Newsweek Going After Michele Bachmann

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a TEA Party favorite, is one of the 66 House Republicans who refused to vote for Obama’s disastrous debt deal, aka the Budget Control Addicted to Debt Act of 2011. The passage of that act immediately led S&P to downgrade America’s credit rating.
Bachmann is also polling well among Republican voters. And so, of course, like a pack of ravenous wolves, the Left are already pouncing on her, with Hollywood’s pro-gay brigade leading the way.
Now the MSM are joining the jihad.
The upcoming edition of Newsweek magazine has a cover story on Michele Bachmann titled, “The Queen of Rage.” This is the photo of Bachmann which Newsweek has on its cover.
Tell me if you don’t think she looks just a tad crazy.

Bachmann made the mistake of letting Newsweek‘s photographer Chris Buck take the picture.
When will Conservatives ever learn that the MSM are not our friends; will never be objective, even less our friends; and will do their utmost to make Conservatives look bad.
If you want a friend, get a dog!
H/t beloved fellow Siegfried.

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It is common knowledge the MSM isn’t our friends -but to be a leader – a true leader – you have to sometimes show your enemies that you have no fear of them….
This is what separates the strong from the weak….. wheat from the shaft …
YES – Michelle got shafted………. but Newsweek is the ultimate loser!!!
Michelle will come out the winner in this photo debate with Majority American Public.
Only one question : Newsweek is still in business? ??? The things you learn on the internet – lol

Jack Wain

The overweening contempt for ordinary American voters dripping from the Team Obama media mouthpieces at Newsweek is patently obvious in their grotesque smear of Congresswoman Bachmann: “The elderly, the unemployed, the exasperated, and even a few disillusioned Democrats crowd her rallies and cheer her not-going-to-take-it-anymore shtick, even as they recognize some of its inherent contradictions.” Into Newsweek’s Demented Left echo chamber, no light from the real American political world of fly-over country penetrates. This is the Newsweek that stated in 1980 that “Fringe candidate Ronald Reagan has no chance of getting a elected.” This is the Newsweek that has lost… Read more »


Bunch of crap, so bad even NOW denounced it. ABC had Tina Brown on news last nite defending this hit piece. Even my lib mom thought it was bad..:

Am I The Only Onr?
Am I The Only Onr?

“In the last days, men will call: Evil Good, and Good Evil!”