New Jersey's pre-crime "Minority Report" red light

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This is being sold to us as a great crime-fighting tool.

Big Brother is watching you!


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0 responses to “New Jersey's pre-crime "Minority Report" red light

  1. seal the borders,kick all the illegals out,bill the Country of their destination for deportation costs,and uphold the laws. This here is a bunch of bull.

  2. I’m torn on this. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I like the fact that it is used when a crime is about to occur the red light will give the perp something to think about. My fear is just like all other technology it will be quickly abused. Also if the ACLU hate it that is an automatic +1000 in my book. If the criminals wish to prey on people like animals then yes they should be spot lighted like deers. Again though my fear is the abuse that will eventually come from this.

    • Me too Will. You know, give the feds any power and we are bound to lose more freedoms. They mark you before you commit a crime? What’s next, thought crimes?
      I’d rather communities work together to solve the problem of crime. People working with youth, churches promoting non-voilence, something along that line.
      And I’d also prefer people look out for each other. Just cuz a camera marks you in ared light and labels you as a potential criminal, does that mean he’ll stop the crime? All good unless you are DRT. I’d rather folks participate in the Second Amendment.

      • With left/liberals, you never know… preventative detention of folk who might commit crimes (veterans, conservative old people, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) sounds like something they’d favor.

        • They’ve already give us gun control…
          “Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.”
          –Anonymous (not me, but… )

  3. The ACLU is a double-edged sword. We here in my community know a homeless man well who is a savant in Constitutional rights though he has some emotional or mental problems. He won two cases – because of his knowledge in recording an officer of the law while on duty and his case for being stable enough to live on his own.
    Law enforcement here is like an elephant…never forgetting. The friend is caught rummaging through a pile of glass bottles left by some homeless people living in the woods close to the mission. He was searching for and picking up aluminum cans to sell. He maintains his good health, is clean, showers and eats at the mission.
    They got him for criminal littering, the first time, I hear, that has ever been used before. The man has never used or wanted drugs in his system, has no STDs including HIV, is not an alcoholic, is always ready to help anyone, always cheerful. Rides a bicycle. He’s in his 50s. He has been imprisoned in Chattahochee Prison for the criminally insane. FOR 20 YEARS! We are appealing his case.
    We are also trying to get the ACLU to represent him. If you were he…

  4. they are doing their best to create “Unified Police States” starting with the most liberal. There is no trust.

  5. If our government would enforce its existing laws, there would be no need for these extreme measures. Reading a little deeper, this makes it clear that the new measures will be used corruptly, too. Too much power is being given people who are completely unworthy of it. It can only go wrong.

  6. You know the proggies will love this….it means no one needs a gun anymore (except the criminals, of course)!

  7. scotty you can beam me up now. uh scotty??

  8. Sorry, creeps me out. No thank you.

  9. Can the police pre-arrest the people that get red-lighted? 😉

  10. I read the report carefully.
    The corporate media and police love teaming up with each other in order to start mind F’ing the public.
    In reality, the camera lights aren’t YET pre-crime tagging individuals. This media dog and pony show is to get the public USED to the idea of pre-crime tagging so, the public will be fully conditioned for such nonsense when your loving ‘authorities’ (forget calling it government) start bio-metric scanning EVERYONE (like in London) and, putting ‘everyone’ in a data base. Where, within the data base and, like the movie Brazil, you maybe put into the NDAA hard drive at a later time.
    … but hey, like the old soviets and Nazis used to say… NOT to worry IF, you don’t have anything to hide, right?

  11. What is to stop people from mapping the camera locations, wearing masks, leaving their electronic tracking cell phones at home, and heading out with a group to shoot out all the camera and light modules in a timely organized assault?
    That is what should be done if you remember what freedom used to be like.

  12. So EAST ORANGE surveillance team where were you this morning when KFC got robbed????????
    Don’t try to blame the people who work there!!!!!!!


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