New study finds aluminum in vaccines triggers autism, esp. in boys

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Despite the MSM and the medical establishment’s demonization of vaccine skeptics (see “Baylor U. professor & M.D. Carol Baker: ‘Let’s just get rid of all the whites in the United States’ (includes discussion on enforcing childhood vaccination, we actually do have compelling evidence of the deleterious effects of vaccines. See:

Particularly troubling is the association of childhood vaccination and autism. See:

Now, a new study has pinpointed the aluminum in vaccines as the agent in triggering autism, especially in boys.
The study was conducted by a team of four scientists at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada:

  • Dan Li, Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.
  • Lucija Tomljenovic, Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.
  • Yongling Li,  Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.
  • Christopher A. Shaw, Dept. of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, Program in Experimental Medicine, and Program in Neuroscience.

The four scientists reported their findings in an article titled, “Subcutaneous injections of aluminum at vaccine adjuvant levels activate innate immune genes in mouse brain that are homologous with biomarkers of autism,” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Volume 177, December 2017, pp. 39-54.
Here’s a summary of the study:

  • Vaccines contain aluminum adjuvant — a pharmacological agent added to a drug to increase or aid its effect.
  • The scientists injected aluminum into mice.
  • The aluminum had neuro-inflammatory effects on the mice’s frontal cortex.
  • The frontal cortex is  involved in emotional and social functions which are impaired in autism.
  • Male mice are especially susceptible to aluminum’s neuro-toxic effects.


Autism is a neurobehavioral disorder characterized by immune dysfunction. It is manifested in early childhood, during a window of early developmental vulnerability where the normal developmental trajectory is most susceptible to xenobiotic insults. Aluminum (Al) vaccine adjuvants are xenobiotics with immunostimulating and neurotoxic properties to which infants worldwide are routinely exposed. To investigate Aluminum′s immune and neurotoxic impact in vivo, we tested the expression of 17 genes which are implicated in both autism and innate immune response in brain samples of Aluminum-injected mice in comparison to control mice. Several key players of innate immunity, such as cytokinesCCL2, IFNG and TNFA, were significantly upregulated, while the nuclear factor-kappa beta (NF-κB) inhibitor NFKBIB, and the enzyme controlling the degradation of the neurotransmitteracetylcholine (ACHE), were downregulated in Aluminum-injected male mice. Further, the decrease of the NF-κB inhibitor and the consequent increase in inflammatory signals, led to the activation of the NF-κB signaling pathway resulting in the release of chemokineMIP-1A and cytokines IL-4 and IL-6. It thus appears that Aluminum triggered innate immune system activation and altered cholinergicactivity in male mice, observations which are consistent with those in autism. Female mice were less susceptible to Aluminum exposure as only the expression levels of NF-κB inhibitor and TNFA were altered. Regional patterns of gene expression alterations also exhibited gender differences, as frontal cortex was the most affected area in males and cerebellum in females. Thus, Aluminum adjuvant promotes brain inflammation and males appear to be more susceptible to Aluminum′s toxic effects.

Graphical abstract

Upon peripheral injection, aluminum activates the nuclear factor-kappa beta (NF-κB) pathway in the brain, resulting in the release of proinflammatory molecules. The increased immunoinflammatory signal downregulates the activity of acetylcholinesterase to activate acetylcholine-mediated immunosuppression. If immunosuppression is not achieved, the excessive immunoinflammatory response may impair neurodevelopmental processes producing autistic pathology.

