New Facebook policy allows government to collect info on you

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Infowars reporter Joe Biggs uncovers the new Facebook policy that was introduced on January 1, 2015, which allows third parties like the CIA, FBI, NSA etc. to collect information from your computer, phones and other devices where you access Facebook.
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0 responses to “New Facebook policy allows government to collect info on you

  1. In 2008 we started to receive warnings from friends in knowledgable positions that Facebook was a spy engine for the government. Soon after that I stopped sharing my political opinions on Facebook.I share the Gospel there sometimes, but usually keep my communications very plain.

  2. I never liked the idea of Facebook from day one, so even though friends tried to encourage me to join I never did. I have never regretted that decision, not once. I find the whole Facebook concept creepy. Yes, I realize that people have connected with old friends, etc. but the trade off with the government spying isn’t worth it to me.

  3. I signed up just to contact someone I needed to reach one time,but it’s been helpful on other occasions as well. I can see now that I may have to change a lot of things I do.(“sharing” political articles,jokes photos,etc.) I’ve been figuring I don’t do anything that can hurt me,but if that’s the game they wanna play,do I continue,or do I cower and re-arrange my life in fear of the Government? Naah-screw ’em,I don’t see me changing my ways any time soon. If you suddenly don’t hear from me,I’ll probably be paying for my First Amendment Right with my Second Amendment Right.

    • These days one never knows what this crazy government will do to you. 😳Stay on Facebook but dig a deep bunker. LOL!!

  4. I was signed up with Facebook at one time, but when I read that the government was going to use it to spy on us–I quit. I firmly believe that if someone else on FB has strident views, the government will also look at their “friends.” It is outrageous that this vehicle can be used to harm American citizen. People should not give them any of their business! When I was on FB, I was rather dumbfounded that people would actually write about what they had for lunch, etc. How goofy is that??? In many instances it is just mindless drivel.

    • Agree Auntie Lulu, it’s just too weird to belong. And you’re also right on about who needs to “follow” someone’s footsteps from breakfast clear through their whole boring day. People write about such nonsense.

  5. Read some remarks Zuckerberg made about the American public that makes him rich, and you will want nothing to do with him or the CFR.

  6. Stay away from FB.
    Far away.

  7. People used to have conspiracy paranoia about the phone company… it’s true about Facebook today.

  8. Although I was an IT guy for over 30 years, things like facebook never interested me as they seemed to be a catch all for hooligans, sociopaths and assorted riff-raff
    Although I had a web site and two blogs for many years, I had no use for facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc. I suspected as soon as facebook became all the rage it was a snare set by gubmint spook agencies
    I’ll probably be rounded up as a suspected terrorist when I am the only us citizen who isn’t on facebook or other zombie watering hole
    and I don’t have a smart phone either


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