NJ Gov Christie Takes On Teachers' Union

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Newly elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie takes on the teachers’ union: “You punch them, I punch you back!” Watch for it, beginning at the 3:20 mark.

Governors Jan Brewer and Chris Christie for President/VP, 2012!
H/t beloved Fellow FS!

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0 responses to “NJ Gov Christie Takes On Teachers' Union

  1. Well, I will say this–he has his work cut out and he has a fight ahead that will be difficult to win. The entire federal government will be giving the union money to get rid of Christie.
    I for one would like to see all the unions go away. They have pretty much destroyed companies like GM, Chrysler, and many others.
    Abolishing unions would be a tremendous asset to this country. Getting rid of just the teacher’s unions would give control back to the elected officials and the school boards.
    It will be interesting watching this battle.

  2. If you ever wondered why there’s a rash of beautiful female teachers having sex with junior high school male students lately when, back in the day, we all had “coach” and “grandma” teaching in those grades… teachers unions. No one’ll tell the scorching hot babe who wants to teach hormone-addled young boys “no” because it’ll be union-backed lawsuit sh*tstorm if they do.

  3. In high school I had a nun that was good looking—ha ha—

  4. Ron , please explain why you want ALL unions to go away.As a former commercial diver working through the SO Cal Pile Driver’s union married to a former Retail Clerk’s union member, I don’t understand the contempt.
    When I started my own business, I resisted the union because we were a two man operation, both owners; my business got better AFTER signing an agreement.It opened many doors.
    Is the firefighters union bad also?
    The UAW took quite a bashing several years ago about being overpaid and underworked, but its the Toyotas that have “sticky gas pedals” that have killed a bunch of people.
    A working man being against unions is like a chicken praising Col. Sanders.

  5. erinyes,
    My first run in with a Union was when some Teamsters successfully turned my father’s truck over while I was in it–age three, and then threatened his family with death if he didn’t join them. My father was a strong man and he fought them. Eventually, they gave up.
    My second run in with unions was when, again the Teamster’s Union, came to my place of business and proceeded to destroy the building and threatened my customers along with me and my family. However, I handled the situation. I’m sure some of them still remember the altercation.
    My last run in with a union was when I helped organize the AWPPW. The union that served the paper makers in our mill at that time did not take kindly to those of us who decided to get rid of them. Again, there were threats and a modicum of violence. I’m sure the organizers of that violence will not soon forget the outcome.
    Then I look at Jimmy Hoffa, and I look at what the unions have done to GM and Chrysler–they used to be great companies but because of threats and constant strikes the companies finally went broke.
    Then there was the Oregon Journal newspaper in Portland, Oregon. Once again the union demanded more than the employer could pay so they took the people out on strike, and they threatened the scabs with death and destruction if they crossed the picket lines. Eventually, the company went broke and the people had no jobs and the union bosses went on with all the money leaving the people without jobs and bankrupt. Then there was Eastern Airlines–The union took them out on strike and they no longer exist and the people, hundreds of them filed bankruptcy but the union bosses went on the other companies with the remainder of the union dues.
    Today, we have union bosses taking people to the private homes of businessmen and threatening them for being rich or being bankers. This used to be America where a person could walk down the street without fear of assault, without fear for his life because of his beliefs, but now I have to carry a gun for my protection and the protection of my friends and family.
    No, erinyes I do not like unions and I know there is nothing I can do about them, but that does not mean I have to support them.
    There was a time in the history of this country when they actually worked for the people but I do not believe they are in the business to help people anymore. I do not believe the teachers\’s union is in business for the people. They are a money machine and they use much of the union dues to lobby Congress. By the way I would like to do away with paid lobbyists and political favors too, but I realize that will not happen in my lifetime. However, I believe I can make a small difference if I continue my rabble rousing.

  6. Ron, it seems your opinion is well founded.
    Do you mind if I ask where you lived when the Teamsters gave your family so much grief?
    The Longshoremen and Pile Drivers in Los Angeles Harbor were quite militant in the 40’s thru the 60’s, but back then work related deaths and disabilities were common.
    As I stated in my comment, the union I belonged to was very good to both the workers and employers, but the work was highly specialized and dangerous; our union organization cut work place fatalaties dramatically.
    I appreciate your response.

  7. I cannot disagree with you that unions have done a great deal of good for the workers of America. I just believe they have outlived their usefulness. My first experience with the Teamsters was in Ohio. My second run in with them was in Oregon. There I owned a few businesses, one was a service station.
    I remained in Oregon for a number of years, finally completed my education after attending different Colleges and Universities. When I was older and ready to retire I moved to this part of the country hoping to live happily ever after, you know the American Dream.
    I quickly discovered the american dream is a little like a butterfly. If you do not have a big net–you will chase it for quite some time and chances are you will not catch it.


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