NFL player blasts military: ‘It doesn’t take much skill to kill someone’

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KHOU: An NFL free agent caught heat on social media after posting a Tweet that could be interpreted as slighting the military.

The incident started after someone named Morgan Reed – under the Twitter handle @Morganism – tweeted “Hard to believe that a player in a helmet defendin’ a football makes more money than a soldier in a helmet defendin’ his country.”

Offensive tacke Ty Nsekhe (@TY_Nsekhe) then responded, “It doesn’t take much skill to kill someone.”

That triggered a Twitter firestorm. “The epitome of ignorance,” tweeted actor Daniel Bostic.

“The reason you have the freedom & capitalist system that allows you to make $ is directly because of their skill & sacrifice!” wrote musician Chris Loesch, who later demanded an apology.

Nsekhe, a second-year player out of Texas State, deleted the original tweet and offered an apology.

“I recognize the sacrifices these members make so that all American’s can enjoy the freedoms our soldiers have afforded us,” he tweeted. “In no way were my comments meant to demean the members of our armed forces.”

Nsekhe, a former St. Louis Ram, is now a free agent.


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0 responses to “NFL player blasts military: ‘It doesn’t take much skill to kill someone’

  1. Doesn’t take much skill to throw/catch a ball and be paid millions of dollars for it…

  2. Immoral conduct more prevalent in the NFL than in our military!!

  3. This guy is an effing bonehead. That’s my take and I’m sticking to it. I would like to stick him on the front lines without any training, if he thinks it is so cut and dried and simple;and see if he can handle it. He would probably fold like a hankie.. And I wouldn’t want him watching my back,because I doubt if his mentality would understand what it is to take care of your buddies.

  4. The mortal danger military face for small pay is a level of risk far higher than getting a knee injury or such in football. The NFL teams aren’t shooting back at you moron!

  5. Too late to apologize now that you stuck your big ass foot in your mouth. Hope it leaves a real bad taste forever. Spewing your arrogance defacing our troops will not be forgotten.

  6. His picture should have included a photo-shopped dunce hat on top of that coconut of his .

  7. Thank you DCG for this amazing post. This is an example of the careless and thoughtless comments that come from not thinking before one communicates.


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