Newsweek thinks you're dumb

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Newsweek advertised the cover of their next issue on Twitter.  The title of their headline story?  “Why are Obama’s Critics so Dumb?”  Yep, you disagree with the direction Skippy is taking this country then you are dumb.
Can’t play the race card so now they just insult your intelligence.  Back in October 2010 this rag of a magazine and Skippy said us silly voters were “scared” because of the economy.  But Newsweek assured us that in two years “the economy will have recovered”. 
Take this with a grain of salt.  Because Newsweek is a dead, liberal magazine that couldn’t find the truth if it was stamped on their forehead.  No wonder they are in revenue free fall and sold in August 2010 for just a buck.
Maybe if the owner of this rag cared more about making a profit instead of insulting American voters they’d be used for something else besides bird-cage lining.

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  1. Andrew Sullivan is Catholic only as a heretic. He’s openly gay and is pro gay marriage, which the Vatican opposes. It is also questionable how conservative Sullivan is. He is certainly not a cultural conservative.

    • Sometime back, must be more than 2 years ago, I read something he wrote on gay marriage, in which he openly declared that gay marriage doesn’t mean monogamy. Which, of course, begs the question of why marriage in the first place?

      • “Marriage” means social acceptance (forced, albeit) and a big party, for them. Monogamy? That’s for uptight, repressive “breeders,” you know.

  2. Sullivan is the farthest from a conservative. He’s an out and out Obama-loving democrat talking head. He bashes Fox, doesn’t believe Trig is Sarah’s son, and once equated Palin to Hilter. He’s a pompous arse.

  3. Oh, and he’s a gay “bear”, part of the overweight, hairy gay community. Whatever…

  4. Newsweek… second-fiddle to Time (and probably People… do I hear The Enquirer?).

    • Actually, Anon, I’d place Newsweek way way way lower than The National Enquirer. The latter was the only publication that doggedly pursued John Edwards’ adultery and “love child” story and, for that, justly was nominated for a Pulitzer.

  5. Lol, I’m not the least bit concerned about WHAT Newsweek thinks because I dont feel they are that Intelligent.

  6. lol! bird cage liner,fire starter,rat cage liner-outhouse emergency-ha!

  7. I quit listening and reading anything that Newsweek had to sy when I realized that is’s real name is LIEWEEK, and I’ve heard people ask as to HOW could they print such things when the people that had mind KNEW that it all was lies? I told them as long as people such as Soros and Bama wanted a platform to lie from LIEWEEK had job, but when Ron Paul gets in there thers will be a lot less lying going on! If we get America back these kinds of businesses will be put under, for they won’t be able to keep up with the lawsuits, for a change, we win! Semper Fi.


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