NFL Committing Personal Fouls

Before I get to the meat of this post, I want to say congratulations to my Dawgs, my Yellow Britches (both of which had a combined score of 125 points against their opponents today), and to the Gators for beating the pumpkin vomit people (see video below). Should Bama win tonight, that will mean all my teams will have won today.  😀

Jerry Glanville once told an NFL official who had thrown a yellow hankie at one of his players (for a reason that Jerry did not agree with) that NFL stood for Not For Long.
Now it appears NFL may have an entirely different meaning: Nether Feel-up League.
Via the AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL says it has “enhanced” its pat-down procedure for fans entering stadiums to improve safety.

The league has asked all 32 teams to have stadium security search fans from the ankles to the knees. Previously, fans were patted down from the waist up for banned items such as alcohol and weapons.

Last week, a man was arrested for using an illegal stun gun at Sunday night’s Dallas Cowboys-New York Jets game.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Friday the “enhanced security procedures” are not a result of any specific threat, but the league is “always refining and improving” security.

He says the checks, which began before last week’s season-opening games, will take longer, and encourages fans to arrive early.

This is absurd on its face, and one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of in my 47 years on this rock.
How long will it be before we are going to get patted down by some security goon at restaurants, movie theaters, malls, or bus stops?
If even the football fans of America will stand by for something this hideously intrusive, then I think it is pretty safe to say that our Fourth Amendment rights are pretty much gone, and a for-real police state is just around the corner. Many believe it is here already.
Just what the hell is happening to our America?

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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

In my opinion, the best way to send a message is for the majority of people to boycott all the places where these searches occur. Imagine the outcry if people opted out of airline travel and professional sports for just one or two weeks. The problem is that people complain; but, continue to buy tickets and grudgingly line up for the pat-downs they hate. If enough people stayed away and let the airports, airlines, arenas and team owners, etc. know why, the security policy would have to change. Sporting events and airline seats require paying customers to stay in business.


Well I won’t be going to Hawks game anytime soon…
Problem is the sheeple won’t boycott. They have been programmed to accept this nonsense in the name of “security”. They don’t realize they can protect themselves nor have any inclination to be responsible for themselves. It takes effort & can cost money. I just signed up for defense training at firing range – $75 for class. Going to be worth every penny IMO.


Isn’t ” Fan” short for Fanatics?


I love football,but this is UnAmerican,I did not realize just how much politics were involved in football,until Rush Limbaugh tried to buy a team and obama stonewalled the whole idea. Please boycott them until they realize what Country they are in,and who is responsible for their success. Oh how we need dignity,honor and respect brought back to the United States of America.


The NFL apparently is making too much money and can stand to lose some by people not bothering to go to overpriced football games.


what has happened to america? gone to hell in a hand basket…
don’t remember where i heard that phrase or even what it means but it popped into my head when i read above what has happened to america.
boycott and form picket lines in front of nfl stadiums during game days.