New perverse sex trend: 'stealthing'

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Women who engage in casual “hookups” beware.
There is a new, but widespread, sexual practice that some men engage in, called “stealthing” — the male’s surreptitious removal of his condom during coitus, without notifying or obtaining the consent of his sexual partner.
Not only does “stealthing” leave the woman feeling betrayed and violated, which some call “rape-adjacent” or rape by deception, it also renders the woman susceptible to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.

Alexandra Brodsky of Yale Law School reports this in her article, “‘Rape-Adjacent’: Imagining Legal Responses to Nonconsensual Condom Removal,” Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2017.
From interviews with people who have experienced condom removal and online accounts from victims, Brodsky determined that nonconsensual condom removal is a common practice among young, sexually active people. Both men and women have fallen victim to stealthing. Some realized their partner had removed the condom at the moment of re-penetration; others did not realize until the partner ejaculated or, in one case, notified them the next morning.
Internet forums provide not only accounts from victims but encouragement from perpetrators. Promoters provide advice, along with explicit descriptions, for how to successfully trick a partner and remove a condom during sex. “Stealthing is controversial,” writes Mark Bentson, who runs a website dedicated to teaching others how to trick their sexual partners into condom-less sex.

Note: Bentson’s Twitter feed indicates he’s a homosexual, who claims to have sodomized married men. Condomless sex between homosexuals is called “barebacking” — a dangerous practice that’s increasingly favored among young “gay” men. See:

So why do some men do this?
From articles and an online sub-community of “stealthing” perpetrators, Brodsky gleaned that the men who engage in this deceptive practice view “stealthing” as their masculine “right” to “breed” — spread and deposit their “seed”.
One commenter on an article about stealthing wrote, “It’s a man’s instinct to shoot his load into a woman’s *****. He should never be denied that right. As a woman, it’s my duty to spread my legs and let a man shoot his load into my wet ***** whenever he wants.” Another defender, commenting on a blog post detailing one man’s “strategy” for stealthing, explained: “Oh I completely agree with this. To me you can’t have one and not the other, if she wants the guy’s **** then she also has to take the guy’s load!!!” One commenter on the blog post asked whether the sexual partners of “stealthers” “deserve to be impregnated,” to which another replied: “Yes, they deserve it. That’s how god created this universe, we are born to do it.”
Men who stealth assault other men display similar rhetoric focused on a man’s “right” to “breed” and spread his seed—even though there is no conceivable way that his semen could ever impregnate another man.
At present, Brodsky knows of no victim of nonconsensual condom removal has considered bringing legal action, and there is no record of a court case in the U.S. But, as Brodsky observes, “Nonetheless, survivors experience real harms—emotional, financial, and physical—to which the law might provide remedy through compensation or simply an opportunity to be heard and validated.”
The rest of Brodsky’s article is on what legal avenues victims of stealthing might take — in criminal law and tort law. She concludes:

“[T]he current legal landscape has failed to send a clear message that nonconsensual condom removal is unethical…. While overlooked by the law, nonconsensual condom removal is a harmful and often gender-motivated form of sexual violence. Remedy may be found under current law, but a new cause of action may promote the possibility of plaintiffs’ success while reducing negative unintended effects. At its best, such a law would clearly respond to and affirm the harm victims report by making clear that ‘stealthing’ doesn’t just ‘feel violent’—it is.”

In the morally corrupt but litigious landscape of American society, the threat of lawsuits and of arrest, if a case of “rape by deception” can be made, are the only ways to punish the perpetrators and curb stealthing.
There is already an international precedent.
Lauren Tousignant of the New York Post points out that in January 2017, a Swiss court convicted a man of rape after he took off his condom without telling his partner. The court concluded that it was rape because the woman would have said no to sex if she knew the man would remove his condom.

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17 responses to “New perverse sex trend: 'stealthing'

  1. Save sex for marriage, marry fairly young.
    Whoa, who could have predicted that the Bible would be right again?

    • When girls haved conscientious parents and a mother that cares to advise her children, girl or boy, there is no room for mistakes, they grow up healthy. Christian values play a great role in a child’s upbringing. Parents are too busy to take part in the children’s life. We see runaways, unwanted pregnancies, drugs and inmorality become a way of life. These kids will be “the progressive liberals of tomorrow -not too far away!

