Newt Gingrich Wears Masonic Lapel Pin?

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Sharp-eyed and discerning FOTM’s beloved writer Sagebrush asks what pin Newt Gingrich was wearing on his lapel at the GOP presidential candidates’ debate on CNN last night.
Commenters on a Ron Paul website, “Ron Paul Flix,” claim that the pin was pixelated in pics of Newt at the debate, making it hard to see the pin, but the rest of his face is not pixelated. Here’s an example, taken by Reuters. Even when I’d enlarged the pic by 200%, the pin is still hard to see. FOTM co-founder Steve found this clearer picture of Newt:

~Click pic to enlarge~

It sure looks like a Free Mason pin. Here are some examples from an online FreeMason store:

Blue Lodge FreeMasons pin

The online store calls this a "Past Master 10K" pin

So what’s a “past master”? This is what Wikipedia says:

“The senior officer of a Masonic Lodge is the Master, normally addressed and referred to as the “Worshipful Master” [….] The Worshipful Master […] directs all of the business of his lodge, and is vested with considerable powers without further reference to the members. He also presides over ritual and ceremonies.

The office of Worshipful Master is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members. […] At the conclusion of his term of office, a Worshipful Master becomes known as a Past Master.”

No one seems to know for certain whether Newt’s pin is Masonic.  On this blog, opinions diverge. I hope some member of the press would ask Newt that question.
UPDATE (12.18.2011):
Prompted by commenter Al, I’ve looked at the photo again, using Windows’ “Paint” feature, and outlined the pin area with a rectangle.
If you save the pic to your hard-drive, then click on “Paint,” you can select the “magnify” function and look at the pin magnified. My conclusion now is that the pin Newt’s wearing in this pic at the CNN debate does resemble the Commander-in-Chief flag pin sold at the Mount Vernon Shop. This is what the flag pin looks like:


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60 responses to “Newt Gingrich Wears Masonic Lapel Pin?

  1. No, no, no, no Newt! argh….

    • Steve,
      What I don’t understand in the new pic you found (which I’ve added to my post in place of the one I had put up) is why the pin is still blurry whereas every other detail in the pic — the wedding ring on Newt’s finger, the microphone clipped on his tie, the lines in the palm of his hand, even his teeth (for Pete’s sake) — are clear as a bell. But not the lapel pin.

      • I watched the broadcast live in HD, and was unable to make out the pin, but it resembled the shape of a masonic symbol enough that I questioned it before I found the discussion here. I am still not convinced that it is not Masonic. The flag pins worn by multiple candidates were very clear.

    • The flag pin worn by Neut Gingrich is sold at the Mount Vernon gift shop. It is called the commander in chief pin and is the color of the flag used by George Washington from 1775 till 1783. The pin costs $95. and has nothing to do with the Masons

      • Show us a picture of this flag pin, please. I went on the Mount Vernon gift shop and saw all the pins they’re selling. I saw none that even remotely resembles the pin Newt was wearing at the debate.

  2. I still cannot believe how many conservatives have allowed themselves to be duped by Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney into believing they are actual conservatives.
    They are both progressives pretending to be conservatives.
    They are two peas in a pod.
    Newt came out in support of amnesty in last night’s debate, to the apparent delight of Tina Brown:
    And if either of them gets the repub nomination, I believe Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama will be elected to a second term.
    -And we all know what that will mean for our America.

  3. I also spotted the pin during the debate and thought it might be masonic. I was searching the net for an answer when I found this blog.

  4. It doesn’t make much sense for him to wear a masonic pin since he is a convert to the Catholic church. Traditionally masons have been against the Catholic church. I don’t know what they do today.

    • Horace,
      Since 1738, the Roman Catholic Church forbids Catholics from being Masons. But not every Catholic knows that, nor does it stop Catholics from joining the Free Masons since no one actually enforces the rule. Catholics who are also Masons are in a state of grave sin and may not receive the Holy Communion.

    • It is in fact the other way around. There ARE Roman Catholics that have joined the Masonic Lodge.. It is the order of the Pope that parishioners are not allowed membership in any other fraternal organization but their own…the Knights of Columbus.

  5. Frankly, a close view of the pin that Mr. Gingrich is wearing (clicking on the enlarge) shows that it is a pin that is shaped like a diamond, with some stones on the lower left portion. It is a different shape altogether from the free mason pin shown which has a kind of “M” shape at the bottom.

