Nice gig if you can get it…

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Legislators will make more money than 85 percent of California workers

Sacramento Bee: Legislators will make at least twice as much as most California workers following the roughly $5,000 pay bump approved by the California Citizens Compensation Commission Wednesday, census figures show.

The median pay for full-time California workers was roughly $47,000 in 2011. Legislators will soon make $95,291 a year.

After getting their raises, California legislators will make more money than about 85 percent of full-time, year-round workers in California. They’ll make more than about two-thirds of the state’s full-time workers holding a bachelor’s degree. (Those figures include only salary, not per diem stipends.)

View the chart that compares legislative salaries to other common occupations in California here.

California has a budget problem to the tune of $13 BILLION. But I’m sure the Compensation Committee took that into consideration when approving the legislators’ pay raises. Public service in California sure pays well.


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  1. Could this also be a pictorial biography of the current speaker of the House ?

  2. “Legislators will soon make $95,291 a year.”

    And that’s before you count the bribes.

  3. i believe new hamphire has the right idea or once did where their senators and congressmen are paid one dollar….. live free or die


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