New England man refused medical treatment because he declined to answer gun ownership question

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Pres. Lucifer has not had success with his gun control machinations, so now it appears he’s turning to another strategy — that of using the medical profession to take guns away from owners.

About 4 months ago, I wrote about some of our military vets receiving a letter from the Veterans Administration informing them that they are found to be “mentally incompetent” and are thus forbidden “from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition.” A month later, I wrote about Connecticut police confiscating firearms from a disabled Navy vet named David Schmecker, followed by another post about a New York psychiatrist confirming Obama’s plan to confiscate guns from military vets.

According to the account below, by a reader of SurvivalBlog who lives in one of the New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont), the problem has now gone beyond veterans and V.A. hospitals to civilians and non-military hospitals.


gun control*Obama, when he was a lecturer at the University of Chicago, told John Lott (author of At the Brink) that “I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.”

Letter Re: Some Disturbing Trends in an Eastern Nanny State

Dear Mr Rawles,

I have a couple of disturbing events in my state (southeastern New England) I wish to report to you and your readers.

I do not have medical  insurance.  Because of this I go to the local health  center run (until now) very well by the local hospital. and I have benefited greatly by their care. However, this past week I became quite sick, and made an appointment to be seen by one of their doctors.

Upon entering I saw they have new computers and scanners. A patient must use this to check in. This is done by scanning the back of our driver’s license. Our state has a scanning bar code on the back. When I saw what this was I went directly to the desk and told them who I was and my appointment time. No go, I had to scan in. So I told them I forgot my wallet. No worries it will also use my fingerprints. I wanted to see this and sure enough, through my fingerprint they had all my info. Where did they get this info? I have been fingerprinted before for a few jobs I’ve had in the past but I assumed (foolish me) this remained private.

Eventually I got to the examination room with the nurse and the first question was not how do I feel, what is my medical problem not even my name and date of birth but “Do you own any firearms” to which my response was “None of your business.” She replied that the question had to be answered or they could not treat me. So I said no. In my chart (which is electronic, on a tablet device), the nurse seemed to type a heck of a lot more than “no”. This made me quite angry and so I asked to speak to a supervisor which they did do. The supervisor said that the nurse was wrong and that I did not have to answer the question, and in fact the question of firearms was supposed to be asked if I reported depression or suicidal thoughts. The supervisor was polite and did not seem to be lying or attempting to placate me but when I asked to see my chart I was told I would have to pay the records office and fill out forms. I barely have enough money to pay for the visits let alone the fifty dollars it would take to get a copy of my own medical charts.

A few days later my car broke down on the way home from work and so I pushed it into a parking lot and waited for the tow truck. A town policeman pulls up next to me, and though I do not know him personally, I did recognize him from our local gun store. He recognized me as well. He told me my plate was expired by a couple of months. He did not write me a ticket as I was on private property and it was getting towed anyway. I commented how he got that info really fast and he laughed ruefully and showed me the computer in the car. It automatically scans license plates and alerts to any sort of plate violation or warrants out for the registered owner. Not only that, but it shows any weapon purchased by the owner of the vehicle that were supposedly (I’ll get to that in a second) registered through the state. All paid for by the town, through a grant from Homeland Security. This may all seem pretty bleak but it gets worse. The firearms I own have never had to be registered. In fact due to new laws recently passed this year, I have to until July 1st of this year to register one of them. The rest do not legally have to be registered. I have a one year grace period to get this done, so none of my firearms should be on his list. Yet, on his list it showed two firearms I purchased a couple of years ago. As I said earlier, only one of my rifles will need to be registered. What they are doing is using the forms for the two week wait period we have, to compile a list of firearms owners, bypassing any sort of registration. Out of the weapons I own only two were purchased through a store, the rest through private transaction, which until a few months ago was perfectly legal.