    • Here’s a pic of House Speaker John Boehner wearing the House Speaker’s seal pin. It looks nothing like what Newt, a former House Speaker, wore last night:
      Here’s a large pic of the House Speaker’s seal:

      • If we’re lucky, Speaker Bonehead will knock himself out with that gavel before he helps Herr Dear Fuhrer do any more damage to our America. 🙂

  6. So what? I’m no fan of Newt, but the presence or absence of a certain pin, probably manufactured in China, is no indication of whether or not a person is a credible candidate for anything.

  7. I’m not a fan of Newt but I’d say you’re getting riled up over some speculation treated as fact. But I’m not saying you’re much different than the 99% of bloggers out there 😛

  8. I’ve found examples of actual Free Mason lapel pins, which I added to my post in place of the previous Masonic symbol.

  9. I do not and never will trust Newt Gingrich,his past is a huge Red Flag,he is Alinsky on the right. We have al-qaida in the whitehouse right now,because everyone swallowed what they were told and did not do their homework on the candidate.

  10. Ron Paul is a mason. I’m sure they are not the only two. Now what?

  11. What do you have against freemasons, exactly ?

    • Well said, Sage! So many miss this Very important point. And a very fine line is drawn here for a lot of people.

    • I did some study about lucifer…noticed that in latin vulgate lucifer appears twice…once in O.T. and once in N.T. !!! Now why did they take it out of N.T. King James Version, but leave it in O.T. ? Phosphoros is greek word translated into luciferos in N.T. in latin vulgate and later changed to day star in KJV. In O.T. it is still lucifer in Isaiah 14…from heylel of hebrew. Now, the question is…why was it taken out of II Peter 1:19 which is an exact word to word translation from phosphoros to luciferos…which is speaking of Jesus Christ…not satan…but left in Isaiah 14:12 heylel to luciferos which is NOT a direct word for word translation. Isn’t it just like satan to want the title given to Jesus Christ?

    • sage_brush wrote “The problem with Masonry, and its affiliations, is that they are the antithesis of Biblical Christianity.”
      Frankly, I couldn’t care less what some Middle-Eastern cult leader did 2,000 years ago; it’s got nothing to do with the reality of America in 2012. And anyone who has adopted some obscure Jewish cult is far from optimally American. George Washington didn’t care one whit for Jesus (he never mentioned him in any of his adult writings or statements), nor did Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson. NONE of them believed in Jesus’ divinity, any more than they believed in the Buddha’s.
      “…there is a Masonic Library in D.C. – that only 11th degree or higher Masons may enter.”
      It’s news to you, of course, but there’s no such thing as an “11th degree Mason”. Masonry only goes as high as the 3rd Degree. The SCOTTISH RITE is an “appendant body” to Freemasonry that has 30 additional degrees; I presume that’s what you’re on about. Regardless, there are two Masonic libraries in DC: at the Scottish Rite’s House of the Temple, and the George Washington Masonic Memorial. NEITHER of them only allow “11th Degree Masons to enter”. Both of them allow the public full access to their stacks. How do I know? Because I visited both before I was a Mason, and again since I’ve become 32nd Degree in the Scottish Rite. And it’s the same collection.
      “‘LUCIFER, the Light-bearer!. . .Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light?. . . Doubt it not!’ Morals and Dogma,’ p. 123”
      And who is this “Lucifer”? Please — do tell us who he is in the Bible. I doubt you will, so I’ll do it for you. In fact, the ONLY mention of “Lucifer” in the Bible is in Isaiah 14, with the term (the Hebrew “Halal”, meaning “the morning star” or “the son of the dawn” — later translated in the Vulgate Bible into Latin as “lucem ferre”, or “the light bringer”). In fact, that passage CLEARLY refers to a king of Babylon, NOT to Satan. Anyone who thinks it does refer to Satan or the Devil, is absolutely ignorant of the scripture. And in fact, Jesus himself is referred to as “the morning star” in Revelation 22.
      Finally, if a man is a Mason, he’s proud of it and, if he’s famous, Lodges are proud to say that he’s one of them. There is no Lodge in the US that has ever mentioned Newt Gingrich as being a Mason. Don’t you think that if he were, at least one of his supporters in a Lodge would say so? Instead, you’re trying to reconfigure a diamond-shaped pin to be an overlapping Compass & Square (which looks nothing like the pin he’s wearing) as “proof” of him being a Mason! It’s as absurd as if Ronald Reagan had been photographed wearing a bandanna while on his ranch, and someone claiming that the bandanna was “proof” that he was homosexual (as some homosexuals happen to wear).
      Conspiracy theorists will stoop to any low necessary to try to show that the world is far more mysterious, dangerous and organized than it actually is.

