..”Johnny’s parents expect him to come home every day from school the same way they SENT him..un-bruised, un-beaten, alive, w/both eyes/ears healthy–working & emotionally sound! AND, that’s what I expect of YOU, also.”

    • CalGirl,

      The only way to stop another psychopathic student from intimidating and bullying you is for you to, however subtly, convey to your school’s administrators that they need to fear *you*, that is, your safety is at stake and if anything happens to you, the school will have a massive lawsuit on their hands.

  10. Scary!

  11. Sounds like they are intentionally pushing this father to the breaking point over nonsense. Who is going to get the blame if or when he snaps?

  12. Fat boy christie at it again.


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