Night video of illegals climbing over US-Mexico border wall, kicking aside concertina wire

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Rodney S. Scott is Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol – San Diego Sector.

On November 15, 2018, Scott posted to Istagram a video taken the night before, of an illegal kicking aside the coils of concertina wire that our military had placed along the border to discourage and prevent the “caravan” invaders from crossing into the United States.

See “Operation Faithful Patriot: more than 5,200 U.S. troops deployed to secure US-Mexico border will be armed

Scott wrote:

Footage from our thermal cameras last night of the two individuals who climbed the border wall and destroyed concertina wire installed earlier in the day. You can see them kick the spool of wire as they attempt to break it off the wall.

Here’s the video:

So much for concertina wire as a deterrent.

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34 responses to “Night video of illegals climbing over US-Mexico border wall, kicking aside concertina wire

  1. Am I missing something in all this? Why would President Trump respond to unambiguous Dem and msm subversion of American sovereignty, except with official press releases explaining his actions defending the border from invasion? Declaring this an invasion, an immanent threat, and a very real national emergency, why would he even bother responding to the ninth circuit’s unconstitutional attempts to undermine the sovereignty of the United States of America? Considering a Republican Congress can immediately override the ninth circuit and place any border security emergency legislation beyond the reach of judicial review by any court, it would appear the talk of who’s paying for the hordes of invaders—whether it’s Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, the State Dept et al—is yet more cucked eyewash concealing the more obvious fact that this is setting up the President for a loss in 2020 by the hand-wringing Republicans’ Vichy leadership itself.

    Or how about more Republican banana oil, that Ryan and those who made him speaker are for open borders because, you see, they secretly represent the US Chamber of Commerce and want cheap labor to increase corporate profits? Anyone who believes this deserves representation by those whores since obviously Hispanics are not being recruited to fill corporate jobs at any level while they take jobs only from those Americans most in need of work. The Ryan Republicans—what’s that, like 90% of them—are for open borders for the same reason the Dems are, as the real facts make clear. Even Lenin wouldn’t go for such controlled opposition since it’s just too obvious the flyover rubes are being played like fools.

  2. Razor wire might be a better deterrent until the Wall is completed.

    • I hate to say this,but they obviously aren’y being deterred with passive security methods. They’re making it painfully apparent that it’ll take much more lasting effort-I suggest about 50 snipers with night scopes. Once they have to carry their friends’ and families’ corpses,maybe they’ll consider that getting in via LEGAL Immigration really IS the way to go-if indeed they still WANT to come.

  3. Razor wire backed up by M-16 rifles will do the trick. You will not have to shoot many before they get the message. Sacrificing a few of these illegal alien thugs to send a message is no big deal.

  4. The wire, as is the fence itself, is only an effective deterrent if patrolled by armed personnel. Sorry if reality seems too harsh.

  5. That is not how one seeks asylum. The media can spin it all they want but the truth is in your eyes. Invasion. Do whatever it takes to keep ’em out.

  6. “So much for concertina wire as a deterrent.” I didn’t see him making it over the wall, nor did I see his kicking at the wire have any effect.

    • I’m going by what Rodney S. Scott, Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol, wrote: the two illegals “climbed the border wall and destroyed concertina wire”.

      • Yes, I think there are at least two things going on here. Here is his interview with the Communist Clinton Network:

        It seems like the ones who made it through were on another part of the fence that had been patched by the military with scrap metal. I’ve been down there, you wouldn’t believe how bad the fence is.

        They were all apprehended. He destroyed the propagandists. They are filthy rats masquerading as a news network. Anyway, the video was probably one of them thinking he could kick the wire free so they could land there. It doesn’t look like he did.

        As to the wire, there is “concertina” wire (which this appears to be) and there is “razor wire” like they use in prisons. Razor wire has actual little blades on it.

        It goes without saying that they are attempting to downplay the size of the group and portray them all as harmless “asylum seekers” and push the idea that borders should be eliminated.

  7. What wasI missing? … All I saw was one guy kicking at the lower tier of concertina wire, probably slicing up his shoes. I didn’t see anyone making it over the top.

