New Supreme Court Nominee: Gay, Female, Never Been a Judge

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"50 year old, short, and Jewish" --Glenn Thrush, Politico

Obama has just nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, saying she will demonstrate independence, integrity, and passion for the law. Introducing her Monday in the White House’s East Room, Obama called her “my friend” and one of the nation’s foremost legal minds. 

Well of course she’s his “friend”! Kagan was the head of Obama’s alma mater, Harvard Law School. 
Obama also has something else in common with Kagan. Both have left a thin paper trail. Despite being president of the Harvard Law Review, followed by 10 years of teaching Constitutional Law Alinsky community organizing rabble-rousing tactics as an Instructor (not Professor) at the University of Chicago Law School, Obama has not written/published  a single law article. Elena Kagan, too, despite having been a law professor at Chicago and a law prof and dean of Harvard Law School, is described by Glenn Thrush of Politico as having a “legal paper trail is as fleeting as her establishment political roots are deep.” Kagan was the Associate White House Counsel in the Clinton administration.
This is how thin her legal paper trail is.
According to Wikipedia, Kagan has published one law review article on the regulation of First Amendment hate speech, an article on the significance of governmental motive in regulating speech, and a book review. Her colleagues said she was granted tenure “despite the reservations of some colleagues who thought she had not published enough.”
I find this simply amazing because I do know something about requirements for tenure in academia. A publishing record as paper-thin as Kagan’s would never get tenure in any of America’s state universities, even less at the vaunted Harvard Law School. At my department in a state university, a faculty member must have at least one book published and several journal articles to be granted tenure.
Charlie Butts of OneNewsNow reports that attorney Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel and dean of Liberty University Law School, is opposed to Kagan partly because she has never been a judge and has limited experience in practicing law. And there are other reasons, he says. “[I’m opposed] because I think her judicial philosophy is one of an activist, particularly of a transnationalist that wants to use foreign law to interpret our own domestic law,” Staver explains, adding that she is “very much in favor of the homosexual agenda and very capable of bringing consensus among a diverse group of people.”
Kagan now goes through the committee hearing to a Senate vote — and Staver tells OneNewsNow that it should not be a rubber-stamp process: “These issues ought to be brought out. Obviously the issue of her judicial philosophy and her lack of experience are major concerns — and all of those need to be brought out during these confirmation hearings. Those are significant reasons to not confirm this nomination.” 
Staver recalls an incident while Kagan headed Harvard Law School when she barred the ROTC from the campus because of military policies on homosexuals. He says Kagan has tried to be quiet about the issue of abortion, but has been very vocal on the issue of homosexuality.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Politico the GOP will put up a tougher fight against Elena Kagan than they did against the White House’s other Supreme Court choice, Sonia Sotomayor.
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0 responses to “New Supreme Court Nominee: Gay, Female, Never Been a Judge

  1. The repubs better fight this hard…this woman is The Traitor – an empty suit whose only goal is to transform America thru a proggressive agenda.

  2. IMHO, the Chicken-in-Chief is trying to appoint all liberals to SCOTUS so they can eventually render an opinion that the Second Amendment is null and void.
    Ex meus gelu , mortuus manuum – From my cold, dead hands

  3. Well, I have nothing to say that’s of any importance. One more liberal voice trying to destroy our country. What can we do? I can think of a few things but the repubs better do what needs doing or they will piss us off all the more.

  4. Wanted: Supreme Court nominees, must be devoted left/liberal with multiple minority statuses (judicial experience optional).

  5. Okay, Steve, my buddy, we wanna know what meds you’re taking ’cause we can use some too! 😀

  6. Steve, if you become desensitized to the ones you’re taking now I suggest Percoset–damn good stuff.

  7. Did I misssspelll percocet—-sorrrry

  8. I believe she will be confirmed.
    After all, she is a commie, and that appears to be Obama’s only requirement for anything.
    And even if for some reason she doesn’t make it, Obama will just go out and find another commie just like her.
    And what is it with Obama and fat, ugly rug munchers?

  9. Steve, Didn’t know about your accident but I’m glad you made it through. I guess I’ve been lucky my entire life. I’m almost impervious to pain and have had very little of it in my life. I had open heart surgery about 13 years ago and they gave me percocet for the pain, except I had no pain so I took the perc for the fun.
    When I was young I did a great deal of street fighting. I never felt any of the punches and never suffered from any pain.
    But back to Elena Kagan. She’s definitely what Osama wants and needs for his agenda. I’m wondering if she can be impeached after her appointment on the grounds of incompetence. Does anyone know????

  10. Steve, Will do on the email.


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