New Trend: Flash Mob Robbery

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Flash mob” is a term coined in 2003 to denote a group of people, organized via social networking, who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment and/or satire.
An utterly charming flash mob was this one in Belgium’s Antwerp train station – a sheer delight:

The flash mob phenomenon has now degenerated into flash mob robbery of convenience and gas station stores across America. Here’s surveillance camera footage of one such robbery in 2009 in Stockton, California:

As reported by the Daily Mail, in St. Paul last Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011, up to 50 young people swarmed a Holiday store stealing juice, candy, soda, and every other type of junk food they could grab. The incident was caught on security cameras, which showed the robbers – most of them apparently teenagers – racing through the store and grabbing armfuls of whatever was in reach. The outnumbered clerks could only stand by helplessly and watch as the mob fled, scattering in all directions.

It’s not the first time that mob tactics have been used in a robbery in the area. Four months earlier, a BP petrol station was attacked in much the same way. Then, some 20 young people stormed the store, grabbing goods as they went. One assaulted the clerk on the way out, punching him several times in the face. That time, police used surveillance video to charge several teenagers with offences ranging from first-degree aggravated robbery to rioting and theft.
St Paul police spokesman Andy Skoogman said the so-called ‘mob robberies’ were still ‘far from a trend’. But he did admit they were ‘concerning’. ‘From our two cases, it’s a quick hit,’ he said. ‘They run in quickly, grab things, and run out.’ He urged store clerks and witnesses not to intervene if their shop should be attacked in the same way. ‘We want store employees to be witnesses to shoplifting, not victims of assault,’ he said.
To see the CCTV video of the St. Paul mob robbering, go to the Daily Mail article HERE.

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0 responses to “New Trend: Flash Mob Robbery

  1. “He urged store clerks and witnesses not to intervene if their shop should be attacked in the same way. ‘We want store employees to be witnesses to shoplifting, not victims of assault,’ he said.”
    Typical government response, and one I’m sure strikes fear into the hearts of flash mob robbers all over America.
    Why not just hold the door open for them, too?
    If it were my store, the only ‘flash’ would be from the muzzle of my Glock model 21 .45 ACP as I start blasting away at the mob of felons.
    Let that happen a few times and this mere infant of a “trend” will never have the chance to grow up into something even worse.

    • Yep, just sit back and let them have their way with you. Heaven forbid they mention your Second Amendment right. Just crazy…

  2. somehow i believe the reaction would be a bit different if these where white teens and the store owners where black. ohh the outcry the evidence of some sort of racist hate crime. hmmm notice how the white people just sort of dance around and the black people stole whatever they wanted must be some kind of culture difference. i wonder what would happen if the store owners decided to cap a few of these criminals trying to run out of his store with unpaid for merchandise?

  3. Future welfare recipients in action. This is why our prisons are filled disproportionately with Blacks. Crime seems to be inbred in these people. Opps….We’re not supposed to say that!

  4. put a machine gun on the counter and a sign saying that this weapon is not only fully functional but will be used in cases of emergency.

  5. This is just the beginning. Wait until the economy gets even worse, and the food riots break out. Then you will have “the regular guy next door” doing this kind of thing, not just Black people.


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