NJ cop says police don't have to follow the Constitution

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NJ cop Richard Recine
Fish rots from the head down.
And the United States of America is rotting from President Ebola down.
Example: A police officer actually told a citizen that the police don’t have to follow the United States Constitution.
Special Police Officer Richard Recine, of Helmetta, New Jersey, said:

“Obama has decimated the freakin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn. If he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

Here’s an account by Sergio Bichao for USA Today, Aug. 6, 2014:

New Jersey police officer was caught on camera telling a resident that police don’t have to follow the Constitution because President Obama doesn’t, either.

Special Police Officer Richard Recine, of the Borough of Helmetta Police Department, is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation after the video was posted online and was seen by Police Director Robert Manney, who called the comments an “embarrassment.”

In the video, taken Monday at the borough municipal building, resident Steve Wronko gets into a verbal confrontation with Recine, who was called to the building because Wronko was seen taking pictures inside.

After Wronko insists he has a constitutional right to record in a public place, Recine responds.

“Obama has decimated the friggin’ constitution, so I don’t give a damn,” said Recine, who is a retired Franklin, N.J., police officer. “Because if he doesn’t follow the Constitution we don’t have to.”

Wronko then turns to the person recording the camera to make sure that was recorded. Recine repeats himself.

“Our president has decimated the constitution, then we don’t have to.”

On Wednesday, Manney said Recine’s words were “uncalled for and unprofessional.”

Manney, who appears in the video but only after Recine had made his comments, said the investigation should be “completed very swiftly” because “the evidence is right there.”

Brandon Stewart of The Conservative Post has provided more background on the incident.
Steve Wronko confronted Officer Recine about the corruption going on in the town of Helmetta, specifically Mayor Nancy Martin’s nepotism.
Martin had appointed her son to head of the Animal Shelter, Animal Cruelty Investigator, Borough Laborer, Water Meter Reader, and Certified Recycling Co-ordinator.
Here’s contact info for the Helmetta City Government:

Robert A Manney, Helmetta Police Director
Phone: 732-521-4946
Email: r.manney@helmettaboro.com

Nancy Martin, Mayor
Phone: 732-521-2012
Email: helmettamayor@aol.com

H/t FOTM’s Sig94

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0 responses to “NJ cop says police don't have to follow the Constitution

  1. A perfect example of the Obamamama leading by example! Unfortunately, it’s the worst possible kind….

  2. I don’t care what Obama says or does w/r/t my job. You take an oath before God and man to protect and defend the Constitution; only then do you pin the badge to your chest and strap on the gun. That’s it. No one else is responsible for your oath other than you.
    If you don’t want to honor your oath, get the hell out and sell magazines.

    • Laws, we don’t need no laws… shut up and get out, citizen!

    • I’ll ditto that! If we have a pivot point in our moral compass, regardless of religion or polirtcs, it’s GOT to be the Constitution & Bill of Rights.
      I’m 71, and when I attended Louisa May Alcott PS in Chicago, we MEMORISED the Declaration AND the Bill of Rights BEFORE 8th grade. WtH do kids do now?

      • What do kids do now? Play with condoms and learn about famous transgender people… founding documents are “racist” and too hard for high school graduates today.

      • Play with their phones.

        • You’re too, too true! I have to ask my 19 yr old friends to help me w/all the gadgets. My oldest daughter [44] can do it, ’cause she’s a civil engineer, but I’m more literary, so have a harder time getting it.

  3. The PROPER response to Obama’s unconstitutional behavior is to hold OBAMA’S feet to the fire, NOT to follow Obama’s example! Pull this joker’s badge and send him out the door without his severance pkg.

  4. Well isn’t that just great,bumbling Barry is spreading his stupidly to all areas of our lives. It’s extremely dangerous for those in authority to hold these views. No doubt he’s a brainwashed union member but he needs to be reminded that he works for us not the POS.

  5. Fat public-union Democrat goon… fire him.

  6. Anti-American cop has resigned.
    Claims “…I don’t want all officers painted with the same brush.”
    Good riddance, comrade.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. I am amazed and stunned. Shame on this police officer!

  8. Officer Richard Recine sucks bilge water!


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