New French law compels schools to replace ‘mother/father’ with ‘parent 1/parent 2’

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Callum Paton reports for Newsweek that on Feb. 12, 2019, France’s National Assembly voted in favor of an amendment removing the words “mother” and “father” from forms in French schools, replacing them with “parent 1” and “parent 2.” In so doing, the amendment became law, alongside a new school bill.

France’s majority party, La République en Marche! (LREM; in English “Forward!“), which was founded in 2016 by now-President Emmanuel Macron, says that the new law is a necessary step to bring France’s schools into line with the European nation’s 2013 same-sex marriage law — the Marriage for All Law that was passed in 2013. A Forward! legislator, Valérie Petit, told French outlet 20 Minutes: “The amendment aims to anchor into law the family diversity of children in the administrative forms submitted in school.”

Rodrigo Arenas, co-chair of Fédération des Conseils de Parents d’Élèves (FCPEP), the country’s largest federation of parents, called the amendment a “very good thing” because it “takes into account changing family situations” and “resonates with the law passed on the fight against harassment, because often in situations of child harassment, children have been targeted for not conforming.”

In a tweet on Feb. 14, Arenas decries usage of “mother” and “father” as religious tyranny (translated from French):

It will be necessary for the supporters of the “a Papa, a mother” to understand that a religious conception of the family cannot be imposed on a secular public school. This is why private schools exist.

Arenas also retweeted a tweet by LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism), calling for making “homophobia” (whatever that means) a crime:

Racism, anti-Semitism, negationnisme, homophobia must cease to be regarded in our country as “opinion crimes” enshrined in the Law of 1881 which protects the freedom of the press. They must be considered as common law offences.

Conservative parties call the amendment a danger to society:

  • Xavier Breton, a conservative deputy for the country’s Les Républicains (LR), denounced the law as frightening, calling it a result of “politically correct thinking that did not correspond to reality” in that 95% of legal unions in France are comprised of male-female couples.
  • Eric Ciotti, another lawmaker whom Newsweek calls “rightwing” (how come the media never call leftwing parties “leftwing”?), calls the law a “fantasy” and that the “negotiation of gender” would “deconstruct the balance of society.”
  • France’s main “far-right” party, the Rassemblement National (RN), which progressed to the second round of the country’s 2017 presidential elections, also objected to the amendment. RN leader said “the mask had fallen” from the face of Forward!, and that Forward! is showing their contempt for the family.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Vest rebellion continues in the streets of Paris. In the video below, a protester had his hand blown off.

See also “Shocker, not: Macron AWOL as violence, protests continue in Paris“.


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24 responses to “New French law compels schools to replace ‘mother/father’ with ‘parent 1/parent 2’

  1. The majority of citizens are being forced to kneel to the wishes of a minority.

    That, indeed, is a crime!

  2. So now defending the nuclear family from homosexual depredation is lumped in with antiSemitism (happy patriarchal families are a goy plot to make Jews unhappy), “negationnisme” (aka Holohoax disproof), and homophobia (aka nausea-inducing revulsion at the thought anal sodomy and ingesting feces is a sacred, loving act equal to sexual procreation between a man and a woman).

    It may be that 95% of all unions in France are male & female, but the percentage of male & female parent pairs is more like 99.9%. Logically and charitably the tiny number of pervert parent pairs should be referred to as mommy 1 and mommy 2 or daddy 1 and 2, but that would make the perversion clear to even the smallest of children.

  3. France – on their way to being a shithole. They’ve always been arrogant and rude. Now it looks like they celebrate deviance.

  4. Of course the French government and thus its people are not capable of understanding the connection to their ineptness and why their country is moving quickly to become a banana republic

  5. This is no different than the invisible hand of “The Controllers” deciding what is acceptable in THEIR world to be. All of the “Agenda 21 and 30” garbage is the same. We don’t get to vote for it, they just impose it.

    The only option left is to say “NO!” I note that the UN is currently in the midst of a new “travel control” scheme. This is like Communist China. They must “allow” all travel based on the “score” that they hold on you.

    So those who resist being absorbed into “The Entity” will have their “privileges” suspended. It is all designed to work together. Anyone who mentions “rights” anymore gets on a list. No travel for them, or access to their funds either.

  6. Such a once beautiful country allowing so few to control so many. Just like here. Looks like the one guy has an understanding of it. They want to go to Calais so they can use the tunnel to cross into England to gain more social services. England has their own problems and are embracing them with open arms, idiots. It is getting harder all the time to have empathy for them.
    There are a few countries fighting back and I applaud them.

    • I hear you! I’m not so sure the average guy on the street agrees with this. Just like here, these “leaders’ don’t work for them either. Nobody likes crazy Somali s and Nigerians raping and stabbing and crapping in their streets.

      I spent a lot of time in England in the late 60’s. It was fun and safe then. Talk about ruining a once great country!

  7. Better yet: Thing 1 and Thing 2.

  8. I’m just surprised they haven’t made these forms bi-lingual; the other language being Arabic 🐐🐪🐫

  9. How progressive– it ain’t just obnoxious fuel taxes…

  10. Opinion Crimes of the Lycra crowds.


  11. Really?!!! Really?!!!
    Well what can we expect from a country that gave comfort to Karl Marx?

  12. Sadly they’ve been compromised for some time… remember the jacobin/freemason takeover? France, like Germany (Where the gnostic/rosicrucian/satanist & “free thought” [read:anti-thought] movements built up like a virus building up in a cell before exploding out and infecting england and many other countries from there.) were vectors for the gnostic filth (and this includes homosexuality etc. which France has the dubious history of being the first nation to openly legalize it… in 1791) and have continued to decay since, I imagine Charlemagne would be outraged.

  13. Every cell in the human body knows it it is male or female.
    Yet the French defy mother nature and genes.

  14. Always thought the French were a bunch of assholes. Now I am positive.

  15. The French are perverts, they are the low life’s of the European continent, queers, lesbians, pornography, to name a few.

  16. Macron is in the company of his choosing: Hitler chose the motto, “Forward!” for his campaign as Democratic Socialist….and his poster for this campaign and motto looks exactly like the 2-toned poster of the Obama portrait for Obama’s second campaign where he, TOO, chose the motto, “Forward!” that accompanied it……Birds of a feather flock together.

    It’s time that we all go out into the woods and est. an “underground” anti-“Democractic-Socialist” movement…..just like in the past that defeated them and brought Democracy, fueled by Capitalism, to the masses. It improved our lives overall, fostered the growth of families and family life, supported religious choice, and brought us into the modern scientific age in space, medicine, and agriculture,etc. In fact….it, the underground, is already is here. How many of you will vote Trump or his Republican like, but will NOT wear a MAGA hat or post your property for Trump, or speak at work against the anti-Trump retoric that dominates the work culture there? You, like me, do so b/c you don’t want to be shot, vandalized, burned down, ostracized in public in your job or your social set, etc etc… the Democratic leftists who would rather KILL you than even let you live in order to steal your earnings to redistribute to their pet and crazy “isms” and causes?????? ….and you NEVER EVER answer those annoying phone calls that you know are meant to poll you politically…..b/c you don’t want even THEM to know that you are against the far left Democrats and “Democratic-Socialists” (Socialist-Communists in another world that we’re STILL suffering from, not to mention the citizens under their governance still today). (????) If you can answer “yes” to any of this, you are already a part of the “anti-Democratic-Socialist underground.” Stand firm. There were enough of us to elect Trump in the first place. But, it’s not over by a long shot…..


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