Image 1

Some other observations from the article:

  • Aluminum is an environmental toxin with demonstrated negative impact on human health, especially the nervous system, to which humans are regularly exposed.
  • Aluminum can enter the human body through various sources including food, drinking water, many infant formulas, cosmetic products, cooking utensils and pharmaceutical products including antacids and vaccines.
  • Why aluminum in vaccines is particularly toxic: Compared to dietary aluminum of which only ~ 0.25% is absorbed into systemic circulation, aluminum from vaccines is poorly excreted by the body and may be absorbed at over 50% efficiency in the short term and at nearly 100% efficiency long-term. Thus, vaccine-derived Al has a much greater potential to produce toxic effects in the body than that obtained through diet.
  • Aluminum in vaccines affect other body organs, not just the brain: In a series of experiments, a French group found that aluminum injected in vaccine-relevant amounts into 8–10 week old mice (mimicking the amount that adult humans receive through vaccinations) is able to travel to distant organs including the spleen and the brain, where it can be detected one year after injection.
  • Furthermore, aluminum not just damages specific body organs, it triggers the body’s “systemic inflammatory responses.”
  • Even dietary aluminum is deleterious, shown to accumulate in our central nervous system over time, resulting in Alzheimer’s type disease. Aluminum’s neurotoxic effect has also been observed in experimental animals fed equivalent amounts of aluminum to what humans consume through a typical Western diet.

The study concludes:

Altogether, these observations show that the adjuvant form of Aluminum has a unique potential to induce neuroimmune disorders, including those of the autism spectrum.
Given that infants worldwide are regularly exposed to Aluminum adjuvants through routine pediatric vaccinations, it seemed warranted to reassess the neurotoxicity of Aluminum in order to determine whether Aluminum may be considered as one of the potential environmental triggers involved in ASD (autism spectrum disorders).

You can read/download the entire article in PDF format here.

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0 responses to “New study finds aluminum in vaccines triggers autism, esp. in boys

  1. These studies confirm my belief that vaccines are intended to hurt, not help target populations.

  2. This is so sad.

  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Win! Win! Win! Don’t celebrate, the winners are Big Pharma ($$$), modern Malthusians, and NWO promoters of global tyranny through dumbing down to control those left alive.

  4. I haven’t had a flu nor pneumonia shot for 7 years. On my record it says I refuse suggested medical treatment. Any attempt at discussion of vaccines, and flouride medicines by me has been pooh-poohed away by health “professionals.” I am a bad boy. (At just shy of 60 years old.)

    • I have not had one in over 20 years

    • Went to the doctor yesterday to have a glass shard removed from my foot . . . the first thing out of the mouth of the medical assistant was, “Have you had your flu shot?” I answered “No, I don’t care to have one.” You would think as often as I have been asked this same question that they would get the idea that I just plain don’t want one!!!!

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  6. I am on the verge of utter despair, because I know that this article, like a lot of investigation into 9/11, is true, yet most people will not believe it. We are living in a society where the “worm is turning,” in that “everyone” is living in their own bubble or their own cognitive dissonance, and they refuse to wake up.
    I have tried to talk to hundreds if not thousands of my passengers about 9/11, to absolutely no avail. I have heard all kinds of excuses; I even had one lady call me a “schizophrenic” who threatened to report me to NYC’s Taxi & Limousine Commission!
    It is the same with the vaccine problem: As recently as this year I had a lady who refused to discuss the issue. (She did not work in medicine). Not only is aluminum a problem; Mercury is also a problem.
    All of this traces back directly to British eugenics, as Alex Jones has explained. There are chemtrails of aluminum, barium and strontium in the atmosphere composed of nano-particles that people and animals inhale. These same nano-particles are poisoning the soil and seeping into the water tables.
    There is fluoride in the water. There are also so many contraceptives in the water that are not filtered out it has affected the fish and wildlife. People in the media make fun of Alex Jones because the “frogs are turning gay,” yet this was reported to have changed the gender of fish over 10 years ago.
    Jones calls the vaccines, the chemtrails, the contraceptives and all the rest parts or planks in the platform of a “soft kill” program that effectively commit genocide on an incremental and seemingly invisible portion of the population. Again, all of this traces back to British eugenics, enforced through the research and development done by the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations and Rockefeller University.
    I call this vaccine poisoning just another EXTINCTION PROTOCOL in the British eugenic platform or agenda. Yet very few people I talk to are familiar with the UN’s Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 or the very terms “eugenics” or “New World Order.” It is enough to make me want to tear my hair out, because over 90 percent of my passengers are college-educated and know what the internet is. They don’t seem to understand—or want to hear—that there are PUBLISHED PLANS to exterminate 90% or more of the human population on Earth.
    We who have been listening and studying this issue are “lone voices crying out in the wilderness.” We have seen the population more than double in our lifetimes; Alas, I believe we shall live to see it cut by two thirds or more before we’re checked out of here.

