NH the Live Free Or Die State is killing the 1st Amendment

James O’Keefe is under attack by corrupt government officials in New Hampshire

The consensus about how and why NH no longer stands as a bastion of constitutional conservatism is that too many Massachusetts liberals have crossed the border for tax breaks. No wonder people in Maine and New Hampshire refer to people from Massachusetts as “Massholes.”

Thank you James O’Keefe.

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Dr. Eowyn

Like NH being corrupted by former residents of Massachusetts, the corruption of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and even Texas is attributed to Californians who moved to those states. Why is it that the influence always works that way — blue statists corrupt red states — but not vice versa? How come the good people who move to blue states don’t/can’t change those states for the better?


Connecticut got invaded and taken over by limousine liberal Bolsheviks from NYC, who do not want to live with the “diversity” (which destroys NATION-ality) they preach and implement in NYC.
“The Liberal urge to save humanity, is a false front to control it”


This has already been “done”. We keep discussing it as if no one has ever seen an example of Communism in action. Hard as it may be for some to believe, that’s what we’re dealing with here. Yes it is “infectious”. But “places” are just that….places. The people in them can have a collective personality. Left alone it tends to stay the same. When infiltrated by those with an ideology that makes them arrogant enough to push their “views” on others there is certain to be trouble. When I first moved here people with California plates were often heckled. It… Read more »


Conservatives need to stop being “nice” to leftist, liberal, socialist commie facist assholes. Confront them. Get up in THEIR grill. Scare them. Give them the same treatment they give us. In spades. Call it aversion therapy. Let them know that their behavior will not be tolerated. I know it’s not nice, but if we don’t do something they will keep pushing till they get what they want. Whatever that is.

Steven Broiles

It looks to me like we’ve passed the point of “the long walk through the institutions,” Folks. WE’RE IN “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” NOW!!!

(I can hear Slim Pickens woo-hooing it now!)