Nightmare in Seattle: Musician beat up by homeless person with baseball bat, left unable to speak

I read about a musician being beaten up by someone with a baseball bat last week in downtown Seattle by a homeless encampment. I wondered if the perp might have been a homeless person. I was right.

Ever since Seattle declared a homeless crisis three years ago, the situation has only gotten worse. And the local politicians had better start doing SOMETHING or more people are going to be hurt and more businesses are going to be destroyed.

From The 15-year-long owner of South Lake Union’s El Corazon, the nightclub that a musician was leaving last week when he nearly lost his life to a random baseball bat attack by a homeless person, says that the city has allowed the neighborhood to turn into a living nightmare for businesses.

“There are a lot of good, taxpaying small business owners who are trying to do good things, and face a lot of challenges to begin with, but our city in a lot of ways is failing us, and not really providing us the support that we need,” he told KIRO Radio’s Dory Monson.

When Sims first began working at the nightclub 17 years ago, he said it “used to be quiet and sort of a destination venue.” In the past five years, however, he said that homeless service organizations in the neighborhood have acted as a magnet for crime and encampments, changing the entire character and safety level of the surrounding streets.

“I’m not saying that, the people who are providing these services, that their heart isn’t in the right place,” Sims said. “But they sometimes don’t understand how much they are enabling these people to continue the lifestyle … They’re really doing something bad for the entire community by just maintaining the whole problem.”

Sims sees emergency lights at the camp for overdoses and internal fights on a daily basis. The encampments, he said, tend to attract “drug-addicted young kids” who choose a life of crime and violence like the baseball bat attack that left El Corazon performer Ryan Georg having to learn how to speak again plague the neighborhood.

“They’re not people who have fallen on hard times,” Sims said of the campers. “They seem to be more like punk rock kids who seem on a mission to be free from the rules of society and just want to do their drugs and cause problems and not be held accountable, in my experience.”

He and other business owners have tried to make their voices heard to the city government, but he said that the harder they pushed, the “more resistance” they found.

I constantly seem to be unheard, hitting a wall, or given a bunch of excuses … Everyone seems to give you lip service that they’re going to address the problem, and then when they realize how big the problem is, within a short period of time, they pass it along to someone else,” he said.

This indifferent attitude makes Sims feel like “a hamster in a wheel.”

“You feel like you’ve heard this all before and you can flowchart how it’s all going to happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, the encampment residents “understand the laws of the city” and are “pretty savvy,” Sims said. After getting notices that they needed to move, the campers simply went across the street and re-started the encampment all over again on state Department of Transportation property, where the city had no jurisdiction.

He wants to see local politicians take responsibility to fix the homelessness crisis so that innocent citizens like Georg and his bandmates will not have to live in fear on a walk to their cars (don’t hold your breath that will happen any time soon).

We should get people in leadership in the city that actually want to address the problem, instead of taking our money, saying they’re going to address the problem, while the problem gets worse,” he said.

And that folks, is why we say “elections have consequences.”

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Dr. Eowyn
2 years ago

To paraphrase French philosopher Count Joseph-Marie de Maistre (1763-1821): “Every city has the government it deserves.”

2 years ago

Wow! This is totally consistent with Europe’s experience as well. The cops can’t even keep up. It has to be part of the plan. The society is disintegrating. These politicians are proud as Punch because they’re doing their owner’s bidding. Did I mention that they don’t work for us? They will continue to lord it over us, providing nothing, as long as we’ll allow it. The cops only exist now to keep the parasites safe. I had one of these animals try to stop my car in traffic the other day. I reached into my console for my gun. It… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  DCG

Yeah, things can drive a person crazy if they let them. I still maintain that its all according to plan. If they were truly this bad at managing naturally they’d be in the homeless camp instead of in charge of it. Defending oneself is not the same as going looking for trouble. I have compassion for those who are down on their luck. I don’t have much for those who are violent. In my little town I see the same ones every day. They make no effort to change anything. All of the local churches chip in to feed them… Read more »

2 years ago

These people trying to restore sanity to the liberal/Democrats who have taken over the asylum, should run themselves as Democrats and grab political power and fight them from positions of power within the government. I had read a long time ago that this is what the (judeo)-Muslims are doing in Canada. Grabbing local political offices as the native Canadians do not run for office & are not obsessed with power. This naivety will lead to their destruction, and ours as well. Though those who have been awakened for along time will remember the Clinton Administration taking down numerous opposition organizations,… Read more »