  12. Sister Sagebrush, I have to disagree with you. The two Masonic pin examples provided do not look anything like the diamond-shaped pin that has a blue center stone of some kind, and designs upon the blue stone. Yes, there are all kinds of pins! The issue again is, whether or not the pin he is wearing looks like the two examples provided and my eyes tell me absolutely not. They are completely differently shaped. Steve provided a clear picture of the pin that Mr. Gingrich wore which perhaps you should look at, if you have not done so already. I can see I am already in trouble here, but I maintain that it could be a pin that was given to him by Pope Benedict, or a pin given to him as a result of some kind of sentimental value.

    • That is very much correct, The Square & Compass is the emblem “Blue Lodge” Masons display after being made Master Masons (3rd deg) Remember hearing references to the “3rd deg”? LOL The York & Scottish Rite Shrines have a much different insignia that resembles a Scimitar, Crescent, and Star.

    • sage_brush…you are most certainly not a member of any type of Masonic Lodge. Your post is definitely misguided. Try reading a different manuscript…or better still, the “one letter key” Masonic ritual for more reliable information. 😉

      • btw…the Letter G in masonry stands for geometry (amongst American lodges) and it further alludes to the deity…or God. Masonry is described as the “speculative observance of the operative craft” of masons. In ancient times Masons were the stonecutters and The Builders of stone temples, as they were trained up in the craft so that they may travel in foreign countries and receive masters wages. The lodge in modern times is simply a fraternal brotherhood. It has never claimed to be a church or religious organization but its purpose is “to make good men better” and be charitable to whomever is in need, especially fellow Masons, their widows and orphans. The volume of the law in Masonry is the Holy Bible.

  13. Try playing the video at this link on full screen. Starting at about 20 seconds into the video, you get a pretty good look at the pin. I don’t think it’s Masonic.

  14. Looks like a christmas tree to me.

  15. Chicken Sock Puppet

    It’s an American flag… duh…

  16. In an e-mail to me, a reader says: “While I was watching Gov. Huckabee’s Presidential debates, Newt Gingrich was asked who is favorite founding father was. His answer was George Washington. He said that the pin he wears is a replica of Washington’s campaign pin from Valley Forge.”
    I went onto George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum and Gardens website, but cannot find the pin among the “replica campaign pins” for sale:
    The website, Patriotic Order Sons of America, has a page with images of (now-antique) many pins and badges from the American Revolutionary War period, none looks like the lapel pin Newt is wearing in the CNN debate. One pin is of “George Washington in Valley Forge,” but it’s the iconic image of him kneeling in prayer.
    man of God
    eBay has 50 George Washington buttons for sale, none looks like Newt’s pin.
    I also did a Google search for “George Washington campaign pin Valley Forge,” but found nothing.
    By the way, amazon has a great George Washington button on sale for 79 cents! Click here. I just bought one 😉


  17. Here is the link for his comment. It is a copy of the flag not a campaign pin. Sorry.

  18. Here is a quote from an article “At a forum on Monday night in Charleston, Mr. Gingrich fingered his lapel pin and said it represented George Washington’s campaign flag, with “13 stars on a gold background representing the 13 states.” This article is at . Could this be what the pin is?

    • Alanda,
      I went on the Mount Vernon website and looked at all the George Washington lapel pins they sell. I also did a search for GW campaign pins on Google,, and eBay. But I found no pin that even remotely can be construed to resemble that lapel pin Newt was wearing at the debate.

  19. What the heck is wrong with you people? HE WAS ASKED OVER A YEAR AGO IF HE’S A FREEMASON and clearly stated in plain English, “I have no involvement with the Freemasons.” What part of that did you not understand? This is all a matter of public record, there’s video of the question and answer available on Youtube. Why don’t you people grow up?

