Nightmare of 2016

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2016 nightmare
H/t Miss May

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0 responses to “Nightmare of 2016

  1. Hollywood can make a film if that were to happen . It could be titled ” A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.”
    Costa Rica would be looking real good right about then .

  2. it’s a joke right ?
    please tell me it is !

  3. The political ticket would be quite the sorry spectacle; the nation’s self-appointed Fat Czar and the Benghazi butcher.

  4. Goog grief, or hell no. Clinton is a cold and calculating totalitarian and MO lost her law license for fraud and when she finally got a job, she sat at her desk reading the paper, while at the hospital she implemented patient dumping.

  5. Talk about things you can’t un-see!!

  6. Dear Eowyn,
    If that happens, I’ll be sure that the world has been destroyed without me noticing it and we are in hell!!!

  7. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a smart, calculating woman! She is not stupid! Michelle doesn’t reach past Hillary’s heels on the level of knowledge and experience!

  8. You couldn’t make this stuff up. I know that Hitlary Killton is a self serving psychopath and MO is a malignant narcissist – obviously a dream ticket.

  9. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  10. My worst nightmare….

  11. That’s not even funny

  12. Just what we need a beorch on PMS steroids and racial angst, and a menopausal marxist. Would Moochelle even be satisfied with second banana?


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