NHS nightmare: Cancer patient who filled cups with blood & not diagnosed for 10 months dies

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Ain’t socialized health care grand?

From Daily Mirror: A newly-wed who allegedly wasn’t diagnosed with bowel cancer for 10 months despite “filling cups with blood” when she went to the toilet, has died.

Gemma Epstein, who married two days before dying on December 20, was told by doctors to “take each day as it comes”.

She was fighting for her life and had to pay around £2,000 a month for drugs she could not get on the NHS. Her family had also set up a fundraising page to try and raise the cash for last-ditch treatment in Germany that they hoped could help her.

However, Gemma died just before Christmas as the cancer was so aggressive that no treatment could help her.
Gemma had started paying for Avastin in the hope it would shrink her tumours, as she had been told by the NHS she could not have the drug because they no longer use it.

The 37-year-old believed that had family doctors acted sooner she might have been not been facing such a bleak future.

On December 12, Gemma was told the cancer was too aggressive for Avastin to work on its own without chemotherapy.
Eight days later, her sister, Becky Epstein uploaded an emotional post to Facebook confirming her death. She said: “Gemma passed away this morning at 8am with her husband by her side. An unbelievably beautiful, courageous and inspirational lady who touched so many people throughout her life. We are so very proud of how bravely and fiercely she fought her illness, right until the very end, she is now at peace. RIP my beautiful big sister ”

Tributes poured in online from those who knew Gemma.

Speaking today, sister Becky, 34, said: “The doctor told her no more Avastin, no more chemo. Take each day as it comes. She broke down. She deteriorated every day and we didn’t know how long she had left. The day before she died, she said ‘I don’t think I will be here tomorrow’.”

Becky said that despite her sister appearing to know her fate, it was still a shock when she died. “Nothing can prepare you for that. It was such a shock. It is such a shame. We didn’t even have enough time to get used to her new name.”

Gemma had married her partner Ben Greenwood at Pendleside Hospice in Burnley, Lancashire two days before her death.
Gemma, from Middleton, Greater Manchester, first went to her doctor in the spring of 2015.

The 37-year-old had visited a number of GPs and walk-in centres over a ten month period before her diagnosis but could not get answers. It was not until April 2016, after repeated visits to GP practices in NHS Greater Manchester and NHS England North, that Gemma was finally referred to a consultant.

Speaking earlier this month Becky described what Gemma was going through. She said: “She was going to the GP in pain and she was filling cups full of blood. They kept telling her nothing was wrong and they couldn’t find anything. If the cancer was caught sooner it would have been operated on sooner.”

Gemma’s funeral will take place in Haslingden, Lancashire, where she lived, on Monday January 7.

NHS England has been approached for comment.


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6 responses to “NHS nightmare: Cancer patient who filled cups with blood & not diagnosed for 10 months dies

  1. Letting patients die is cost-effective– NHS has employee salaries to pay, you know!

  2. This is what America’s in for eventually, when universal health care gets forced upon us. Obamacare was designed to fail, so that the freeloading socialists & illegal aliens will demand that gubmint take care of every condition they have, and universal health care for all will be “the answer”.

    And we’ll have more & more incompetent doctors in tandem. That part’s started long ago. Eight years ago, I dislocated my knee and ruptured my patella tendon. I was eventually diagnosed by the ER doctor, WHOM I NEVER SAW, as having a severe knee sprain.

  3. The leftist wingnuts like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders do not understand that if single-payer health insurance is approved, that this is what is coming to America.

    Make No Mistake: This utilitarian Benthamite institutionalized homicide is what the Ruling Elites—the Rothschilds and their lackeys—have in store for us. I have coigned and used the term “extinction protocols” here in my responses at FOTM. We are dealing with Satanists who have their own cosmology and ideology and the money and the means to enforce this on the rest of the world; They have been and are busy gnawing away at the legal and social barriers that prevent them from doing so.

