New menswear is a dress with a cutout exposing your penis

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This morning, our DCG published a post on a Christian woman in Oregon who has sworn off wearing leggings.
If you think leggings that mold the contours of a woman’s buttocks, pudendum and thighs are indecent, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Get ready for genitalia-exposing menswear, hot from Paris!
It is said that many so-called high-fashion (haute couture) designers are homosexuals who hate women, which explains why they design ugly and often downright clownish clothes.
That fashion designers are queer would also explain why the latest menswear by someone called Rick Owens, are tunics dresses with peep-hole cut-outs exposing their genitalia.
I’m not making this up.
Here’s a pic of a male model wearing a Rick Owens creation in his menswear show in Paris yesterday, Jan. 22. The model’s genitalia are blurred.
Rick Owens1
If you want to see the uncensored version with the male model’s sad shriveled-up member and huge nutsack exposed, as well as a pic of another Owen genitalia tunic, click here and here. Just don’t blame me later. LOL
Source: The Guardian
Rick Owens, 52, is an American fashion designer from Porterville, California, and the recipient of the Council of Fashion Designers of America Perry Ellis Emerging Talent Award in 2002, and a Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award and the Fashion Group International’s Rule Breaking award in 2007.
Rick Owens
Owens is married to a scary-looking woman with gold teeth called Michèle Lamy, whom Owens had met through his then boyfriend, Rick Castro — a photographer and movie director who owns and runs Antebellum Gallery, the only fetish art gallery in America, and perhaps the world.
To help clean your eyes, mind, and soul of the penis dress, please go to these images of innocence at “Mind and soul cleanser.”

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0 responses to “New menswear is a dress with a cutout exposing your penis

  1. Just when you think it can’t get worse for our kids than unisex bathrooms at schools and elsewhere, we are hit in the face (poor choice of words), with this! Wonder if Joe Biden will wear one…please don’t tell him…

  2. Provincetown must be celebrating.

  3. This is disgusting in the extreme. But my question is this: Where are the men’s rights movements? Why can’t they seem to catch on?
    There’s been a War on Men going on for almost as long as I’ve been alive. It’s interfered with normal heterosexual and romantic relations. It’s promoted women over men and produced borderline personality disorder. It’s promoted sex education and its deadly fruits, perversion, contraception and abortion.
    Let’s face it: Feminism is a War on Men, AND WOMEN, AND CHILDREN. And it’s WON.
    Now here’s my question: WHEN will SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, who has survived this TORNADO, come out of the storm basement and proclaim that enough is enough? We already have Henry Makow, the lone voice crying out in the wilderness; Where is everyone else? (I’m past asking if these people “have any decency left” because I know they, the amoral promoters of this filth, don’t have any.)

    • “WHEN will SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, who has survived this TORNADO, come out of the storm basement and proclaim that enough is enough?” We are past that point. When teaching kindergarteners about sex is ok, Free the Nipple, public sex and #loveislove are now deemed “civil rights”, what else can be deemed unconstitutional? Even Obama and the repubs don’t want to argue that this is a “civil right”:

    • The problem is that the so-called “Men’s Rights Movement” contains a lot of immorality itself. Yes feminism has been destructive, but the flip side is that “Men’s Rights Activists” oppose chivalry which is biblical. The bible supports men being in authority and being the heads of their households while also being the providers and protectors. Many “Men’s Rights Activists” complain that women are not drafted in the military, that men will take a bullet for their wife, that men gave up lifeboats to women when the Titanic sank, etc. They like to cherry-pick the gender roles and want women to have the bad side of both worlds and suffer the strain of childbearing and be under the authority of the man, but they don’t want the man to help balance out things by being the provider and protector.

  4. honestly, I thought the male “model” was an ugly female (looking at the face) and the “wife” was a tranny…grotesque…All I see are demons.

  5. I do believe this world has now surpassed the sin(s) of Sodom and Gomorrah. If not; and if that’s even possible; the current society on this once beautiful earth (until the first man fell) is in for a heck of a surprise when they ‘see’ the absolute darkness that will be their eternal abode. Shalom to all you ‘normal’ people.

  6. All part of Luciferian degradation of humanity; it was especially notable with TSA inspections. (Now men can get through the weapons search more quickly.) Triple yuk. The puppet masters are lowering the masses as much as possible, Body, soul, spirit, the earth, all the work of God’s hand.