    • Steven, you have eloquently laid out the problem, and why it was instituted in the first lace . . . it is heinous that some of the rich are so deluded that they would turn to killing the children of God the Father here on Earth. It sickens me, and I have no intention to avail myself of their vaccines. I am very glad that I just turned 71, hopefully I will be out of here long before this get any more dicey than they are now.l

    • It’s like the ‘Cassandra Curse’ seeing the future, but no-one will listen, so you are forced to watch while it all falls into destruction. But good on you for spreading the word, you never know what seeds you may have planted.
      I havn’t had much luck with just people I know, it’s like they are hypnotised, they wake up for a second and hear you, and then their eyes get all dull as they slip back under. I believe only a small percentage can see the truth, some because their make up is different and the regular brain-washing techniques just havn’t worked. The paradoxical effect, the more you’ve been exposed to the same stuff that works on others the more you wake up and see the truth. And others who see it because they know God’s word and are protected from such spiritual deceptions.

  7. Great article. Thank you

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  9. Two of my grandchildren were vaccinated recently, both ended up autistic.
    Physicians and the NIH have long since denied any correlation.
    Fear of lawsuits and a “The common good outweighs the side effects attitude. Thanks, J.C.

    • Cannabis oil may help your grandchildren. Also, try a heavy metal detox – lots of cilantro, tamarind and curcumin. Blessings to your grandchildren.

  10. There is so much evil revolving around vaccinations, it’s mind-blowing. Since the large Pharmaceutical industry continues with the Aluminum, Mercury and peanut oil adjuvants, we can only conclude this is a planned extermination event.

  11. I have an adult daughter with autism living at home with us. We have been dealing with this for a very long time, she is 49. She was normal until the age of two when she received a vaccination, acquired a fever and developed autism.
    Her pediatrician was the foremost in Sacramento (where we were living) and there was nothing out of the ordinary in her treatment. Neither of us have family history of this and we have three other “normal” kids.
    At the time of Sarah’s diagnoses the rate was much lower than it is today. It primarily affects boys. The rate of girls to boys was five to one. Many have studied this syndrome. There is no shortage of theories about autism and its cause.
    Going strictly on anecdotal evidence, (the only kind we have) it does appear there is a relationship. I am not aware of specific markers for autism. We have been told countless times over the years by many different doctors that there are none.
    On the same note, about four years ago I got a flu shot and had a reaction that left me weak in my left arm and shoulder. The pain was excruciating and I had to see a neurologist. Basically, he called it a probable “viral insult”. I don’t think so as the injection site was very slow to heal and broke out in a rash. The paralysis and pain soon followed.
    If I discuss these issues with medical doctors they become clearly uneasy. I understand that and I further understand that many of them will not participate in vaccine programs. The very idea of releasing something and encouraging its use without fully understanding its nature should give us all pause.

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  13. Population Control by the Most subtle & cunning means Possible.. Hitler did mass population exterminations openly & quickly with Gas & Bullets.. Today’s methods are more subtle, more pervasive, more cunning & slower acting, – but the End Objective is the same, = Kill them off by the Millions before they are born, and do subtle & cunning (medical) methods to increase late-life mortality.. Obama said: “Maybe just take a pill with water and live (die) with the Pain.. But politicians have all put themselves on a totally different Medical Plan than they legislated for the Masses..

