Newt is a Big Govt RINO

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Politicians will tell you anything in order to get your vote.
The yardstick we should use to take the measure of a politician who now swears he’s changed his ways and is repentant about his past behavior, is his past behavior, not his present words.
Did you know that:

  • Newt Gingrich was instrumental in the creation of the Department of Education?
  • Newt was listed as a member of the “one world government” Council on Foreign Relations?
  • Newt led the way for the United States to form NAFTA, and join GATT and the World Trade Organization?
  • Newt said he’s a “big fan” of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who began the U.S.’s road to socialism?
  • Newt said in a speech in July 1995 that “The American challenge in leading the world is compounded by our Constitution” and that we would have to “rethink” our Constitution?

Please take the time to watch this half-hour video on Newt’s voting record.
Please note that I’m not endorsing the last part of the video when McManus, the narrator, seems to be extolling Ron Paul.
I haven’t decided which GOP candidate I’ll vote for. I can’t even say there’s a candidate I really like. I’m in the information-gathering phase and, frankly, am puzzled by the passionate and indignant outrage of some conservatives toward any information that may be critical of their candidate.
The Iowa caucus is next Tuesday, but that is only the first event of the long GOP primary process. History also shows that the winner of the Iowa caucus is not necessarily the actual GOP presidential nominee. No one now remembers that in 2008, Mike Huckabee (who’s he? LOL) won the Iowa caucus.

H/t LTG.

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12 responses to “Newt is a Big Govt RINO

  1. We all are aware who Newt is……….. Wish we knew who Barry Sotero is. No one can ID the slime.

  2. Newt is a draft dodging scum bag and he will send many young men and women to their death and all the while helping the New World Order destroy America! He and ALL the rest of the Socialist need ran out of our government, before they destroy us! Semper Fi.

  3. I lost all interest in Newt for president as soon as I heard him say he thought illegal aliens who have been here a long time, like 25 years or so, should be given amnesty. It shows he believes in ruling by personal feelings and not by the law of the land, just like obama. No respect for the Constitution. In fact, obama has abolished the Constitution. He does whatever he damn well pleases, ruling by his executive order. I wonder why it is that no one in this country of over 300 million people has been able to call him on it???

  4. Sadly, unless we live in one of the early states; Iowa, New Hampshire or North Carolina, most of us will not have an opportunity to have any say-so over which candidate will emerge. I just hate the thought of having the PTB annointing another RINO.

    • I’m with you LTG, by the time we vote in Louisiana its all decided. I don’t really feel like I’m a part of the process. Why do the early states get to decide for us?

  5. I am also puzzled by the indignant outrage of some conservatives about any information that may be critical of their candidate. It is through valid information that actual accurate facts can be obtained, wherein we can finally make our decision about the candidates. And, how each candidate responds to the indignant information that may or may not be true, given the slant provided or in the context provided, is also crucial to making a decision. I have not picked any one of the candidates either to ultimately support. However, I will set out facts or alleged facts that I perceive may be questionable and worthy of scrutiny, especially in context, when I study information provided. I do know one thing. I would vote for any one of the Republican candidates over Obama.

  6. I dont care how many wifes Newt aor any other man has had, Who know what kind of psyco she was, so whay all the negitive on the man…most type A pesonalities fail in marriage becase all thier energy was in thier work, she strayed, then he did, and then it all went to hell…So who cares…
    Ya, if 25 years ago someone swam the river and found a job, raised a family, now have kids here that are part of the solution and are not a problem, let them finish ther lifgeout here, they would have to be in thier 40/50’s and no other place to call home. Remember that was before terrorism and those people wernt violent.. but stop the flow in here now, these are violent people, the good ones go thru the gates, the criminals swim the river and climb the fences.
    Romney and Newt are good choices, one will win, but if they dont stop beating each other up there will be nobody to beat the Kenyen ,oops, I mean Obama.. these obvious losers must give it up and support a winner. Period

  7. I do find it noteworthy, however, that the video sent by LTG, is narrated by Mr. McManus, the President of the John Birch Society, which is a right-wing organization. That society opposed the civil rights movement and the Civil Rights Act. I have carefully listened to the video and find that there are most probably many statements taken out of context, although some of the statements made, if accurate, are also noteworthy. There are also some conclusions made that could be subject to scrutiny. The John Birch Society wants NO FOREIGN AID whatsoever. Even though a kind of disclaimer has been made in this post, it is insinuated that Ron Paul is to be supported by Mr. McManus. Although FOTM is allegedly not supporting any particular candidate, it seems very clear to me that FOTM does not support Newt Gingrich just by the titles of the post alone.
    For the record, I do not give great credance to the John Birch Society, nor am I a member of the John Birch Society. I am a member of FOTM, but I want to make it clear that I do not support this video, nor the Society that sets it forth. I say that for myself, personally.