  8. I read several articles on this today. Basically, the Mexicans arrest 108 people for storming the wall and other disruptive behavior. They are to be deported. The Mexicans say that these groups are highly organized and that they force the women and children to the front, then start throwing rocks and bottles.

    They are still reporting that many of the children are not the children of the women they are with. There are reports that rubber bullets were fired against “The New Demonrat Base” who jumped the wall at Imperial Beach. They were captured and return to Mexico (perfect).

    If you ask me, he is handling this perfectly now. He should stop answering their inflammatory questions. He should have a spokesman for DoD simply say that this is a military matter and we’ll brief you when we get around to it.

    • Lophatt, Dr. E and FOTM, pls read, if you have not already. “American Suicide” by Former Colorado Democratic Governor Richard D. Lamm in a stunning speech (2005) on how to destroy America. ( )

  9. To begin with that wire should have not been used, barb wire penetrates and when pulling out from it opens wounds, that is the real deterrent, not the Mickey Mouse concertina. Invading caravans and rubber bullets mix well too. Look I’m not looking for blood, I want to protect my country.

    • ” I’m not looking for blood, I want to protect my country.”
      I get that-the thing is,they’re NOT LEARNING from the present methods. Anyone with an ounce of brains or common sense would realize that continuing in the face of the current methods will only cause escalation,which will inevitably bring death to a lot of the invaders,and more than a few may be relatives,dead,and for WHAT?
      WHY won’t they just do it the legal way? Can’t be the expense-their families pay thousands of dollars to the crooks who lead them into-???? Many don’t have a clue what they’re about to face. I doubt it’s laziness,doing it the way they do,illegally,looks like a pretty monumental effort,full of risk,when they could just learn what they have to learn and do it the RIGHT way. It COULD be a time issue I suppose,but isn’t that like speeding on the highway to get somewhere quicker? You MIGHT save yourself an hour of travel time,or you MIGHT get caught and spend much more than an hour trying to keep from being locked up,or you MIGHT get in an accident going faster than you’re safe driving and spend a few months in a hospital bed. Who knows-You’ve got to ask yourself,”Do I feel lucky?” Well-DO YA,PUNK? (Sorry for the side trip….)

  10. Just to show that Soros is in constant control of “our media”, here’s the latest docu-drama from Tijuana/San Ysidro.

    So now we know what they do with their time when they’re not stealing elections.

  11. I love Trump’s response. It is PRECISELY CORRECT. Today they were threatening to make 5,000 + full frontal assaults using the vehicle lanes.

    I love this. This is exactly right. It is Mexico’s problem. They need to take it up with Soros and friends.

  12. Was there more than a mere “caravan” which was being destined for delivery across the US border?

    “Busted: 484 Kilos of Methamphetamine in Sugar Sacks”

    “Mexico City: The Federal Police detained a subject in Sonora who transported half a ton of methamphetamine in 12 bags of sugar in a tractor truck from Guadalajara, Jalisco, and bound for Tijuana, Baja California.”

    • Yes, drugs are “Numero Uno” for the Meso-American economy. My mother used to live in San Diego. When I was little we used to go to Mexico all the time. It may be hard for some to visualize but, before Bill Clinton and NAFTA, a person could stand on the pedestrian bridge between Mexico and San Ysidro and watch dozens of people move back and forth between Mexico and the US all day and night, every day.

      The Tijuana River is encased in concrete. It is more like a storm drain. A couple dozen people would start massing at one end of the strip while another would create a disturbance at the other. La Migra would go racing down there in their Suburbans while the others ran across. It happened ALL THE TIME.

      Many work on one side and live on the other. What used to happen was that the cost of living was so low in Tijuana that the Mexicans would work in the US all day and run home at night.

      The fact that many do not want to go back is due to Mexico, not the US.

  13. “Fr. Solalinde blames Without Borders NGO for migrant mess, “It was done to provoke Trump” [A Mexican Catholic “human rights” activist]

    Solalinde accuses NGO of deceiving migrants; He says that he was deceived along with the Central American and Mexican migrants, the caravan brought polleros and armed persons to the city. Here the negative actor is the organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, says Fr. Solalinde.