The policeman who showed my all this expressed his own deep reservation over this and claims the state legislature is being inundated with complaints and he expressed hope there would be a court injunction to stop this. I asked him this, and I leave it for you and your readers as well, I asked this policeman “At what point do you refuse the order?” He shook his head shook my hand and replied “I ask myself that a lot these days!”

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0 responses to “New England man refused medical treatment because he declined to answer gun ownership question

  1. I’m going to ask my doctor if he’ll be asking about firearms next time I see him. This is highly disturbing, yet not shocking with this admin.

    • DCG–Yes, that question among many, many others is on the list for wellness checks. Also, watch out if you have area rugs. They want to know that also.

      • Area rugs, WTH? Who developed the wellness checklist?

      • They will also be asking if you use ANY tobacco products and your health care will be affected by your answer. They do not discern between a social cigar on rare occasion, a pipe smoker or a chain smoking chemical tobacco addict, even though the health implications are VASTLY different. The same wellness check list only says “Tobacco-Based Product User?”.

        In both situation, but moreso in the case of guns, SOMETIMES it is morally right to falsify ones answer for the protection of ones or others rights.

    • Dressage Rider

      Why tip them off?

  2. This is really going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far.

  3. If we looked very closely at all the politicians trying to take away our rights we would notice they are all members of the same conspiracy against the American public, namely the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations, a communist front organization, who by the way is loyal to only one person, the Queen of England.

  4. You mean you never herd of the Black-Market, America has become Africaized, willing.

  5. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Doesn’t surprise me. Obama drama every day, in the news. He just likes all this negative attention, I guess.

  6. Reblogged this on Grumpa Joe's Place and commented:
    The bastard government will be in our blood stream next.

  7. Just wait until Obamacare kicks in in earnest.

    “Well Mr. Jones, it appears you voted for a conservative back in 1964, so you aren’t getting that knee replacement.”

    We’re almost to that point, if we aren’t already there.


    • Exactly what I have said from the beginning of this fiasco.

    • FEMA is refusing to call mostly Conservative West, TX a disaster zone, so, I believe we are “already there”. The Baton Rouge area explosions may do ok if they demograph DNC electorate.

  8. Good heavens – is this still the United States of America? The Founding Fathers are lost!!

  9. And now that his story has been told the DHS knows who he is and that he owns more than the two weapons they already knew about 🙁

  10. And as I have said before; when questioned about whether you own firearms by ANYBODY always answer with a polite no and leave it at that. Don’t brissle or offer harsh comment; it only tells them that you probably do own firearms.

  11. Hey Laserdude…………..the letter was written by an unnamed reader!! So nothing was divulged. SHEESH

  12. says on the chart here mr jones,that you are a conservative,well we are fresh out of that oxygen tank you need! obama care is not going to work out to well! what a shame what a scam! wake up people!

  13. Dressage Rider

    I will leave that screwed up New England state to more gun friendly state. Pick most any in the South. In fact, he should go to SC where anyone who can legally have a firearm is automatically a part of the state militia. ( I believe they passed that law). Its getting serious, and I suggest that everybody who lives in unfriendly territory get the hell out!

  14. @ David Sommer – You’re right. i went back and re-read the post and no namidentifies the actual writer. Also no exact location was given. Guess i let paranoria get the best of me. i do however stick to my second comment.

  15. Our Doctors are collecting info for data base. When I went to the Dr. to get a prescription for Chantix (to stop smoking) she asked me questions that had NOTHING to do with my health. The very last question that she asked me was….”do you have any guns in your house?” She said that a lot of people are offended that they are asking this question, but they are required to ask it anyway.

  16. And by the way….They also pass out questionnaires to the high school students at my daughter’s class asking if there are any guns in their home.

  17. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this amazing post. Once again, it is the “anything goes” formula and standard operating procedure; the Constitution and its related Amendments mean nothing.

  18. Reblogged this on The Country Depot Forum Blog and commented:
    What this administration is good at “side stepping the Constitution”.


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