  14. Great article. It’s good to see more information regarding aluminum as an adjuvant. As for trusting these SOB’s (sorry, I’m celebrating Trump’s use of the phrase, which BTW reminds me of that Seinfeld episode involving the “Texans”), anyone who doubts the severe toxicity of thimerosal, check out this (nearly forgotten) historical gem: Note that it takes a minute or so to fully load the page as it’s archived. Despite a history that had to have been well-known to both vaccine makers and the CDC, thimerosal was added to vaccines anyway! What does this say about the trustworthiness of the CDC and vaccine makers except that they must have some sort of hidden agenda?

  15. I got a Flu shot once,and it worked perfectly-in 2 days I had the Flu. Since then-NO inoculations.

  16. Excellent article Dr. And Thank you for posting this. I agree with so much in the column as well as the comments.
    Several years ago I was using Splenda in high doses daily in my many glasses of tea. I started having serious problems, panic attacks, mind was boggled, memory shot, etc. I was in a panic since my grandmother was in severe Alzheimer’s by age 65. She had worked with pay phones made with Parts made out of aluminum for decades. I even went to a specialist to be tested and was told, I tested in the highest 9 per cent and it wasn’t Alzhemiers.
    I started reading up on Splenda and found that sure it is made from sugar, but it is processed with aluminum. Let that sink in. The makers knew this and still they continued. The holy dollar speaks.
    I stopped using it and did a heavy metal cleansing for 30 days and things started getting better quickly. Today, things are fine.
    I went to an allergist to check for all heavy metals and foods, etc. I had all Mercury fillings removed and stopped taking flu injections.
    Back when I was in elementary school, we never saw children with all,these behavior problems we see now. I think the polio and other vaccines first used was done so with good intentions, but has morphed into money making empires.
    The further you read up on aluminum, you will see recommendations to never use the foil in anything, and we all grill with it.
    My last flu shot gave my husband and I both massive headaches and paralyzed arms for a week and my 24-7 sweats lasted for 5 months, when they suddenly ended.
    I just wish parents could have more say in what their children have to have with injections before starting school. Some doctors are loading very young babies with multiple injections on the same day. I believe many little bodies just cannot process them well. Sadly, Drs are letting big pharma lead the way since they make insane profits from each injection they give.

  17. Three years ago I received my first pneumonia shot in the U.S. It was for viral pneumonia.
    Within 2 weeks I had major flu like symptoms with high fever. Since I was in South Africa, I only had the mild antibiotics I brought with me from the US. I was sick in bed for 6 weeks. I was aware that the antibiotics probably would not be effective against the virus, but it was all I had.
    Last year around Thanksgiving, I decided to have the second half the pneumonia treatment, a shot for biological pneumonia. I was cautious about accepting the second treatment knowing my history with the first. I kept warm, away from others for fear of contagion. Within days I came down with the shakes, could not get warm enough; no fever though. After a month of this nonsense, I called the doctor who said “it was just a cold”. I endured for another week finally in mid day while in bed my skin, beginning at my right foot stated to flop, making a flapping noise which traveled up my side and then went to my face. I got up from the bed and went to a mirror where I saw that the skin on my face was flopping; no pain just the flopping sound.
    I went to the kitchen where I had some gluwein in the stove, drank a mouthful and it immediately stopped.
    I went to Urgent care and demand an antibiotic. Within 5 days all my shivering was gone.

  18. They said the same thing about mercury that was use in vaccines

  19. In 1992, my 4 year old son developed a vomiting syndrome a day after his pre-k MMR. Lasted for 10 years and devastated us. Doctors at UCSF advised and authorized a medical waiver for all future vaccines. I tell anyone who will listen – and several have – to get medical waivers. All of my grandchildren and many of my neighbors’ children are exempt thanks to doctors in my county in California that aren’t afraid of the fascist majority in our state government.

  20. I visited the website to download the article and was directed to two other articles as well. The first shows a correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s, and the second shows a correlation between mercury and autism. Both studies can be downloaded for free.