    • Joan,
      Far be it for me to defend the John Birch Society (JBS), as the JBS is neither the subject nor focus of this post. But I find it noteworthy that although you are emphatic that statements should not be taken out of context, your characterization of the JBS itself is out of context. This is what Wikipedia says:
      “The John Birch Society is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, a Constitutional Republic and personal freedom…. The society opposed aspects of the 1960s civil rights movement because it claimed the movement had communists in important positions…. The society opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, claiming it violated the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and overstepped individual states’ rights to enact laws regarding civil rights.”
      For the record, I do not have problems with the JBS being a “right-wing organization” since the GOP and conservatives in general are themselves characterized as “right wing” and I most certainly do not want to be on the “left wing.” I am, however, a registered non-partisan Independent.
      For the record, I am not a member of the John Birch Society nor do I especially support or endorse the Society other than my agreement with them on the importance of the Constitution, limited government, anti-communism, and individual rights and liberties.
      I posted this video about Newt because of the information contained in it — none of which contradicts the information we have on Newt from other sources. See, for example, my Nov. 19 post, “What you should know about Newt Gingrich.” Instead of insinuating that the information in this video is biased (“lacking in context”), it’d be so much more useful if you would point us to sources containing facts that refute the claims made in this video and elsewhere that Newt:
      * supported the creation of a Dept of Education.
      * had/has membership in the CFR.
      * called himself “a fan” of FDR.
      Etc. etc.

  8. Dr. Eowyn, frankly, I did not take my quotation out of context about the John Birch Society. It did oppose the Civil Rights Act. I did not quote the entire text because I am absolutely extremely fatigued, my entire body is in great pain, and my right arm is experiencing insidious pain. Therefore, I wanted to sum it up. As I said, I was simply speaking for myself, personally. Even if you quote what is said in its entirety, it does not provide substantial and warranted evidence why the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should not be supported. It provides the reason that the Act allegedly violated the Tenth Amendment, that the Act violated states’ rights to enact civil rights legislation. As I recall, states’ rights was also an issue addressed in the Civil War, and the Union won the war. As I recall with regard to the other posts, the information posted by LTG was a long list of what Gingrich did and/or did not do, which gave dates and the action next to it, like a timeline. Since that information was not supported by documentary evidence in context, I am not obliged to assume that it is true and correct based upon substantial evidence IN CONTEXT. Therefore, I will not be put on the defensive to have to provide substantial evidence to oppose it or support it.
    It appears to me that FOTM clearly does not support Newt Gingrich as set forth by the titles of the posts themselves and the information contained within the posts. I thought FOTM is not supporting any particular candidate, BUT IT IS CLEAR THAT IT DOES NOT SUPPORT GINGRICH. I do not support Newt Gingrich as my choice either at this juncture. I don’t have a choice yet, but I also see good points and virtues in this man. I told you months ago that I liked Michelle Bachman and I hope you remember that. Nevertheless, the GOOD and the BAD points of the candidates should be brought out since these issues are being raised by these posts. I will not be addressing this anymore, as I AM IN GREAT PAIN AND I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE! i simply made a statement for myself personally, which is apparently something I should not do in the future. I defer FOTM to Dr. Eowyn, who is a social scientist. I am not a social scientist. I am a sick, disabled individual who should not be participating in FOTM posts, only as “Joan” giving recipes. Please listen to Dr. Eowyn, as she is the expert and she has taught me so much. I used to know about being fair having been a former professional. Far be it from me to question someone I respect and love so much!

  9. I know how challenging it is to live in pain…and
    how holding a cogent thought or expressing it
    as succinctly as you do is taxing …. but trust me,
    I will pray that HE will sustain you and comfort you
    and all of us here.
    Be of good cheer,the pain is temporary…
    His glory we will behold 🙂


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