  2. Lori Halderson

    I was just thinking the other day that 99.99 percent of the persons I have known in my life, I am fifty four and have lived in four different states, I did not perceive as sexual objects. But 99.99 percent of the main stream media subjects their audience to non-stop sexual objectification of life on one level or another. I just recently finished reading about the AIDS epidemic and ran across two sexual practices that were far more disturbing than the one mentioned in this article.

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  4. The garbage spewed by the guys in the blogs about their “rights” is all derived from porn and related visual and audio multimedia (and I suppose, some that is merely read), both from the Internet and from television (mostly cable, but it’s spreading like cancer to network, over-the-air t.v. as well).
    However, that said, there’s long been the similar problem of women who tell their partner (whether a hook-up or in a relationship) * falsely* that, “I can’t get pregnant, I’m on the pill”, or, “I’m too old”, or, “I had a hysterectomy” (or other medical procedure or medical problem), leaving her “incapable of conceiving”, and thus ready, willing, and able to not only have intercourse, but to receive the man’s seed.
    And then when the man is hit with the bills not only for pregnancy, but 18y+ of child support (or perhaps charges of rape), where are the courts to then protect his rights? This does happen, regularly, and it’s not just among those considered to be “high risk” (to put it delicately).
    Where these women get their ideas for such is unknown to me, but it’s likely from “women’s” books & magazines, t.v. & cable, websites, seminars, and movies that I just don’t see… It comes from a similar decline in moral values in society. Those who subscribe to “it” call it “empowerment”.
    Once people divorce themselves from the idea there are absolutes, good & evil, and an authoritative God in charge, then anything becomes possible.
    Sorry if this sounds offensive. But it absolutely is. What am I doing about it? Staying celibate since my divorce in ’99 from a woman who wanted a baby from me (desperately) and money — to feed her addictions. She re-married 3 months later, after telling all I’d left her to pursue another woman. I never did and still haven’t. In part from fear, but mostly from moral values… from church, the Bible, and of course, my own father — his word and example.

    • Excellent response and testimony, bro! The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I’m sorry you’ve had to endure such a long dry spell, and I congratulate you for not defiling your body and soul through fornication. May God grant you your heart’s desire.

  5. Millennials today– thanks for encouraging things like this, progressives!!

  6. If God’s children are paying heed to his commandments, in this case, regarding the law of chastity . . . they have nothing to fear. It’s only when we are out there in the world choosing disobedience, that we may well reap the sorrows that come along with disobedience. God does not specifically punish us for lawbreaking, but he certainly does allow us to experience the natural consequences of our actions. But then, that’s strictly on us! It is not safe in today’s world to be promiscuous, which is one of the reasons God gave commandments restricting the bounds of sexual activity outside the confines of the marriage covenant. If you truly want to be safe . . . just follow God’s laws, don’t come up with the idea that you are smarter than God. His judgements were given for the benefit and blessing of his children.

    • Amen Auntie….following God’s laws keeps us safe and blessed…rejecting God’s laws leads to sickness (in body, mind, and spirit) and regrets.
      He laid it all out for us, all we have to do is follow Him.

  7. Rights? No one has the right to put another into danger or an unwanted pregnancy. I would see that he pays and pays big. He would also be walking around with a very sore and probably now elongated tool unable to function properly.

  8. pre-marital sex has many consequences and this, “stealthing”, is another such consequence.
    This is what one should expect today when one engages is temporary relationships devoid of love and respect, yet consumed by the flesh and ego.
    millennials are creating their own unnecessary problems.
    I pray for those who follow Him to stay strong in His Word and I pray for those who reject Him to wise up…before it’s too late.

  9. Keep your legs closed or get married. If you’re with someone who doesn’t want to marry you and have your children and help to raise a decent family with you, then you’re with the wrong person.
    Old fashioned? Perhaps.

    • But the Left & feminists would say you’re “slut-shaming” because they can never ever be criticized, for anything.
      I say our corrupt culture’s precise problem is the lack of shame.

  10. While I’ll admit Sex can be fun I also realize that it should not be entertainment. It’s a choice not a requirement. Birth control is already free. It’s called ab-sta-nence. If you want to use sex to pass the time well then you’ll be responsible for the consequences. Simple huh?

  11. In case you missed it…
    SJW Op-Ed Asks Why Is It Illegal to Purposefully Infect Your Partner with HIV


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