    We are dealing with people who want everyone but themselves EXTINCT. Their evil is all but at our front doors right now. Bad health care is but one of their planks of their agenda; We’ve all read about false flag events, fluoride in the water, chemtrails, bad vaccines, etc., etc. But even more than these things, we’re dealing with truly “useful idiots” who really believe, in their pantheism, they are doing good! Useful idiots who actually think that less people, wielding less pollution, is a good thing. And they have NO IDEA they are dealing with moral monsters who would turn them into a bar of soap or a lampshade!

    It is clear to me that we are living in an anti-Christ world. The Book of John calls Christ “the Word of God,” THE LOGOS. Creation DID NOT begin in chaos and disorder; It began out of intelligent and deliberate design and order with a purpose. People are either with the Logos, the Order of the Universe, or they are against it. Everything follows from this.

    Therefor it is no wonder that these eugenic extinctors think that allowing nature to “take its course” and allow people who can be helped to die—and then using their corpses to heat the hospitals—is a good thing. We are up against pure evil, and they are getting away with it because, with this particular extinction protocol, they have created a moral miasma, a moral melodrama that deflects public attention away from them and would have Gemma Epstein’s family focus on the fiction that we’re all mere victims of circumstance (like Curly of the Three Stooges!) and that nothing can be done.

    I had a talk with someone years ago, and we discussed the idea of Nietzsche’s responsibility for the Holocaust, given his idea of the Uber-Mensch, the Superman. Certainly this can be discussed. We also hit upon Karl Marx’s responsibility for the genocides Communism has enforced upon more than one third of the globe. Again, this idea can be discussed. Since then I have come to realize that individuals such as Galton, Darwin and Bentham have their share of guilt, also. But the kicker to our discussion I had was something I did not even know, and that was this: My friend Peter told me his opinion that Immanuel Kant shared a great deal of guilt for the mountains of corpses that the 20th Century delivered because, ideologically, he laid the ideological foundations that made it possible.

    Pete’s explanation made sense to me at the time. Whenever evil proceeds, it needs a rationale. But it also needs a mis-en-scene. Just as in the theater, the settings have to be changed. Now we are at that point in the play where the rationale is long past, and our rulers would have us believe that they are just as helpless as we are! This is Barack Obama! This is George Bush! This is the Clintons! This is feminism! This is ecoscience! This is Ocasio-Cortez! This is Beto! This is Bernie Sanders! This is the media! This is Hollywood!

    THIS is the Circus of Evil we are up against.
    They are coming for us.

  4. Aaaah!, the warmth, comfort, and safety of socialized death medicine.
    But this is why Canadian snow birds, European snow birds and yes, the wealthy Arabs come to the U.S. for medical treatment. They use to go to England but that’s not realistic any more.

    Half this country doesn’t get it.

  5. There’s more to it than just the NHS and socialized medicine. The 100 lb diversity in the room is the standard of medicine generally in a time when all sorts of third-world-ness seems able to obtain access to Med-Schools on the basis of their diverse-ness. The plummeting quality of care reflects this as they don’t understand us, they don’t listen to us because they be a Doctor ‘n sheeit, and they fundamentally do not know their craft…..but the moneys great and Mama and Papa in the home country are sooo proud.

  6. Government Health Care in action: coming to a venue/clinic near you.

    Be aware….Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, by virtue of their elected postions….will, after having satisfied the one term status in the US Congress of the USA (Sanders is long past that, Ocasio-Cortez is “in” no matter what by virtue of her recent election)…will ALWAYS and FOREVER have lifetime healthcare as a part of their “perk” package for having won an election to even ONE term. They will never ever ever have to depend upon socialized medicine, the likes of which they intend to foist upon the “piddling” populace that they profess to “serve.” This is the DIRTIEST “secret” in Washington, D.C., in that the clowns pushing socialized medicine down our throats will NEVER EVER have to use it themselves. They are “special” and will have a private “Cadillac” health care policy for themselves and their families forever.


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