New kicking game is proof American youth are getting dumb and dumber

More evidence that Americans are getting more stupid.
Anyone with half a brain cell knows that getting kicked in your head not only is painful, but you’re risking serious brain damage.
So what does it say about our young people that there is now a new “game” in our public government schools called “Big Booting” in which the “fun” is to kick each other in the head?
WBZ, the CBS affiliate in Boston reports April 4, 2013, that Lynn Police are warning students not to play a kicking game that has led to criminal charges against at least one student. The game is called “Big Booting.”
Lynn is a city of 90,329 in population in Essex County, Massachusetts, about 10 miles north of downtown Boston.
Lynn Police Lt. Chris Kelly describes “Big Booting” as “One student would walk behind an unsuspecting student and kick them in the back of the head.”

Thurgood Marshall Middle SchoolThurgood Marshall Middle School, Lynn, MA

At least two incidents have been reported at the city’s Thurgood Marshall Middle School. “At this time we don’t know if they invented this game or if they saw it somewhere else,” says Lt. Kelly. “Either way it’s unacceptable behavior.”
The last incident happened Tuesday, April 2. A 15-year old student was sitting in a classroom, when a classmate walked up and kicked him in the back of the head.
“It actually left an impression on the back of his head, he had to go to the nurse’s office,” says Lt. Kelly.
The student who allegedly did it faces a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in juvenile court. He’s also been suspended from the school.


The person who uploaded the video (below) to YouTube claims that it’s possible that the Lynn teens got the idea for the game from the video, which “was created by Canadian students in 1998 as a class project” demonstrating different techniques of kicking one another. [Warning: Lower your sound volume all the way down before you click on the video]
According to Wikipedia, Lynn is the home of a large Puerto Rican population. 42.3% of Lynn’s population are Non-Hispanic Whites, 12.8% African American, 0.7% Native American, 7.0% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 9.8% from other races, and 5.0% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 32.1% of the population.
Thurgood Marshall student scores
Thurgood Marshall Middle School is one of 4 public middle schools within Lynn. Minority enrollment is 85% of the student body: 59% Hispanic, 15% White, 14% Black, 8% Asian. 87% of students are eligible for free school lunch.
A reader of the CBS Boston news story, daroofa, has the perfect quip:

Never mind the world we are leaving to the children. I’m more worried about the children we are leaving to the world.


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7 years ago

Around here we have a jingle I never understood. Maybe we have a better reason for it after this story.
“Lynn Lynn, city of sin,
Never go out, the way you went in.”

7 years ago

And yet they are outlawing kick-ball all over the place..

7 years ago

Ban Assault Feet!

7 years ago

Judging from that graph, Thurgood Marhall Middle School is a training ground for future residents of the lily-white liberal plantation.

7 years ago

The 8% of the Asian kids are probably wondering ,” what the hell am i doing here” ?……”.Hey mom and dad , it’s time to move “!

7 years ago

Dang, I thought people were taking Reauchambeau seriously…
…but this Big Booting is even more pointless.

7 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post! How absolutely idiotic and harmful! This is insanity!