New poll says majority of Americans regret reelecting Obama

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Whatever we know about President Beelzebub today, we already had known in 2012 or, for some of us, in 2008.
And yet, according to the results of a new CNN poll released today, July 27, 2014, a majority of Americans now regret having voted for the POS in 2012.
To the question “Suppose that for some reason a presidential election were being held today and you had to choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Who would you be more likely to vote for?” or if unsure, “do you lean more toward?”, 53% responded “Mitt Romney,” while 44% answered “Barack Obama.” 3% said “Neither.”
Asked about characteristics they would apply to Obama:

  • 52% say Obama is NOT “a strong and decisive leader”; 48% say he is.
  • 56% say Obama generally does NOT agree with them on issues they care about; 43% say he does agree.
  • 57% do NOT think Obama “can manage the government effectively” vs. 42% who think he does.
  • 53% do NOT believe Obama shares their values vs. 46% who do.
  • On whether Obama “is sincere in what he says,” incredibly, it’s a split: 49% say he is; 49% say he isn’t.
  • On whether “Obama cares about people like you,” 51% still think he does vs. 48% who don’t.

Lest you think the scales really have fallen off the eyes of the “useful idiot” Americans, think again.
When asked “suppose that a presidential election were being held today and you had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney. Who would you be more likely to vote for?,” a majority (55%) chose the Hildebeast, with 42% opting for Romney. In fact,

  • An alarming majority (63%) see her as “a strong and decisive leader,” vs. 36% who don’t.
  • A delusional majority (50%) think she “generally agrees with you on issues you care about,” vs. 48% who don’t.
  • An even larger delusional majority (53%) actually believe Hillary “cares about people like you,” vs. 45% who don’t.
  • An even bigger delusional majority (55%) think she “can manage the government effectively,” vs. 44% who don’t — despite then-Secretary of State Hillary’s lying about and complete bungling of the 2012 jihadist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, abandoning four Americans to their death.

The CNN poll, with interviews, of a national sample of 1,012 U.S. adults, was conducted by telephone (both cell and landline) by ORC International on July 18-20, 2014. The entire sample was weighted to reflect national Census figures for gender, race, age, education, region of country, and telephone usage. Among the entire sample, 32% described themselves as Democrats, 24% described themselves as Republicans, and 44% described themselves as Independents or members of another party. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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0 responses to “New poll says majority of Americans regret reelecting Obama

  1. This is the worst case of ‘buyer’s regret’ EVER in US history. Hilda Beast, however, may best even this slimy creep.

  2. So,with 32% Liberals vs. 24% Conservatives,the results make more sense,but the response still sickens me. I guess I must be a bigot,politically,because I just can’t see how ANYBODY can believe Liberalism can be a good thing. If Killary is the best they can come up with as a D Candidate,why don’t we just include every licensed driver in America and have a drawing to see who gets to be President next? It’d be safer….

    • 🙂 Maybe it could be worse….what if the D’s put up Warren & she wins???!! OMG…I’m off to Argentina or maybe even Canada (they’ve put in some newer immigration laws designed to attract well-educated, employable people….UNLIKE the USA that lately only welcomes the down-and -out -with their hands-out- uneducated, low info future-Dem voters…..) What about New Zealand or someplace that NO ONE cares about?????

  3. If Hillary Clinton goes into office, it will truly mean the end of freedom on this planet, and it will be a very long time indeed before freedom gets a chance.
    If you think we are living in a free society right now, you have been asleep. There is only ONE Amendment left, and that one is under attack daily, and there are very few people fighting to keep it. That is the 2nd Amendment. All others have been usurped already. Under the rule of Hillary, she will make sure there isn’t even a hint of freedom, so that elites will continue to suppress the masses at will.

  4. “the down-and -out -with their hands-out- uneducated, low info future-Dem voters…..”
    DON’T forget “Diseased”! How about Iceland? A buddy from Texas moved there to live with his GF,and said it’s a great place to be. (I used to laugh every time he called it “ASSland”,Texas accent ‘n all.)

  5. Romney is just another globalist satanist like Hillary and Obama. Of course, Obama is Satan himself incarnate and the first beast of Revelation. Voters are under strong delusion. You have a high percentage of Americans who think Satan really cares about them, makes a good leader, and they’d vote for him again given the chance!! How ironic.

  6. truck—of course! Iceland is a good one, too! And, let’s note at this time that Iceland has had a democratically elected woman president long ago….Like England (has had a woman Prime Minister…AND several seated female sovereigns…even when they wielded REAL power). So, we shouldn’t have to “elect” a woman president in this next go-round JUST to prove that we are a gender-neutral society…sort of like what happened in the last cycles where an unqualified, unable man was elected to the presidency, partly on the hopes that we could prove, collectively as a nation, that we were NOT racially prejudicial. We’ve paid WAY too much for that largesse. How about we actually LOOK at qualifications and track record the next time?????

  7. traildustfotm

    I regret having so many stupid neighbors.

  8. I REALLY feel sorry for one of my dear friends since childhood-her Husband is Conservative,as is she,but the ENTIRE extended family is LIBERALS. One could just stay away from them only her Mother-in-law is in poor health,and it appears my friend and her man are the “voices of common sense” who are needed to look after Mom when they’re in town. (He has a job that keeps him on the road for anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months at a time.) Talk about a Love/Hate relationship with the family…..and I STILL can’t see how Liberals can look at this past Badministration and say ANY of it has been good. Are we better off now than we were 8 years ago? If your answer is Yes,it’s only because you’re exceptionally smart,strong,resourceful and lucky;not many of us fall into this category,but there ARE some who have pulled through in SPITE of all this Administration’s “help”,and a few have even carried their “fellow men” when things got unbearable. God bless them,God bless YOU!

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Frankly, I cannot fathom how anyone would prefer Hilary over Romney given Hilary’s reputation and her scandals. Amazing!


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