New Trump rule would deny green cards to immigrants who took food stamps, Medicaid

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From NBC: The Trump administration announced a proposed rule Saturday that would make it harder to obtain visas or green cards for immigrants already in the U.S. legally, as well as those seeking to enter, if they have ever been dependent on certain public benefits, like Medicaid, food stamps or public housing.

The proposal, which can become a rule after a public comment period, rewrites a 1999 rule that limited green cards for immigrants who were dependent on cash benefits, but did not take into consideration health care or other non-monetary benefits.

Originally, the rule known as “public charge” began in the 1800s as a way for the U.S. to deny entry to immigrants who were likely to become a drain on the economy.

“This proposed rule will implement a law passed by Congress intended to promote immigrant self-sufficiency and protect finite resources by ensuring that they are not likely to become burdens on American taxpayers,” said Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

As NBC News previously reported, earlier versions of the proposal included more draconian measures, such as limiting green cards and citizenship for immigrants who had used Obamacare or certain tax credits.

“The [disqualifying] benefits generally represent the largest federal programs for low-income people by total expenditure that address basic living needs such as income, housing, food, and medical care,” a spokeswoman for DHS said in a written briefing.

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11 responses to “New Trump rule would deny green cards to immigrants who took food stamps, Medicaid

  1. Donald J Trump is Pat Buchanan more than 20 years later. So much of America’s decline could have been avoided if Pat Buchanan was elected in 92, or 96.

  2. What happened to the requirement that those who apply, legally, to immigrate to the U.S. must show proof that they would not become economic dependents on the U.S.? Is that requirement no longer operative, and if so, why?

    • Dr Eowyn,
      Its the US version of the Kalergi plan to genocide White People and their cultures,societies, nations, and Western Civilization itself.

      Angela Merkel and the Kalergi Plan (Note Merkel’s hands)

    • Every civilized country used to have a requirement that those seeking resident status be self-sufficient. During his rally I noticed that Trump did not mention the distinction between “legal” and “illegal” immigration.

      NOBODY should be “in favor” of ILLEGAL immigration. Of course the Demon-Rats are, but then again, they are allowing them to vote illegally as well. We should remember that when we look at things like SCOTUS appointments. It isn’t just abortion.

      We should not be living in a country where one or more factions is actively trying to destroy our sovereignty. That is seditious in and of itself. That isn’t a “political position”. It has no validity. Those who wish that are insurrectionists.

    • Exactly, Dr E….my latest/last immigrnt ancestor came to the USA in 1906 from Italy and had to prove that he had a certain amount of cash with him, and that, if he should become a burden to the people of the USA financially, he had a sponsor in the USA…with a fixed address, who would thereupon be charged for/held accountable for his dependency ……and THUS NOT THE PEOPLE OF THE USA on the whole…..

      When did this change and why?

      • I can tell you that rule was still in place in 1958 when my parents emigrated from Italy. I know Javitz and his co-religionists “opened the floodgates” in 1965. I’m not sure if the rules were changed that same year or if it was all done, as per usual, incrementally.

      • It changed when some Trojan Horses were placed in USA government, the Trojans started changing the laws to allow invaders to enter in mass to USA, they made also the laws to give welfare for illegals, and birthright citizenship (that is a fool law, because it alolws people to have dual nationalities, but they are loyal to OTHER nations, not to USA) . The Trojans work for other countries that want to take over USA. The more illegals in USA, they get more power, they place their pawns in top political positions like Congress and those pawns open more and more doors to increase the number of invaders. Unfortunately the white leaders are very fool and dont do anything to stop this.

  3. People that have paid little or nothing into the system should not be allowed to benefit from said system that is in place to help tax-paying Americans in times of challenges that sometimes happen.

  4. Excellent! Then 95% won’t qualify to stay and have to go back.

  5. I was a refugee in 1962 (paroled indefinitely), fulfilled all that was required of me, no “freebies” from the government at the expense of TAXPAYERS, earned a honest living and worked my way up til my retirement, and I am here today fighting illegal immigration and against “keeping” illegals draining our taxpayers money, US does not deny anybody to come here as long as the laws are followed and the individual who is seeking migration must be self-sufficient. That is also applicable to those seeking political persecution in his/her country.

  6. Donald Trump = Divine Intervention. He was given a mission from birth, the name TRUMP says it all.


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