NFL Flyovers

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H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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0 responses to “NFL Flyovers

  1. Everytime I see a fly over, be it in a video like this, on television/movie, in person, tears well up in my eyes and a lump forms in my throat and chest. The pride that I feel in our military is immense.

  2. me too Patriot Angel, I watched this and the tears were streaming,and then the ending-made me mad as hell!

  3. Our military rocks! Our leader, not so much…
    Every year in Seattle we go stand on the I-90 bridge to watch the Blue Angles up close and personal. It is SO LOUD and the most awesome sight! A short example of what we see up close:

  4. Wow! thanks DCG

    • Tina, the picture of Obama, Hillary and Mike was not a part of this flyover movie at all. It was put in at the end and obviously is a superimposed photo of Obama being put in a picture with Hillary and Mike. Also, look at the farmers field in the background, ever see anything like that at a Football Stadium? Just another attempt of the Repubs to smear President Obama.

  5. This sends shivers up my spine and gets my skin all goosebumpy. It is something to be proud of for sure. While vacationing on the jersey shore with the family this summer, the sight and sounds of the coastguard helicopters and the f-16’s patrolling was reassuring indeed.


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