  21. I received my last flu shot in the spring of 2010. Within a few weeks, I began noticing something was wrong with my left shoulder, which is where I got the shot. By Christmas, I had almost completely lost the use of my left arm. I could only raise my arm until it was level with my shoulder, then the tendons were pulled taut. My shoulder was extremely weak too, and I usually had to use my arm by propping my elbow against my torso, drastically limiting the arm’s use. By then, I discovered a product called BioSil, which contains silica, the mineral that makes tissues elastic. I started taking 15 drops a day and immediately began to recover. A few months later, I could reach all the over my head and touch my right ear with my left hand. I still take BioSil every day. I just wish I didn’t have to as it is very expensive. I find it interesting that the effective treatment I found was nutritional, it wasn’t a drug, and I found it on my own, not through the help of a doctor. Also, I didn’t find out about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program until much later, so much later that I could no longer file a claim. Interesting how doctors and nurses at pharmacies never, ever tell anyone about the existence of this fund. Another thing: if vaccines do not cause injuries, why does the fund exist?

    • That sounds pretty close to my symptoms. It was painful. I still only have about 75% of what I used to have in my left arm. It hurts all the time and I have tremors.

  22. I was born in 1950 when there were few childhood immunizations. My mom resisted doctors advice to have me vaccinated for awhile but eventually gave in. It wasn’t long afterward that I developed numerous food allergies which severely plagued my whole childhood. I had my last vaccine 32 years ago when a tetanus booster gave me a brief but scary reaction. What children go though with vaccines today is criminal child abuse.
    I avoid MD’s and the medical mafia as much as possible and for a 67 year old am healthier than most of my peers. My weight is the same as in high school. I take no drugs. I avoid GMO’s and junk food. Earlier this year I finished successfully treating a 1cm skin growth that was diagnosed as a hemorrhagic angioma with possible basal cell carcinoma mixed in. They wanted to cut it out. I refused.

  23. I’ve have never had the flu and pneumonia vaccines and never will, of course. I don’t want any vaccines!!

  24. MMR vaccine was mentioned above. Schools have guidelines for shots to be given, some 3 some 4. Our daughter had her three injections of the MMR when she changed schools and that school demanded a 4th injection for no good reason. I took her to our Dr. And he wrote a note for her to not take it. He said the manufacturers won’t tell you that there is concern that a 4th injection is feared to cause early arthritis. He also told us that an injection of the mumps vaccine can be used for warts children sometimes get on their hands especially. For some reason it helps in ridding the warts. It worked for our daughter.

  25. Anyone else notice.
    In this society that denies the autism link.
    The same society markets a toy,
    That they market directly saying it helps autism,
    To the mainstream public,
    The fidget spinner

  26. no one holds these evil people and their supporters (our politicians/govt) accountable…they do whatever they want and use us and our children to no end.
    the best we can do for our bodies is: drink plenty of alkaline spring water; organic foods (esp. sprouts are really good for you); avoid soy and plastics as much as possible; no vaccines; avoid prescription drugs; use CBD oil (hemp variety while it is still legal); take vitamin D3, vitamin K2, magnesium, iodine taken with selenium supplements; consume healthy fats; take 1 teaspoon of food-grade diatomaceous earth in water once a day or more if you wish; get plenty of quality sleep; consume real, healthy salt called Himalayan salt or sea salt; get natural sunlight exposure; use shower filters; and…detox….detox….detox (near and far infrared with low emf exposure used after a dose of niacin is really good for the body).

  27. This is a great article and the comment thread is every bit as enlightening. There’s nothing quite like a lot of folks telling their own stories to make you see the truth about something like vaccinations. BTW, If anyone hasn’t already seen it, I highly recommend seeing the documentary, “Vaxxed”. Also, I just read an article on Infowars written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. concerning vaccines and autism. It’s definitely one of the best articles that I’ve read on the subject and I’ve read a few. You can find it here:
    Live and learn, or learn and live?

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  32. so sad…
    “2 baby triplets found dead in crib morning after after ‘Wellness Visit’”


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