  7. The one word that most accurately describes homos is: ‘scary’…..
    As in: ‘scary looking’…..’scary thinking’…..’scary acting’…..
    But their scariest aspect is: they have scary political clout.
    By stating these opinions, I guess I’m almost as ‘intolerant’ as they are.
    They can take their nachos and stick them up their ass….
    … oh wait….. they already do, don’t they.

  8. I was no angel in my youth but they call this “fashion!” I do see some men here that have begun wearing kilts a few years ago. Many like to skip the under wear and as they ay “freeball it”
    For some the sight will be unsettling when a strong gust of wind comes up or they bend over to pick something up

    • I would think that a guy wearing these pants would be a perfect target for a criminal – hit ’em wear it hurts, knock out his breath, and rob him…

  9. Reblogged this on Patriotic Gofer and commented:
    At first I was feeling surprised at this new clothing rage… then I figured, why should I be surprised, especially after the “Nacho” article. I doubt ANYTHING else they can come up with, will surprise me.
    To say we have gone beyond Sodom and Gomorrah is not stretching the truth. Let’s just hope that God doesn’t do the big melt down on all of us, as He did to them.
    Queers are definitely running a close second to the Muslims, where being stupid is concerned. And the only reason I put the queers second, is because there are a billion or so more muzzies than queers. ( I HOPE!! )

  10. NO. Not wearing that if you paid me.

  11. I saw this filth in my Facebook newsfeed and it made me want to throw up!

  12. This is why the jihadists want to chop us in little pieces…..Rome is burning

  13. …and Obama’s a-fiddlin’

  14. I’ve thought nothing will ever surprise me again, I’ve seen it all with what’s happening in our world, and then this…there simply is no shame, and yes, it is satanic and demonic…it is purposeful and purposefully destructive. This kind of garbage affects the youngsters in our country and it’s hard enough for them to come out as productive humans after 12 years in government controlled propaganda schools. I really can’t see how the Lord can tarry much longer…I pray parents will shield their youngsters from this filth….and we need to speak against this filth, as well as praying that the Lord stop it. It’s action that counts. Thanks for letting us know the latest Dr. Eowyn

  15. One more sign of the ever-spreading stupidity and licentiousness of our era: just another brick in the wall of our Bizarro New World Disorder. We should not waste time in opposition to this crapola; rather look after our families and friends as best we can, and remember what Robinson Jeffers counselled us more than fifty years ago:
    “…But for my children, I would have them keep their distance from the thickening center;
    corruption never has been compulsory,
    when the cities lie at the monster’s feet
    there are left the mountains.
    And boys, be in nothing so moderate
    as in love of man, a clever servant,
    insufferable master. There is the trap
    that catches noblest spirits, that caught
    -they say- God, when he walked on earth.”
    IMO, he is THE greatest US poet, followed closely by ee cummings [“…a world of made is not a world of born,” which I feel is the best line ever written in English], and Walt Whitman, because he was the first of our greatest.

  16. This fits right in with ‘slut walks’ that are popular with feminazis, the neutered and man-less metrofeminist queers or wussies that are so PC, think feminism is so wonderful because they have been brainwashed or maybe they took one course too many in Wyman’s studies. One course in this is too many and these morons lost their genders in the stoopidity of progressive regressive liberalism. The parallels to Rome are quite strong and do not lie.
    This sickens me to the deepest parts of me morality. Mind and eye bleach should be covered under health insurance these days. Should be really ‘free’ under obamanazi care.

  17. This dress is just a walking homosexual billboard, free advertising. Just when you thought homos could not get any more disgusting they prove you wrong. Oh well, for the great majority of them it will prove to be no big thing.😉

  18. Dennis H Bennett

    I’ve seen bigger acorns under my oak tree!

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  20. Reblogged this on "SNIFFING OUT THE LIES OF THE PARASITIC ELITE AND DIGGING UP BONES ON THE NEW WORLD ORDER" NEGDOG.COM 18+up Some material may bot be suitable for children or minors! and commented:
    More Illuminati Exposed!! I thought when they made me where a Florida Gators shirt once I almost quit! but this crap!

  21. What in the hell is this horsefuckery???

  22. When I was young ,men who did this were called perverts,dirty old men,flashers and the ” dirty mac brigade”! They were regarded as low-level predators who hid in the bushes then jumped out at unsuspecting women, or even worse, children. I can’t believe this was allowed in a mainstream fashion show but then the fashion industry is corrupt and does hate women! That designer does look like a pervert and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did turn up to a show in a dirty mac one day! The model doesn’t look much better and he can’t be; a REAL man would have punched that pervert’s lights out for even suggesting he wore such a vile garment! God help our kids!


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