NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s rousing speech at 2012 RNC

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New Jersey’s bold bulldog of a governor, Chris Christie, delivered the keynote speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay, FL, last night.

The MSM snipers and carpers are trying to make a brouhaha out of Christie mentioning Mitt Romney 17 minutes into the speech. So what?

Here are Christie’s key points, from my memory watching it last night and paraphrased in my words:

  • Always seek and tell the truth.
  • It’s better to be respected, than to be loved.
  • Politicians pander to the people for selfish reasons (votes) and because they want to be “loved.”
  • Real leaders don’t pander and tell the American people what we want to hear. Real leaders tell the truth about our nation’s real problems. Mitt Romney is this leader who will speak truth to us on Thursday.
  • Americans are a people who take charge of our lives and our future. We are not victims, nor are we solely selfish.
  • Our generation is now called to tackle huge problems, from which we will not shirk, because we do not want our children and grandchildren to live in an America in decline.
  • If we meet this challenge, the American Century will not be consigned to the past century. The 21st century will also be an American Century.

Click here for the full transcript of Christie’s speech.



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0 responses to “NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s rousing speech at 2012 RNC

  1. I think Governor Christie knocked it out of the ball park!

  2. Hope I don’t get a thumbs down, but he seemed like he was the one running for office. Kept saying stuff like “If you’re with me, I’m with you”. But otherwise, a very good and rousing speech.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for recapping Governor Christie’s electrifying speech! It was truly wonderful in every way. I also enjoyed Ann Romney’s speech. She was great!

  4. Thanks Dr. Eowyn for this post. Last night was fantastic. The one I enjoyed the most was Artur Davis, a most unexpected ally.

  5. Gov. Christie pretty much tore the comrade Dear Ruler several new ones, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    The lefties are going batty today, and that is a good thing.


  6. BTW, troll, I’ll give you three guesses as where you can stick that ceaseless thumbs-down of yours.



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