New Poll on Congress

There’s a poll by Issues Watch on what you think of Congress and American politics. To vote, CLICK HERE.

Here are some of the results after I completed the survey:

Do you think Congress is set up to be corrupt?

Poll Results
54% Yes
37% Some of Congress is corrupt
9% No

How do you rate the performance of our current Congress?

Poll Results
55% All are broken and dysfunctional
25% Legislative – Congress
15% Executive – White House
3% Judicial – Supreme Court
2% None of the above

Do you think you can do a better job serving in Congress than your current elected members?

Poll Results
72% Yes
17% No opinion
11% No

Which political party best represents your political beliefs:

Poll Results
35% Tea Party
26% Republican
20% Independent
12% Democratic
6% None of the above
1% Green Party

Which best describes your view of the direction our country is headed?

Poll Results
59% Our country is facing serious issues and challenges and we need to take immediate and decisive action before it gets worse
31% The American Dream is dead and we’re headed for much worse times
7% Our country is facing some challenges but I believe we will come out OK
2% Our country is headed in the right direction
1% None of the above


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10 years ago

I was in on this poll. It came across Yahoo in either one of my emails or at the Yahoo blog site. I was surprised by the results. Yahoo is extremely liberal. They should have known the results would not be favorable to the Congress. I also took one on Osama Obama and the results were pretty much the same —People just don’t like this guy.

10 years ago

These poll results are noteworthy and important. I agree with Ron,”people just don’t like this guy.”