New epidemic sweeps across America

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the inability to to become aroused over any of the choices for President.

H/t my friend Sol.

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  1. Dennis H. Bennett

    In a way (“now don’t get mad at me”) Sarah is like Newt in that she raises our passions for a return to our roots. She resonates OUR ideals/morals/independence, but not the anencephalic sheeple. From a character point of view, I believe she is heads above the GOP field, except for the possibility of Santorum. But, like Newt, would be eaten alive by the MSM. I believe her strongest contribution to a change in the direction of “leadership” will be to mobilize, as she is doing right now, the masses with Tea Party vigor and its alliances, which excludes McCain, to vote responsibly in 340 days, 49″ and 39 sec. Then I want to see her as Secretary of State. Better yet, Secretary of Defense..

  2. This football mom loves that soccer mom! 🙂

  3. I would like sarah Palin as secretary of energy. I recognize her strengths but know that her negatives are too high.

  4. I agree,”Throw Them All Out!!!”


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