    There is no greater champion for Central American migrants; Alejandro Solalinde Guerra is a Mexican Catholic priest and human rights activist. He is the coordinator of the South Pacific Human Mobility Ministry of the Mexican Bishopric and director of “Hermanos en el Camino”, a shelter that provides Central American migrants with humanitarian aid and education.

    The priest and activist Alejandro Solalinde Guerra accused the civil organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Town Without Borders) for bringing the Central American migrant caravan to Tijuana to provoke the anti-immigrant policies of US President Donald Trump.

    “They ( Pueblo Sin Fronteras) are going to cause problems, as they are causing it internationally between the United States and Mexico, when in reality there was no need.

    “But also something very cagey: they played Donald Trump, they do it, and the proof is the impact, how they arrived; it was irrational, taking them to where there is no solution, where right now you cannot fix papers, ” he told the journalism portal SinEmbargo.” [Continues]

    • There is a “Plan”. They will use whoever they decide to use to advance their plan. The Church sees its responsibilities to the children of God, wherever they are. If we lived in a non-political, non-exploitive world then I guess we wouldn’t need borders.

      The truth is that societies are only manageable at a certain size. If the motives are pure they are managed to maximize human potential and respect. We are not living in a safe, loving environment. I wish we were, but we’re not.

      Many times priests lose touch with everyday realities. I personally believe that we are engaged in a struggle with pure evil. We cannot protect and preserve what’s good about our culture if we lose total control of it.

      So, whether they are willing, knowledgeable participants or dupes, the end result is the same. It has taken many years for them to get people to the point where they hate their countries and their cultures. They have done that to move them to precisely this point in time. Now is the time where they “step in” with “The Solution”.

  14. This is what I mean about “bringing Mexico North”. Somebody has bribed the Border Patrol to let them through. This is in Arizona across the Colorado River.

    • What did they bribe the agent with? Do they have that much dinero?

      • Soros does.

        • Good point.

          • I can see “Puebla Sin Frontieras” arranging a little fund in Arizona. Call it the “Sonora Exchange Program”. Hey, that’s quite a little packet of Dem voters there. Besides, each probably votes three, four times per election, especially the little ones.

      • I suppose you could make a case for the agent “voluntarily” risking his job and opening the gate. I can’t imagine that, but who knows. I have NO TROUBLE imagining a bribe.

        This didn’t happen “by accident”. There are many, many miles where there is effectively no fence at all. Of course there is something of a logistical problem there. There are effective fence designs. The Saudis have one that costs about a quarter of the one we’re contemplating and probably works better.

        It is utterly dizzying to me that they are discussing this in the manner they are. How can ANYBODY be in favor of simply letting anyone come in and be taken care of? The concept is traitorous.

        We know that this did not happen spontaneously. It is every bit as much of an invasion as the Mongol Hordes were. The so-called “left” has crossed the line into enemy status. It’s time to arrest some people over this.

        For now, Trump is handling it perfectly. As long as they remain in Mexico, who cares? I’d shut the border. They’re the ones who stand to lose, not us.

  15. “This weekend alone, Border Patrol Agents made close to 1,900 arrests throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

    “The smugglers don’t care for the individuals they’re crossing, all they care about is the money. They see these as a commodity, not as people,” said Border Patrol Agent Marcelino Medina.

    On Friday, November 30, agents from the Weslaco Station found a group of 73 undocumented immigrants near Hidalgo.

    One of those arrested was confirmed to be an MS-13 Gang Member, according to RGV Sector Chief Manuel Padilla, Jr.

    On Saturday, December 1, Border Patrol Agents stopped 27 human smuggling attempts and intercepted 2,500 pounds of marijuana, according to Padilla.

    On Monday morning, another large group of 51 immigrants were found near Granjeno.

    “The majority of these individuals are from Central American countries, like El Salvador and Honduras, Guatemala.”

    And the illegal activity is turning deadly.

    “Just this weekend, Border Patrol Agents discovered two skeletal remains and then recovered one body in the Rio Grande,” said Medina. “Plus, this (Monday) morning, Border Patrol Agents found the body of a deceased person in a canal in Mission. The cost of them coming to the United States should never be their life.”

    Agents throughout the RGV have arrested over 41,000 undocumented immigrants since October 1, 2018, according to Padilla.


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