New Obama Birth Certificate Billboard!

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As Rev. James David Manning’s historic citizens’ Grand Jury trial of Obama and Columbia U. gets under way in Harlem, N.Y., today, a new Obama birth certificate billboard has sprung up in Talledega, Alabama, near the home of the famed NASCAR superspeedway near I-20’s Exit 185:

H/t WorldNetDaily.
For more info on Rev. Manning’s trial of Obama, CLICK HERE.


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0 responses to “New Obama Birth Certificate Billboard!

  1. I have been trying all day to get some info on Dr. Manning’s trial start-up today. If anyone hears anything, please post. Hope and pray this goes well and all parties stay safe. He is putting himself in grave danger having the courage to stand up to this imposter.

    • DW,
      I don’t think anything meaningful will begin until probably Monday. Today and tomorrow should be occupied with jury selection. Hopefully, the trial will begin Monday.


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