Nightmare at the Urinal

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Spew Alert!



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0 responses to “Nightmare at the Urinal

  1. Must be Portland, Oregon…..

  2. Disgusting!

  3. WARNING! SPEW ALERT! Darn, I hate when that happens first thing in the morning… wiping hot coffee of the screen. Good thing my wife didn’t see this, she’d ask about the black pumps! Just kidding…. sort of.

  4. What a shock! I need another cup of coffee!

  5. The last time I played ‘Show-n-Tell’, was 1954, as darkness settled upon the back porch, in St. George, Utah. The interlude was interrupted by a call to dinner. I was five, and was just doing what is natural, for little boys. As I recall, her name was Hillary. Lord have we made a lot of ‘progress’ since those good ole days!

  6. OMG! If I were unfortunate enough to be stuck in the stall next to that, i’d piss myself! Thats just plain scary. Could this be in one of those stupid ultra-liberal jurisdictions that mandate unisex public facilities, or is she one of those women “trapped in a man’s body?”
    Either way, equally scary, equally disgusting.


  8. That one calls for something a little stronger than mere coffee.
    I’d say a single malt scotch.
    -And make it a triple.


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