    • I provide links to my sources, why don’t you? And why can’t you be civil? If you’re a Newt supporter, your rudeness ill serves him.
      As for your rendition of Newt’s denial: “I have no involvement with the Freemasons.” Given politicians’ careful parsing of language, I don’t know what “no involvement” means, do you? Why didn’t he say outright: “No, I have never been or am a member of the Free Masons”?
      You’re obviously also not bothered by Newt being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  20. Just noticed on U-Tube that Newt is listed as a 33rd degree Mason, along with Clinton, Ford, Nixon, George Bush, Sr. , and other presidents. The 332d degree is the top of the ladder. Didn’t JFK warn Americans about how people in our govt should not belong to secret societies ? I think that was his last speach.

    • Very very few 33rd deg are “listed” because its an honorary degree and yhen only given in England by the Most Perfect Grand Lodge of the UK. The 32rd deg is the highest conferred by the Scottish or York Rite Shrine. JFK was Catholic and thereby denied any other fraternal membership by order of the Pope, other than Knights of Columbus, The Free & Accepted Masons are not a secret society. They are a charitable fraternal lodge of brotherhood.

      • Hi there R H Burns…. just to correct you slightly…..
        there is NO Grand lodge of the UK in the same way there is no Grand lodge of the USA.
        There is the United Grand Lodge of England which covers England and Wales then there is the Grand Lodge of Scotland.. which covers… you guessed it ….. Scotland.
        Ireland… both Northern and the Republic of Ireland are Governed by the Grand Lodge of Ireland.
        I am a Scottish Mason from Edinburgh and an officer in my Lodge (1283)

  21. Newt is still wearing this “Commander In Chief” flag pin – but if you look closely, his looks WAY nicer than this gold-plated and enamel version. Perhaps Tiffany makes a version in sapphires and diamonds?

  22. The lapel pin is most definitely NOT a Square & Compass emblem of the Masonic Lodge. If anyone is aked if they’re a Mason they usually answer in the affirmative…or in a “phrase” that only another Mason would recognize. Words or tokens that “one Mason know another in the dark as well as in the light”. Case closed so now stfu.

    • STFU? You’re telling us to Shut The F*ck Up?
      How charming. Are all Masons as uncouth and obnoxious as you? And you’re soliciting more members on my blog (those comments by you are deleted)? You’re hardly a recommendation.

      • Dr. Eowyn,
        Sorry. I had not found a delete option after posting.
        You’re right..Im hardly a recommendation for anything. Continue with your blog and think whatever you’d like regarding the Masonic organization. However skewed other blog entries may be by those that think they know, other than hearsay. The fraternity is the oldest known brotherhood and will continue to support many charities, children’s hospitals and burn units throughout the world…in spite of the uninformed critics.
        Thank you for hosting this site.

  23. Free Masons are not F&AM which signifies Free & Accepted Masons. There are numerous clandestine Free Mason lodges that are not regularly constituted lodges sanctioned by the Grand Lodge of the state they are located.

  24. I saw him live at a stump speech/townhall type meeting in South Carolina before the primary. It was on Fox News Thursday morning just after Perry announced he was out. They went live to Gingrich to see if he would mention it. He didn’t but he was telling the small crowd all about the pin he was wearing and what it represented – It was the George Washington pin – he talked about it in some detail and what it meant to him. sheeeshh!

  25. There is a detailed shot of him wearing this commander in chief pin here. yes, it looks like much better quality than the one on the Mt Vernon site. I didnt catch its mention here, but I would note here that many would consider George Washington one of the most famous and revered Freemasons in American history.

  26. The pin that Gingrich was wearing on tonight’s debate is different than the aforementioned flag pin.

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  28. Newt couldn’t humble himself enough to be a Mason. Real Man Talk.

  29. 13 stars showing on the flag on this pin. Signature of illuminati!

    • Now, THAT is just asinine. How many stars were on the “Betsy Ross” Flag? How many were on the first US Flag of 1777? Thirteen. Why? -the Illuminati? Of course not. It’s because there were 13 US States in the Union at the time. That’s a basic fact that most grade school children learn (or used to). The process by which we arrived at 13 States and how they formed a union is one of the most thoroughly documented histories in the 18th century. Trying to backwards-engineer it into some conspiracy is laughably absurd.
      And if 13 was such a hugely important number to some global conspiracy, why would they ruin that “magic number” just 15 years later by letting Vermont, the 14th State, join the Union?

  30. It is definitely the flag pin. My iPhone magnified the image clear enough to be certain without any doubt.

  31. non-members of freemasonry couldn’t care less because they know nothing about it. why don’t they just shut up and study their lessons.


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