New Play Has Christ's Face Dribbling with Feces

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Theatre de la Ville

A new play at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris, on the banks of the Seine near Notre Dame cathedral, features the face of Jesus Christ covered with what appears to be feces.
The play, “On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God”, which runs until October 30, is the story of an incontinent man being looked after by his son.
A copy of a huge portrait of Christ by Renaissance artist Antonello da Messina hangs at the back of the stage and appears to be covered in excrement towards the end of the performance.
After days of trying to get in, a group of about 20 Christian protesters on Wednesday “entered the theatre and threw stink bombs into the auditorium, shouting: “Enough Christianophobia!”
A spectator described the protesters as “very young people who are very angry but very well dressed.” Faced with a police cordon, they throw eggs and oil at the theatre and those going in, chanting in Latin or praying on their knees.
Paris police promptly arrested the protesters.
France’s ministry of culture blamed the demonstration on members of the Institut Civitas, which has called for a mass demonstration “in Christ’s honour”. “It’s insulting at the end of a scatological play to sully the portrait of Christ by making people believe that it’s faecal matter that has dirtied it, wounding so many believers,” the Insitut Civitas said on its website.
In April, Civitas had protested US artist Andres Serrano’s renowned “Immersion Piss Christ” photograph in the southern papal city of Avignon.
But the association of French Roman Catholic bishops not only did not support but is condemning Civitas for “the violence perpetrated during recent performances… France’s Roman Catholic Church is neither fundamentalist nor obscurantist (opposed to enlightenment).”
Dramatic luminaries including Juliette Binoche and Michel Piccoli have joined a committee to support the theatre.
So, covering Jesus’ face in feces or immersing the crucifix in urine is now “enlightenment”!
Hey, Juliette Binoche. I regret ever having paid $ to watch your movies, but I for sure will no longer do that, even if one of your movies comes on TV.

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0 responses to “New Play Has Christ's Face Dribbling with Feces

  1. GRRR… This, unfortunately, isn’t an isolated incident w/ regard to doing such things to pictures of Christ or Mary or even images of what is imagined of God Himself…. And it IS outrageous and sacrilege at it’s core.
    And although, I believe in standing up against those who would be part of such an indignant presentation… because I DO understand the anger, but, I think it better served, w/the protester’s on bended knee in prayer lining up anywhere there is an open spot and w/o intrusion of others, speaking with the proper connections and/or mentioning their disdain to theatre goers without adding further rash behavior… as ‘two wrongs never make a right’. Doing that, however, takes more discipline of character, and these were young people, who, bless their hearts, had the wherewithall to at least stand-up…

    • PS – I would add – What if it had been portraits of Muhammad the Prophet or some other Islamic ‘religious’ symbol, being trashed in this manner?
      I think we have a pretty good idea, that the theatre would not even conceive such a notion…jmho

      • They’re afraid to do something like that… they should do it for the priciple of the thing, if they’re so serious about running down dieties to make a point, but you don’t even hear peep one (1) about it. Chickens!

  2. This is a situation makes it easy to separate the sheep from the goats. They will be standing condemned before a great white throne some day.

  3. I just have one thing to say about that… how nasty!!!

  4. May God arise and let His enemies be scattered and let those who hate Him flee before His Face! (Psalm 68). They’ve been warned on numerous occassions; you don’t mess with God or insult Him. Amen.

  5. France just sucks.
    And the next time the Hun invades, I say we do nothing to help the frogs.
    BTW: Why do the French plant trees along the boulevards of Paris?
    -So the Germans can march in the shade.

  6. Considering that many of these people are not believers in God there is always a payback somewhere. OK make fun of God, cover him in feces and have your laughs. Many people have died and instead of going to heaven they went to hell. And guess what? All of this idiots will go there as well. There are rivers of urine and mountains of feces. Jesus will have the last laugh, so go ahead make his day, he will forget about you as you have forgotten about him.

  7. Maranatha! Evil prevails…


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