NFL rejects veteran's group #PleaseStand Super Bowl ad

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please stand nfl ad
As if I needed another reason to despise the NFL.
From Fox News (by Todd Starnes): The National Football League has rejected a Super Bowl advertisement from American Veterans urging people to stand for the national anthem.
The nation’s largest veterans service organization had been invited by the NFL to place an ad in the Super Bowl LII program. AMVET’s advertisement included a two-word message – “#PleaseStand.”
“It’s a simple, polite request that represents the sentiment of our membership, particularly those whose missing or paralyzed limbs preclude standing,” wrote National Commander Marion Polk in a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
American Veterans accused the NFL of outright censorship by rejecting the advertisement.
NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy defended the league’s decision to ban the American Veterans’ advertisement noting that the game day program “is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game, players, teams and the Super Bowl.”
“It’s never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement,” McCarthy told Army Times.
So, the NFL believes that politely asking people to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner is akin to making a political statement?
The NFL has been rocked by national anthem protests throughout the season — leading to a massive decline in television viewership and game day attendance. Still, the NFL and most team owners refused to order players to stand for the national anthem.
Instead, the commissioner and many owners shamefully turned a blind eye as football players took a knee and disrespected not only the flag, but the brave men and women defending our freedom.
Perhaps the Goodell was concerned that a “political statement” in the game day program might take away from the “political statements” being made on the football field when players take a knee.
“Freedom of speech works both ways. We respect the rights of those who choose to protest, as these rights are precisely what our members have fought – and in many cases died – for,” Polk wrote. “But imposing corporate censorship to deny that same right to those veterans who have secured it for us all is reprehensible and totally beyond the pale.”
McCarthy told Army Times they gave American Veterans the option of changing their proposed advertisement to read, “Please Stand for our Veterans.” But the NFL said they never heard back from the group.
It’s becoming increasingly clear that the NFL’s disdain for American patriotism is not just isolated to the gridiron. It’s apparently infested the front office.
“Veterans are good for more than just military aircraft flyovers, photo opportunities during halftime, or props to sell camouflage-style NFL apparel; although, the NFL’s stance on not allowing the veterans’ unfiltered voice to be heard says otherwise,” Polk wrote to Goodell.
I wholeheartedly concur and might I suggest that freedom-loving Americans stand up to the National Football League by turning off the Super Bowl.

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0 responses to “NFL rejects veteran's group #PleaseStand Super Bowl ad

  1. “might I suggest that freedom-loving Americans stand up to the National Football League by turning off the Super Bowl.”

  2. This makes it clear, once and for all, the NFL is anti-American. Any American who considers him/herself a patriot, but who’s still buying tickets or watching NFL games on TV, shame on you!

    • Yeah, that’s what they’ve been doing. They’ve been trying to force people to “take sides”, do or die. It’s the old “Chinese menu”. One from Column A or one from Column B, no substitutions.

  3. We have no plans to continue to support an organization that cannot support our veterans. The very people that keep this country free so they are able to do what they do.
    I have to question the intelligence of an organization that signs a contract to pay Goodell an insane amount of money while NFL revenues are falling faster than a whores underwear.
    I found no place that listed Goodell even serving in the military. Perhaps he isn’t such a bad a.. afterall. Maybe a deflection from his own lack of patriotism.

    • Glenn47 . . . .It truly is unimaginable that patriotic people in this country would stand by the NFL, or no matter how badly they want to watch football. Supporting these cretins by watching their social justice warrior garbage.
      It’s rather funny to contemplate both players and owners writing letters to be shared regarding their personal feelings regarding changing our culture of “social injustice.” I didn’t know that the majority of these players could write well enough to have their writings published . . .
      Let them do their social justice warrior stuff on their own time, not ours!

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Standing for the “National Anthem” is only political to traitors, the unpatriotic, and enemies of the Nation.

  5. They STILL don’t get it!!! Well-WE can out-stubborn THEM any day.

    • truck . . . . I do believe that you are right!!! They really think that those who like football, and watch their games . . will fold. I think they are in for a good surprise!

  6. The NFL is dead, taking a knee was the last nail in the coffin.

    • I wonder if they’ve figured out that we are already surrounded with politicized EVERYTHING, including the “oh-so-balanced” “news”. Who wants to tune in to more ranting and hand-wringing?

      • lophatt . . . . God Bless you for stating the obvious! (Except that I did not think of it first.) You are right, we are inundated on every hand by . . .”oh so-balanced” “News.” Fake news permeates air all around us . . . we are sick to death of “ranting and hand-wringing.” We don’t choose to be lectured from a bunch of football players!

    • Alma . . . . Somehow, I don’t think they are cognizant of the real anger that is out among average American’s regarding this blatant disregard for those things that you and I, and other American’s hold dear to our hearts. They just don’t get it. I think they are severely misjudging the American people.

  7. Football season ended when Georgia payed Alabama for the national championship.

  8. Super Bowel ads are expensive; can this Veterans group afford the price? The money they want to use to pay for the ad is better used in a Vet’s program…..

  9. Ya know how people say before someone is going to perform . . . “break a leg!” Well, my sentiments to them, all the players who take a knew is . . . “break a leg.” Only I mean that literally.

  10. NFL v. ANTIFA….someone please explain the difference to me. I see none.

  11. I long for the days when I wanted to watch a movie, that is all I saw. When I wanted to listen to a song, that was all I heard. When I wanted to go to play, I only saw actors doing their jobs.
    Now, everyone has an agenda that has nothing to do with their “art”. They want to preach and inject their “brilliance” onto us to prove just how smart they are, for we are too stupid to think for ourselves.
    They feel the need to inject politics into every aspect of our lives. I guess they ever paid any attention to the adage of never mixing religion or politics into any conversation. Oh, for the good ole days.
    When was the last time you saw a liberal laugh?

  12. This is the same NFL that has allowed two years of disgraceful kneeling, did nothing to correct players’ false “hands up, don’t shoot” displays, and refused to let the Dallas Cowboys wear helmet stickers paying tribute to the five Dallas police officers who were ambushed and murdered in 2016 — a month before the kneeling protests began.
    Once again the NFL has fumbled the PR ball, all over fears of offending the Left. Never mind the fact that the league’s viewership ratings dropped 10% this season alone. If this attitude from NFL leadership continues, the league can expect to continue to see ratings get sacked for a loss. Nobody likes a double standard. […]
    Source –

  13. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    And the NFL just can’t seem to put it all together that they are not making it better but standing firm on a path to continuing losses in stature and revenue.

  14. So typical!
    A conservative commentator in Australia suggested a “marital fidelity” football game.
    Of course it was rejected.
    But a rainbow game was widely promoted.
    Now a muslim game is on the table.
    I don’t watch or support football games now and obviously I’m not the only one.

  15. But actually the question is, who is pulling the strings?
    I don’t believe this came from the players. They just went along with it because they’re dumb.

  16. NFL bows to player protests, will dole out millions to Soros-linked social-justice groups


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